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«The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise (Web Novel) - Chapter 484: Fu Zhi Is The Shop Owner – 4

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Chapter 484: Fu Zhi Is The Shop Owner - 4

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Mu Chenxi fell silent. A myriad of expressions crossed her face as she couldn’t believe the thought that surfaced in her mind.

How was it even possible that Fu Zhi was the owner of the Taobao shop? In other words, she had been buying medicines from Fu Zhi the whole time?

Mu Chenxi and Ouyang Ya exchanged a glance, while Song Fang jerked up from his chair.

“What did Mu Chenxi just say?” He asked, “You’re the dishonest… No, are you really the owner of the Taobao shop?”

Fu Zhi felt Song Fang wanted to ask if she was selling fake medicines, but she did not know why Song Fang suddenly changed his question midway. Perhaps he knew he should not ask the question? Fu Zhi did not know.

Fu Zhi nodded slowly, and upon receiving the answer from her, tears began to well in Song Fang’s eyes as he said in a faltering voice, “So can we still hang out and play together?”

“Technically, my mom said I shouldn’t hang out with dubious characters,” Fu Zhi replied.

Song Fang’s eyes turned to a stoney glaze and he could hear something had shattered inside of him.

‘What is that? Oh, it’s my heart.’

“However,” Fu Zhi continued, “You’re different from those dubious characters.”

Song Fang’s heart reformed itself again.

“Then, I…”

“You’re an idiot.”


Song Fang’s heart shattered once again, and this time, it could not be healed anymore. He wrapped himself up in his black jacket, turned around, and began pounding Lu Yumo’s chest as he dissolved into tears.

Lu Yumo’s face turned pale. Song Fang continued to pound his chest, and he thought he heard a crack from his ribcage. He tried his best to push Song Fang away but to no avail.

Other than Song Fang’s cries, the hall was filled with the whispers of a few boys from Hang Yuan.

“If Fu Zhi is the shop owner, isn’t she’s the one Ms. Ouyang looking for? I don’t understand why she still wants to sell fake medicines although she comes from a wealthy family. It just doesn’t make sense.”

“Because her biological parents were researchers!”

“Does it matter? Isn’t the important thing that she can make a lot of money selling the medicine?”

“Did you guys see the cup that she uses to drink water? It’s made entirely of diamonds! Who the hell can afford to support her?”

The rest of the boys shook their heads in unison. There was no one in this world who could support her. A few weeks ago, they all thought she was an idiot for giving Wu Zhiheng the cold shoulder, but now, after knowing that she was the owner of the Taobao shop, they all felt that she was the only one who could afford to support herself.

Sitting on her chair, Fu Zhi looked at Ouyang Ya and reminded her, “My phone.”

Ouyang Ya frowned. After a short while, as if she had just come around to her senses, she whipped up a gentle smile on her face and said, “I was just too eager to find out the truth. I hope you won’t mind, Ms. Fu.”

She handed the phone back to Fu Zhi.

“I have contacted you through Taobao before to discuss a business opportunity, but you turned down my offer. Now that we meet here again, I’m sure this is the universe’s way of telling us that we should probably work together. So, do you have time right now? Let’s have a talk about the business opportunity that I talk about.”

Although she was deeply disgusted inwardly for saying those words, she tried her best to stay as calm and as friendly as possible.

At the same time, Mu Chenxi did not feel really good right now. She tugged at Ouyang Ya’s sleeve and said, “Ms. Ouyang, I…”

However, before she could finish her sentence, Ouyang Ya shrugged her off and her heart sank.

“Siren” was the reason Ouyang Ya decided to work with her. Now that Ouyang Ya had learned that Fu Zhi was the shop owner, there was a good chance that she might ask the Wu Family to withdraw their investment.

When Ouyang Ya saw that Fu Zhi did not say anything, she then smiled at other people and said, “I’ve something very important to talk to Fu Zhi, so if you guys don’t mind, can you leave first?”

Lu Yumo threw a glance at Fu Zhi. Before he left, he took the knife from the table and handed it to Fu Zhi.

Fu Zhi asked, “Why did you give me a knife?”

“To protect yourself. In case the negotiation fails, you at least have something to protect yourself.”

Fu Zhi became speechless.

Song Fang felt that Lu Yumo might have some misconception about Fu Zhi, but it did not matter anymore. He tugged at Su Xing, who was still in a daze and left the area to Fu Zhi and Ouyang Ya.


