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«The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce (Web Novel) - Chapter 580: Can Never Let Go of Such a Good Man!

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Chapter 580: Can Never Let Go of Such a Good Man!

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Xia Xibei originally wanted to stay away from Qiao Yanjue. After all, they had no possibility of a future together, so why continue to entangle with him?

But she didn’t expect that she wouldn’t be able to do it!

No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t pull away from Qiao Yanjue.

On the contrary, because of Li Weiyun’s interference, the two of them became even closer.

These days, her mind was constantly pulled in two directions, as if she was divided into two.

Stay, or stay away?

The two choices fought inside her heart, as if they were an angel and a demon.

After both sides had been pulling back and forth for almost an entire month when she was met with an attack from Li Weiyun.

She knew that Li Weiyun had done this to her because of Qiao Yanjue!

If she had just met Qiao Yanjue, she would have thought that it was all because of Qiao Yanjue!

He was too much trouble!

After spending more time with Qiao Yanjue, however, she couldn’t blame this on him.

Moreover, even without Qiao Yanjue, the relationship between her and Li Weiyun would not be good.

Besides, didn’t Li Weiyun go after her like that because she wanted to steal Qiao Yanjue?

The arrogance came out in Xia Xibei.

Li Weiyun wanted to get what she wanted? Hah!

She had to make Li Weiyun angry! Piss her off!

With this childish thought, Xia Xibei called to borrow money from Qiao Yanjue.

However, after Qiao Yanjue lent her the money without hesitation, her state of mind immediately changed.

He was such a good man, why let him go?

At this moment, her “stay” side jumped out and said loudly in her heart, “Give up on such a good man… Are you stupid?

The “stay away” side also jumped out.

“You are two people of different worlds! You will not be happy together.”

“Stay” slapped “stay away.”

“People from different worlds? If one was on Earth and one was in the fantasy continent, that’s what I call different worlds! Besides, you’re also very powerful! You can beat everyone else!”

“Stay away” struggled, arguing, “This is not the right family, you don’t know what Qiao Yanjue’s family is like. If you get together with him, you will be bullied to death.”

“Stay” spat, “Pfft! How can we be bullied! If we don’t like it, we can just poison them! Who can bully us?!”

“Stay away” was speechless.

“But even if we struggled to stay together, we would not be happy!”

“Stay” grunted, “What do you mean you won’t be happy? Happiness is something you have to earn! What’s the point of giving up without fighting for it? Do you want to wait for regrets later? Besides, if you don’t have a good life after fighting for it, you can also break up! Haven’t you heard of a good get-together and break-up!”

“What if we can’t break-up?”

“Can’t break-up? We’ll just poison them!”

“Why are you so violent?”

“What’s so violent? It’s important that you have a good time! Do you want to bless him to find his other half in the future? Besides, are you willing to give up such a good man?”

“Not willing…”

“Exactly! If you’re not willing to let him go, go for him!”

“Okay, go!”

So, the little drama in Xibei’s head had ended, and the winner was “stay.”

Now that she had made all kinds of anticipation and all kinds of preparation, Xia Xibei no longer hesitated.


Having spent so much time with Qiao Yanjue, Xia Xibei naturally knew his character.

She absolutely could not let go of such a good man!


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