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«The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 1428 Getting Along 2

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Chapter 1428 Getting Along 2

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Shen Yue spoke calmly. When Mu Yuchen turned to look at him, he could see a flash of distant composure in those aged eyes from someone who had gone through the hardships of life. Perhaps, only someone like Shen Yue, who had gone through a lot, could be in such a state of mind.

The years had helped him settle down, however. Right now, he was old…

It was at this moment that Mu Yuchen suddenly understood why Xi Xiaye held onto this grandpa of hers and even felt admiration for him. It was because this old man was worth respecting and learning from.

“Yes, Grandpa.”

Even a man like Mu Yuchen was in admiration of Shen Yue.

“You’ve always done very well, Ah Chen. I already said from long before that I wouldn’t have judged wrongly. It’s Xiaye’s luck to have married you.”

“No, Grandpa, it’s my honor. She may or may not be the best, but she’s the best for me.” Mu Yuchen’s tone was filled with sincerity as he lowered his gaze and looked silently at the teacup in his hand. He stroked it slightly, thought about it, then continued, “She’s the only person I truly want to care for after all these years. When I was younger, I remember my grandfather talking to me and my father once. They’d told me then that to be a smart and resolute person I can’t rely on luck but focus on being steadfast instead. Relationships are like that. I didn’t know whether they were right or wrong back then, but I can’t deny that these words did influence me.”

“So, are you trying to say that my girl Xiaye can give you that grounded feeling?” Shen Yue laughed.

It was actually quite a wonderful feeling. The fact that a grandfather and grandson could sit down together so calmly to talk about such topics was a wonder, and at this moment, they were doing exactly that.

Upon hearing that, Mu Yuchen’s handsome face softened while a faint curve flashed across his face as he nodded gladly.

Shen Yue then laughed out loud. “Haha, I knew it! Back then, when I made the deal with your grandmother, I told her that her grandson might not be that good and could be taken down by my Xiaye. Your grandmother wouldn’t believe me then, sayng that her grandson was admired by many…”

“You won, Grandpa.” Mu Yuchen could not help but chuckle though he did not care about that as long as the old man was happy. His heart was set on Xi Xiaye anyway, and he would not be able to leave her in this lifetime, so…

When he heard that, Shen Yue guffawed even louder!

“Good, good! Actually, as long as the two of you are doing well, I’m not very worried. If you and Xiaye could have a few more children, we’ll definitely be even happier! The Mus and the Shens have very few heirs, so we’re relying on the two of you now. Now that it’s not as hard to raise children as before, you two can even have a dozen! I think the old Mu Yinan will be glad to see that happen too…” Shen Yue said happily.

However, when he heard this, Mu Yuchen only lowered his gaze and smiled. Mu Xiaocheng was turning a year old soon. The fact that Xi Xiaye was thinking of giving them another daughter was not new either. Every time she brought it up to him, she would be filled with anticipation, but it was him who did not know how to talk about it to her.

When they went for a check up, he had even specially explained to the doctor that she was quite weak from before. Every time he thought about this, Mu Yuchen’s gaze could not help but turn slightly gloomy.

He would not forget that it was Gu Lingsha who had done this!

“What’s wrong? Not speaking now? Right now, things aren’t so busy yet, so you can consider it.”

“Grandpa, we’ll go with the flow for this one. It won’t help to worry. You have two grandsons now. Don’t you find it lively enough?”

“You call this lively? Even if you two have ten or twenty, I won’t find it lively enough,” Shen Yue immediately expressed his stance while Mu Yuchen only smiled.

The winter sun was faint. The slightly warm breeze swayed the curtains and released a rustling sound.

When Mu Lingshi pulled the curtains apart, a stream of faint warm light shone in, falling before her feet. Not too far away on the stone table by the seesaw on the lawn, Gu Qiwu sat with a document in hand. His assistant, Ah Yong, stood beside him, and the two of them were discussing something.

This was the Gu family’s old residence which resembled a palace. It was even larger than the old Mu residence and was probably similar to her brother’s Male Residence.

However, Mu Lingshi did not react much to it. She had trouble sleeping in any bed that was not her own, so she could not sleep the whole night last night, but thankfully, Ah Mo had accompanied her.

This place seemed to have just undergone renovations. According to the servants, Doris and Gu Lingsha both like an elegant purple color, but Mu Lingshi did not quite like it. She preferred warm tones, and Gu Qiwu had somehow heard about that, so the residence went through a drastic change with many things she liked. For example, in the living room, there was a newly bought Qinghua vase and famous paintings were hung…

Even the servants were switched. There was also Aunt Lin, who had come along, and of course, Ah Quan who had just recovered. They were trsuted and experienced people, hence Mu Yuchen felt assured with this arrangement.

Just as Mu Lingshi was deep in thought, Ah Mo’s voice suddenly came from behind, and a shawl was draped over her shoulders. “What are you looking at? You didn’t respond when I called out to you.”

Mu Lingshi was stunned for a moment. She slowly turned her head, and Ah Mo’s handsome face greeted her sight.

“Nothing much. Where did you go? I didn’t see you early in the morning,” Mu Lingshi reached out to fix the shawl as she asked him.

Ah Mo walked up and followed Mu Lingshi’s line of sight, naturally he saw the person sitting down there.

“I went out for a jog. The sun’s pretty nice today, go down for a walk, so it’ll be good for you and the baby. Are you still dizzy now? Should we get the doctor to come over to take a look?” Ah Mo asked softly in concern.

Mu Lingshi shook her head, but she did let Ah Mo hold her hand to go downstairs.

“I’m alright. There’s no need for that. It was just motion sickness. Since I became pregnant with this little one, my health has suffered and I feel lethargic every now and then,” Mu Lingshi said, yet she looked down at her baby bump with anticipation. “I really hope our child will be like you when he grows up.”

When he heard that, Ah Mo smiled. “It’s better if it’s a girl. Boys are too naughty. It will be very worrisome, so it’d be good if it’s a girl like you. Brother has always wanted a daughter too.”

“Haha, sadly, Sis-in-law only bore him a son, and with Xiao Rui, they have two sons. They’ll have much to worry about in time,” Mu Lingshi said as she could not help laughing.

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