Well, technically, there were 3 people sitting around the table right now. Ouyang Ya was sitting in front of Fu Zhi, while Ye Jiu claimed the corner of the table as his territory as he continued to nibble on a skewer.

None of them spoke, and for a moment, the air was filled with the sound of Ye Jiu munching on the skewer. Then, after what seemed like an eternity, Ouyang Ya offered Fu Zhi a smile and said, “Fu Zhi, let’s work together. I know I may have treated you badly before, but you also beat me up. I know you are a smart kid. Let’s set our grudges aside. You give me the source you got the medicine from, and I will arrange a decent job and position for you in the Ouyang Family.”

That’s right. The supplier of the medicines was what Ouyang Ya was aiming for.

After all, it required a lot of precious ingredients and a meticulous procedure to create the medicines in Fu Zhi’s Taobao shop. Although Fu Zhi was very smart and capable of many things, she was too young and Ouyang Ya did not think she could make the medicine herself.

Ouyang Ya had seen a lot of people. Although there was no direct relationship between one’s age and one’s healing skill, she had never seen a great doctor as young as Fu Zhi before.

The Ouyang family needed the medicines badly, and more than anything, they needed to work with the big man who developed them.

Fu Zhi put her phone on the table and said, “But I don’t want to work.”

She finally managed to escape from her piles of work at the Fu Corporation, so how was there any possibility she would work for the Ouyang Family? Not to mention that the Ouyang Family was one of the competitors for the Fu Family as well.

Ouyang Ya did not respect an answer like this from Fu Zhi. She did not believe that there was actually someone who would refuse to work for the Ouyang Family. Her chest began to heave up and down vigorously as she said, “Please act your age, Fu Zhi! Do you know what it means to work for the Ouyang Family?”

Fu Zhi thought for a while and replied, “What does it mean?”

Ouyang Ya smacked the table and continued, “The Ouyang Family is the most prestigious family in the capital. It has existed for more than a hundred years, and its achievement and status are not something that a third-rated family like the Lu Family could compare to!”

“Oh,” Fu Zhi said, “That sounds awesome.”

“Do you know how much the Ouyang Family is going to pay you if you work for us?” Ouyang Ya asked.

“Nope. I have no idea.”

“One million yuan!”


It’s not as much as she would have made if she had just gone out for a temporary job.

Ouyang Ya thought Fu Zhi was getting on the hook, so she pressed on, “You can take the money to buy everything you want. However, if you stay with the Lu Family, Lu Jingqing will never let you inherit his company since you’re adopted. Besides, do you think your two other brothers will not fight with you when it comes to money?”

“They will,” Fu Zhi said.

She did not know about the other, but she was positive that Ye Jiu would fight with her to death for money.

Even if the country had given Ye Jiu enough money to spend for the rest of his life, he was an ambitious wannabe. There was no way he would be content with all he had and he would certainly come and ask for more from her.

Ouyang Ya’s eyes glowed up and she held Fu Zhi’s hand. “I know you have spent all your money to invest in your movie, so you have spent most of the money your parents gave you, right? The Lu Family will not take care of you forever, so I’m your only option now!”

Then, she paused for a moment before continuing, “Even if you manage to marry Li Nanli in the future, we women shouldn’t rely on men too much! You have the channel to buy the medicines, and we want to work with the bigshot behind you. As long as you’re willing to help us, the Ouyang Family are willing to be your family”

‘Well, you’re half right about the family part,’ Fu Zhi thought inwardly. Then, she said, “I think you have a point.”

Fu Zhi tried to pull her hand out of Ouyang Ya’s clutches but to no avail. She then grabbed her hand and said, “Since you’re my family, I will be frank with you. I’m short of cash lately, so can you pay me double the price if I give you the medicines now?”

Ouyang Ya was shocked.

‘I thought you would treat me as your family, but in the end, you just want my money? It’s fine if you just want my money, but how can you ask for so much?!’

Ouyang Ya thought she had successfully brainwashed Fu Zhi, but it seemed to her that it was not.

Looking at Ouyang Ya, Fu Zhi continued, “Well, I guess you would understand how it feels to live under somebody’s roof. Of course we have to gather as much money as we can, don’t you think so?”

Ouyang Ya pushed Fu Zhi’s hand away and shouted angrily, “Fu Zhi! I treat you as my family, but you just want my money?!”

A smirk hopped onto Fu Zhi’s face. She leaned against the back of the chair and said, “Shouldn’t a family help each other?”

She paused for a moment and continued, “Or you didn’t take me as your family?”

‘The hell with helping each other! Nobody wants to be your family at all!”

