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«The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise (Web Novel) - Chapter 733: Master of the fu family (2)

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Chapter 733: Master of the fu family (2)

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Clan head? What master? Whose family head was this? The night was dark, and the dark clouds covered the bright moonlight, but they could not hide the suet white jade under the light. It was not an exaggeration to say that such a jade ring was priceless. The people who were originally fighting in groups of two or three were stunned by the man’s shout. He looked around and saw the thumb ring at Fu Zhi’s feet. Before he could say anything, Ouyang Jing’s Secret guard, who was half - kneeling on the ground, picked up the thumb ring and presented it to Fu Zhi with both hands. He shouted loudly,”the clan head token has appeared!” The magnetite tokens that Ouyang Yue and the other elders had previously spent a huge sum of money to create and cut into nine pieces will no longer be counted!” “The secret guards have their own rules. We should take the lead and protect the master with our lives!” “It’s a great taboo for secret guards to fight with the clan master! Kill without mercy!” “Everyone, stop!” The secret guards who had been helping Ouyang Jing to attack Fu Zhi and the others were still holding their guns. When the huge amount of information poured into their ears, their pupils trembled. They seemed to be unable to take the blow, and their bodies were powerless. They staggered a few steps back before they could stop. When the Ouyang family’s head took over the position, the previous head would hand over the suet jade ring as a token before he died. When it came to Ouyang Zhui’s generation, he, who loved beauty but was not steady, was young and frivolous. As if to prove that he was different from the rest, he had specially engraved his name on the token passed down in his family for future generations to worship. After that, the suet Jade disappeared one year before Ouyang Zhui’s death. When everyone asked, he only said that he went to the place where he was supposed to go and gave it to the people who deserved it. What should be given? The Ouyang family had a lot of speculations and rumors, and they even made up some romantic love stories for Ouyang Zhui. After his death, the Ouyang family was in chaos. In order to make arrangements for the secret guards and balance the elders, Ouyang Yue made a plan. He found someone to make a family head token with special materials and divided it into nine pieces for the nine elders to keep together. Before the suet white jade ring appeared, the magnetite in Ouyang Jing’s hand was still the token to summon the secret guards. But after the real token appeared … These few broken stones of yours are nothing! He was using a chicken feather as a token of authority! The secret guards looked at each other, and their expressions changed from helplessness to determination. The next moment, without hesitation, they raised their hands and took off their helmets with one hand. They knelt on the ground and said humbly and respectfully,”Welcome, master!” As for the secret guards who had been working under Ouyang Feng and Ouyang Yue, after taking a glance at the Jade ring, they stopped shooting and hurriedly put away their guns. With a forceful push, they knelt down straight and shouted,””Welcome back to the main family, master!” Suddenly, he staggered. There was a huge reversal in the situation! Other than Ouyang Liang, who was unwilling to obey Ouyang Jing and did not hand over the secret guards to participate in today’s rebellion, all the secret guards present knelt down on one knee in Fu Zhi’s direction in a submissive manner! As the dynasties changed and the times changed, it was rare for a country ruled by law to kneel like this in the era of firearms. But at this moment, everyone knelt down. It was a Grand scene! Under the shocking reversal, there were respectful and serious faces under the bullet - proof helmets. After Ouyang Zhui’s death, there was no one with outstanding talent in the new generation. In recent years, the other three families of the four great families had been rising steadily, and only the Ouyang family had few talents and was constantly in internal strife. Although the secret guards hoped that the Ouyang family would regain its glory, they also knew that they were only shadows that had been cultivated. They were the sharpest knife in the hands of the family head. Once upon a time, this knife lost its direction and was broken into nine pieces, which were handed to the elders as a tool to fulfill their wishes. Forced by their mission, they had no choice but to kill each other and point their sharpest knives at their former comrades who had trained with them! But now, he was defeated! The present was no longer the same as the past! The secret guard who raised the ring said,”master, we have offended you just now. We will die a thousand times. We apologize to you!” As he spoke, he actually wanted to kneel on both knees and kowtow! Fu Zhi was speechless. Fu Zhi was shocked and stopped him subconsciously.”I don’t think you really want to die, so don’t cover it up by kneeling.” Everyone was speechless. You’re so smart, you even saw through this? The hidden guard was very embarrassed. He didn’t expect Fu Zhi to be so calculative with him over such a small scheme. He looked at Fu Zhi with resentment. Fu Zhi was speechless. Fu Zhi’s expression was a little strange, a little cold, and a little guilty. Just as he was about to open his mouth to confirm something, he heard a fierce roar,”stand up! There’s gold beneath a man’s knees, all of you stand up! What clan head token? it’s fake! That’s definitely a high - Quality imitation made by Ouyang Feng to deceive you!” “Even a counterfeit can turn you into bootlickers, and you don’t even listen to me! All the books you’ve read all these years have gone to the dogs “stomachs!” But … The secret