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Chapter 1366 Dead End 1

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Upon hearing that, Qi Feng’s dark eyes instantly turned cold. He fixed them on Morrison, and his handsome face darkened.

“What did you say? Doris is gone?” Qi Feng held the pen in his hand tightly and demanded coldly.

Morrison took a deep breath, and then answered, “Yes, Master! I’ve gone to check. Even though they didn’t check out, Miss Doris seems to have left the hotel last night already, and she seems to have left in a rush too. I’ve tried to contact them, but I couldn’t get through. I think something’s not right. Do you think we’ve been exposed and they’re escaping right now?”

Morrison’s words made Qi Feng’s aura turn cold. He thought about it, then said stiffly, “Check the flights with the airline company right away. See if they’ve returned to England. Also, watch Gu Qiwu closely and see if they’re doing anything. If Gu Qiwu can use this chance to make a comeback, then I’ll really have a whole new level of respect for him! He’s really thinking wishfully if he wants to hand the Hui Gu Corporation to Mu Lingshi. Plus, that’ll have to depend on whether Doris and Shasha are willing to do so!”

With regard to Gu Qiwu’s current decision, Qi Feng’s heart was filled with anger, but he hid it well. He was not the right person to stand up against this. Gu Lingsha or Doris would be more suitable for it.

However, with Qi Lei’s matter, if Qi Lei returned this time, that meant…

An uneasiness suddenly cropped up in his heart. Given Qi Qiming’s current attitude, he dared not guarantee what kind of decision Qi Qiming would make for Qi Lei. When he thought about this, Qi Feng could not help but feel a headache come on.

“Yes, Master!” Morrison quickly answered, “Right, yesterday, Gu Qiwu’s lawyer met Li Si and the rest. I think it should be about inheriting Hui Gu. Master, are we just going to watch them…?”

Qi Feng’s expression looked worse now. “Gu Qiwu is someone who doesn’t like it the hard way. In reality, perhaps right from the start, Doris has been doing it wrongly.”

“Master, at this point, we can only put our own safety before anything else. As for Doris…”

“Let her be. Let’s just watch and see. Watch closely! The person we should be going against is Qi Lei!” Qi Feng held his heavy head with one hand and leaned towards the table. “With that fool’s brain, he might not even realize what our intentions were.”

“Master, you can rest assured about that. Miss Doris’s side won’t leave any traces of us. In fact, didn’t she say that this wouldn’t implicate you, Master? After all no matter what, Master you are Miss Lingsha’s husband and Doris’s son-in-law. Doris knows about your relationship with Miss Lingsha too, so she won’t make things too hard for you. Master, don’t worry,” Morrison advised.

Nonetheless, Qi Feng only sighed and shook his head. “You know, I really can’t just feel assured like that. There’s no evidence, but we can’t erase the doubts in my father’s heart. If he didn’t maintain such a suspicious attitude towards me, he wouldn’t be treating me like this right now. He’s always been slightly unhappy with me. I know him too well. He’ll just sit and watch us fight.”

When Qi Feng said that, Morrison was shocked. He gathered himself and then asked uneasily, “Master, are you saying that CEO might not…plan to hand Qi Kai to you?”

With a nod, Qi Feng put his hands gently on his legs that already had some sensation. His eyes were dark while his voice was unfriendly. “Only this explanation fits why he hasn’t made a move after so long. Initially, I thought I could hold on till after the shareholders’ meeting, but unexpectedly, this wasn’t as simple as we thought. How could it just end so hastily? Looks like Doris isn’t that capable after all.”

“Master, actually, you can’t put it like that. In truth, if this plan hadn’t involved Mu Yuchen, it would’ve actually been very easy to succeed. We can only say that Mu Yuchen is too hard to handle! Second Master Qi had his assistance, so we can’t get close at all. So, Master, I suggest that while we’re fighting, it’s best to prepare to retreat at the same time.”

Morrison was a meticulous person in thoughts too. At this point, he began to feel all sorts of uneasiness, and he felt afraid, so it was best to prepare early for some things. That way, perhaps when the time came, they would not lose out too much.

When Qi Feng heard that, his expression sank. He thought about it for a moment, then nodded. His voice could not help but contain a hint of fatigue as he said, “Arrange for it then. I’m a little tired, so you can leave first.”

“Yes, Master! I’ll go arrange that right away! Oh, right, tonight Professor Terl will come over. Master, you can try standing up with his guidance then.” Morrison did not forget to bring this up to Qi Feng.

Qi Feng’s treatment had been going quite well recently. Thankfully, Morrison would also get someone to massage his legs. That way, Qi Feng’s legs would not suffer from muscle atrophy and had a better possibility of recovery.

“Master, it’s already confirmed that the person who left the hotel in a car last night was not Doris. It was her assistant. She must already know about what happened in New York, so she felt threatened, and that’s why she quickly escaped.”

It was a gloomy evening. In the flower corridor in the backyard of Maple Residence, Mu Yuchen was just strolling around with Xi Xiaye. Since they were free, they were planning to look at the plum blossoms in the backyard when Li Si rushed over to report the news to him.

“Well, she fled quickly enough!” Mu Yuchen said coldly as if he was not very surprised by this outcome.

“Yes, Doris is a very smart person. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have made it until now, but don’t worry, Master. I’ve just gotten off the phone with Master Su. The airline companies will pay close attention, and all the other exits are guarded too, so Doris shouldn’t be able to get out of City Z. As long as we inspect thoroughly, we’ll definitely find her. This time, she can’t run even if she has wings!” Li Si’s tone was determined.

Standing with his hands behind him, Mu Yuchen slowly turned and looked at him. He said in a calm tone. “This time, you’ve all been too careless. I’ll give you a chance to make up for your mistakes. In three days, you have to find her no matter what! Think of the ways yourself!”

There was a sharpness in his words that stunned Li Si who quickly responded, “Yes, Master!”

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