Ouyang Ya took a deep breath as she commanded herself to calm down. What she should do right now was to get the contact of the supplier from Fu Zhi. Once she struck the deal with the supplier, she could kick Fu Zhi away.

“Of course you’re my family!” Ouyang Ya replied, gritting her teeth, “How about this? I will buy a batch of medicines from you and I will pay you double the price. Then, when I buy from you again, you can tell me who is your supplier and help me…”

“Sorry, I can’t help you,” Fu Zhi interjected, “The psychic said I don’t have the destiny to become rich, and that I will be a poor wretch for the rest of my life. As such, I can’t spend too much of my money, or else a calamity might fall on you guys.”

Ouyang Ya did not know what to say anymore. Since Fu Zhi had made her stance very clear, she cast away all her cordiality and said, “Only an outstanding talent can recognize current trends, so Fu Zhi, I suggest you take up the offer. Besides, are you sure your supplier doesn’t want to work with me? What do you think would happen once he knows that you’ve rejected me?”

“Well, I’m not sure what he will think when he realizes I’ve rejected you, but one thing I can tell you is that he will never know about it.”

Ouyang Ya became speechless.

She had underestimated Fu Zhi. She had already put herself in such a low position, yet Fu Zhi still refused to work with her. Perhaps she was mixing with Li Nanli now, so she did not care about the Ouyang Family at all?

Ouyang Ya clenched her fist as she attempted for one last time, “Do you not like Mu Chenxi? If you work with me, I can ask the Wu Family to stop investing in her movie. The Mu family’s New Year’s Eve films have done well at the box office for the past few years, so they can potentially be your greatest competitor.”

Fu Zhi had no idea why but she felt that Ouyang Ya was being very childish.

“You’re right, but compared to Mu Chenxi, I don’t like you more. Besides, about the investment, I don’t think you or Wu Zhiheng have any say in it.”

Ouyang Ya was stunned, and she seemed confused.

“She means she doesn’t want to hang out with you,” Ye Jiu chimed in, “She also said that you and Wu Zhiheng are useless as you guys can’t even make decisions for the Wu Family.”

Ouyang Ya’s face sank. The Wu Family was working with her, so it went without saying that she could make decisions for them!

In the end, Ouyang Ya said, “Fine, then! I’m sure you guys will regret it!” Then, she stormed away.

“What a headstrong goody two shoes. I’m pretty sure she can do well as an actress,” Ye Jiu commented.

Fu Zhi ignored him. She rose to her feet and left the restaurant.

Ouyang Ya hated her to the bone, but there was nothing she could do about her.

Su Xing had been waiting outside the restaurant. The moment she saw Fu Zhi, she hastily approached her. “Are you done with her?”

“Yeah,” Fu Zhi replied.

It was 1:00 pm right now.

The medicines that Su Xing needed had arrived at the security room of the ski resort. There were not many people around them right now, so Su Xing pitched her voice low and asked, “Tell me honestly, Zhizhi. Are you the one who made the medicine?”

Well, other people might not know about it, but as her deskmate, Su Xing knew Fu Zhi very well. Besides, even though the bottles of the medicine were different from the one Fu Zhi gave her last time, they had the same fragrance.

Fu Zhi nodded. Then, she asked flatly, “So you have been taking care of his father in the hospital lately.”

Su Xing was stunned for a moment, and it took her a while to respond to the question. “Yeah.”

Song Fang was still browsing through the Taobao shop. They had discovered too many secrets about Fu Zhi. Not only was she the one who cured Ma Mingquan’s father, but she was also the one who cured Su Xing’s cleft lips.

Song Fang was not interested in Fu Zhi’s body but the things in her hand.

As such, he asked, “There is still another week until Christmas, so did you prepare a small gift for me?”

“What kind of gift do you want?”

“A unicorn,” Song Fang said, grinning from ear to ear.

Fu Zhi glanced at him. “Can you say something that’s tangible?”

“Sister Zhi, do you have any medicine that can prevent brain degeneration?”

“… Your brain has started to degenerate?”

Lu Yumo looked at Song Fang as if he was looking at an alien when he heard what he had said.

“Well, not really. It’s just that I can’t get good scores in exams, so…”

Although Song Fang was a good-for-nothing, he did not want to disappoint his family as well. The college entrance examination was around the corner, so he decided to do something about it.

“I want a medicine that can help me score a full mark in all examinations.”

“Do you want white or blue for your unicorn?” Fu Zhi asked.

Song Fang became speechless.


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