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Chapter 1564: Illusion (4)

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Su Yu was an honest and straightforward person. When she was talking about her husband, her brows were knitted.

“Isn’t Brother-in-law pretty nice?” Ji Zitong was a little surprised.

Every time she went home and saw the couple, they seemed to have a great relationship, but now that she thought about it, Su Yu seemed to be really depressed for quite some time last year. She thought it was because she was too tired of managing the store, so she did not ask much.

Su Yu smiled disdainfully when she heard that. “What’s nice about him? You don’t really know your brother-in-law. He was with another woman behind my back, and he would come home late every day. He thought I wouldn ‘t find out. You don’t know how upset I was during that period! The thought of him sleeping with another woman and then coming back to me makes me sick!”

“How is that possible? Brother-in-law doesn’t seem like that kind of person!” Ji Zitong stared at Su Yu in surprise as she could not believe her ears!

In her opinion, Su Yu’s marriage was a happy one and they had such lovely children…

“That’s just a facade, Zitong. There were many things that I just don’t want to mention. Besides, I’m confident that I can solve them on my own.”

Su Yu paused after saying that, but she lowered her gaze and casually picked up her tea to take a sip before she continued, “I didn’t pick a fight with them right away. Instead, I went to see the other woman and told her that even if my husband and I got a divorce, he would have nothing left under his name and I even revealed my identity. I also penned the divorce agreement and gave it to her so that she could let him sign it personally. I’ll be more than happy to give them my blessings.”

“What about Brother-in-law? What did he say?” Ji Zitong looked at Su Yu in surprise and asked.

“That woman obviously didn’t believe me, so she gave the divorce agreement to your brother-in-law, but he didn’t want to sign it, so they fought about it. You have to know that once there’s a crack in their relationship, it’ll be extremely hard to mend it. I don’t need to do anything else either and this is how we got through it. I am now turning 40, and relationships don’t matter as much anymore. Without your brother-in-law, my life will still be fine.”

“So, that’s why you dared to take the risk and trusted that Brother-in-law won’t just abandon you for her? Is it because of the faith you have in your relationship with him?” Ji Zitong looked at Su Yu blankly and asked.

Su Yu shook her head and smiled. “No, it comes from the confidence in myself. Your brother-in-law and I did fall in love with each other, but in time, the passion of love would’ve been weakened by the trivialities of life already. It’s in men’s nature to seek excitement and thrill, and I get that. Therefore, I don’t want to care too much either, but I’m not going to let them do whatever they want either.

“Well, speaking of that, I should be thankful that I could still stick to my career after marriage, so I didn’t have to rely on him and can just take it easy. When I found the woman and made them choose their own decision, I was actually prepared for the worst. In the end, it did create disagreements between them, but I won’t take the initiative to talk to him about this.

“Your brother-in-law secretly broke up with that woman after that and he started going home early every day. He also became more diligent. I know he feels guilty and sorry towards me, so he’s been living like that until now,” Su Yu said while the teacup in her hand was already empty.

“What about you, Sis? Do you think you still feel love for Brother-in-law now?” Ji Zitong asked.

“The relationship we had in the past is almost gone now, and we’re just living an ordinary, boring life. I can’t even say that I like him. I just think I can put up with him and continue living together. Besides, my life isn’t just about him. I have my children, my family, and my friends, all of whom are the elements of an enriched life.”

“I also have a career. He’s just a drop in the ocean.”

“But I can tell that he really cares about you now by the way he treats you. A few days ago, he went fishing at the river early in the morning because he said that you like wild river fish over there,” Ji Zitong murmured.

“That’s his problem. I can’t treat him the way I used to anymore, but as long as he turns over a new leaf, I’m still willing to live with him because I’m old now. You’re different from me because it hasn’t been long since you got married, and you don’t have any children. Your life has just started. I know Su Chen’s temperament. He’s just like me even though…”

“We’re both loyal to our marriages. You don’t have to worry about him in the future. You just need to open up and accept each other. If you really love each other, you wouldn’t mind a plain old boring life with each other.”

Su Yu sighed softly and suddenly reached out to pat the back of Ji Zitong’s hand. “Those things are in the past, so don’t let them affect you anymore. After all, you live in the present and you must remember that in the future, Su Chen will be the one who is going to be with you until the end. He’s your husband and the father of your future children. As a woman, I can feel that you don’t care much about him. Maybe it’s because you haven’t really loved him.”

“I…” Ji Zitong wanted to explain herself, but right now, she did not know what else she could say.

“If what I said tonight has offended you, please forgive me for being presumptuous and honest. Su Chen is my beloved brother and I don’t want him to be sad, but you’re also my sister-in-law and I obviously don’t want to see you sad either. However, I hope this is a wake-up call. More often than not, those so-called feelings diminish with time, and before you know it, they’re gone…” Su Yu finally ended her talk.

She got up silently. “Okay, let’s not go on anymore. Don’t think too much about it. The Su family is very happy to have a daughter-in-law like you, and we hope that both of you can live happily. However, happiness doesn’t just show up at your door. Sometimes, you’ll need to fight for it.”

“Sis, I…”

“Don’t feel pressured. If Su Chen doesn’t treat you well, I won’t let him go either. However, you’ll always need to give each other a chance, so make full use of this time-out to figure out what you both want. I’ll head back first. I need to go back to the store to get some stuff.”

“I’ll send you back/” Ji Zitong also stood up.

Su Yu’s remarks actually made her feel a little uncomfortable, but she could not deny that what she said was indeed…

“No, I’ll drive myself. You should go back early and get some rest.”

“Su Chen…” Ji Zitong initially wanted to ask when Su Chen would return, but Su Yu had already walked past her.

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