guard kneeling in front of Fu Zhi turned around. His eyes were like torches as he looked at Ouyang Jing coldly and said, “We’ve been learning how to kill people all these years, where would we have the time to study? No one knows better than us secret guards whether it’s an imitation or an original. We’re not blind, we can tell with one look!” The other secret guards looked at each other and stepped forward to check. After confirming that it was the real thing, they looked at Fu Zhi without thinking.”Ouyang Jing raised an instructor and detained other elders in the Ouyang family. Poisoning and harming the younger generation is a big taboo! Patriarch, please give the order to punish this lowly one!” “Good fellow! What a good fellow!” Shen Cizhou, who had been dumbfounded for a long time, was dumbfounded! Just a second ago, they had been forced into a corner and were trembling. Now, they had found reinforcements and were about to fight back. This group of hidden guards couldn’t win and joined in. And Fu Zhi. Shen Cizhou hesitated.”Why didn’t you take out the token earlier?” “……” Would you believe me if I said that this is not my token? Would you believe me if I said I didn’t know I had this in my pocket? Shen Cizhou definitely wouldn’t believe it. Besides, saying something like that under these circumstances, wouldn’t that just turn an advantageous situation into a disadvantageous one? Fu Zhi chose to be a mute. But now, even Jiang Jinshu had found an opportunity to pick on her daughter-in-law’s faults like a vicious mother - in - Law, let alone Shen Cizhou. She said sarcastically,””It’s been hard on miss Fu. You have such a deep relationship with the Ouyang family, yet you’re still holding back until now and not doing anything as you watch your subordinates kill each other. If it wasn’t for the other party’s luck, miss Fu would still be a Ninja Turtle here!” “Jiang Jinshu!” Li Nanli glared at him. Jiang Jinshu’s face was cold. As for Fu Zhi, she was speechless. Fu Zhi wanted to refute. But Fu Zhi could not explain it in a few words. Fu Zhi was in a difficult position. It was even more difficult for Fu Zhi. She couldn’t help but feel flustered. There was an extra family head jade ring in her clothes, but she didn’t notice it at all! Who was it? Who wanted to help her, or did they want to single - handedly bring about today’s situation? What good would this do to that person? His mind was filled with thoughts and he felt a little frustrated. However, before he could speak, Ouyang Feng lectured him again,”Oh my God! Look at what earth - shattering avatar my disciple is hiding behind my back!” “I treat you as my disciple, but you want to be my master?” Ouyang Feng and Ouyang Yue had previously suspected that Fu Zhi was a child of the Ouyang family. However, they dispelled their suspicions when they saw that her biological parents were dead and that she was adopted by her foster parents. He didn’t expect this! She even had a white jade ring on her finger. She was definitely Ouyang Zhui’s daughter! “This is such a big deal! You never told me about it! What did we get beaten up for? you’re usually so smart, but you’re the one who dropped the ball at the critical moment! You put the ring in your pocket and don’t you know how to let me take a look!” “Just a glance would save us a lot of trouble!” Fu Zhi was speechless. To be honest, if I had known that I had this ring, I would have held your hand and talked to you for two to three minutes to solve the problem in front of me. However, before Fu Zhi could reply, Ouyang Yue pushed Ouyang Feng away with an excited look and said,””Little sister Zhizhi is a girl, and it’s normal for her to forget about the token when she’s scared of such a violent scene! If there’s anything wrong, it’s me who didn’t guard the position of clan head for you! Listen to me, you’re in the right, and I’m the only one in the wrong. It has nothing to do with you!” Listen to this person! Ouyang Yue scratched his head.”It’s just that the two times I met sister Zhizhi, they were both under unhappy circumstances. But sister Zhizhi, don’t worry. After today’s matter is settled, I will definitely clean up the Ouyang family for you and let you become the head of the family with ease! No one will dare to hurt you!” Look at this attitude! “Shameless! Don’t you all have any shame! You talk about love when you’re fighting and killing!” Ouyang Jing was furious. He pointed at Fu Zhi and the others.”Do you think I, the villain, don’t exist? Can’t you show me some respect? Who are you looking down on? I can’t threaten you anymore, can I? Then I’ll leave?” Everyone was speechless. To be honest, without the hidden guards, what can you do with the instructors and the unconscious Ouyang ya? Ouyang Jing, who felt that he could become a big Shot, flew into a rage. He ordered the instructors around him,”today, either they die or we die!” I’ll kill whoever stands in my way. Go!” The instructors were speechless. That’s true, but if they lay down their arms and surrendered, perhaps they would also be treated as prisoners and not have to die? The instructors ‘hesitation made Ouyang Yue sneer. He made a prompt decision and said,””Ouyang Jing killed and drugged people, committed treason, and plotted a rebellion. Every single one of these crimes was committed by him out of selfishness, and it has nothing to do with you! All of you are members of the Ouyang clan, and you deserve our protection! Now that the family head has returned, it’s a good thing. If you put down your weapons and surrender now, we’ll let bygones be bygones! Otherwise, don’t blame me for being ruthless!” “You’re talking nonsense!” “Fu Zhi!” Ouyang Jing cursed, his spittle flying.”Fu Zhi’s surname is Fu, and she’s not a child of the Ouyang family! I don’t know where he stole the ring from, but he wants to take advantage of the head. Our Ouyang family’s hundred years of business can not be taken advantage of by an outsider!” “Who said she’s not a child of the Ouyang family?”


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