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Chapter 1184: Crack (1)

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Xi Xiaye did not deny and just responded calmly, “He just worries too much, but I understand.”

When she spoke about Mu Yuchen, Xi Xiaye felt a little uneasy. She was not sure how things were on the other end…

“You just think of him as Superman holding up the sky for us.” Qi Lei smiled helplessly and looked down at his hand that was bandaged tightly. “Even if I don’t leave City Z this time, the days to come won’t be easy. Once the year passes, I’ll be getting ready for some registration matters.”

“Is it for the new company? Have you thought of what to call it?”

Even though Xi Xiaye rarely asked about the plans between these two men, she more or less knew a little about them.

“I haven’t thought of anything for now, but soon, once things on this end have smoothened over, the Chenye Movies and Television brand will be taken down, then it can take on a new lease of life. How about you give it a name?” Qi Lei smiled and said.

“Don’t ask me. You can ask Mr. Mu yourself.”

“Alright, for the South River Project, Qi Feng might want to take over and look after it. The reason that old man Qi and those shareholders gave was to let him learn how to take over some things. After all, for South River Project No. 2, that was the first battle the old man Qi gave him. I’ll probably show my face less often after this, Glory World should be more careful with handling him, also, I know that the materials are mainly managed by Fuhua, so you can’t avoid contact. With Qi Feng…be more careful, especially when Mu Yuchen isn’t around. If there’s anything, just give me a call. I guarantee I’ll be there whenever you call me!” Qi Lei could not help but remind worriedly when the car was parked on the side.

Xi Xiaye nodded solemnly too. “I got it. Be careful when you get back. Love yourself more.”

“I got it! I’m getting down!” Qi Lei answered, then pushed open the door to get down.

After an entire night, he felt much better. He was grateful for her. He understood that tomorrow would come no matter what, and being weak was useless, so he would not be afraid of what was to come, even if it was a storm…

Late at night, in a certain hospital ward in New York.

Mu Yuchen had just gotten off his flight and had not gotten any rest when he rushed to the hospital. By the time he reached, it was already late at night.

When Zhou Zimo’s personal assistant, Xu Yayan, received the call, he was already waiting downstairs. The second he saw the car stopping ahead, he calmed down and quickly went up to Mu Yuchen in a panic.

Mu Yuchen’s indifferent figure disembarked from the car.

“Master Mu! You’re here!” Xu Yayan went up to him.

LI Si and the accompanying bodyguards swiftly got down from the car too.

Mu Yuchen’s expression was as chilly as frost. He did not even stop walking as he took huge strides into the hospital, and you could hear the worry in his voice as he asked, “How’s Zimo doing?”

“He’s still in a coma. The doctor says it might be a while before he wakes up. He’s severely injured. His left hand’s fractured and he had a knife to the abdomen. Furthermore, his head suffered from a hit and he had a concussion. I think it wasn’t a simple dispute. Those people didn’t seem like they were there for a simple dispute. It seemed like they were targetting Master Mo because they attacked him right away,” Xu Yayan quickly kept up with Mu Yuchen’s steps as he explained.

“Where’s Ah Bo?” Mu Yuchen swiftly entered the elevator.

“Ah Bo’s still investigating the incident, but the company found a huge amount of stock. Master Mu must’ve been drugged as they found it in his bloodstream. Thankfully, Ah Bo handled it in time and no one destroyed the glass. It’s been sent to the lab. Hopefully, this can clear Master Mo of any suspicions.”

“Tomorrow, report to me what enemies Zimo has here, what conflicts he’s had, who he’s been meeting, and all the new company’s employee details,” Mu Yuchen ordered.

“Yes, Master Mu!”

Zhou Zimo’s ward was on the 25th floor. When Mu Yuchen went over, he could see two policemen standing guard at the door.

Because Zhou Zimo was a suspect at the moment, he was being monitored.

Nonetheless, when Mu Yuchen went over, the two policemen did not stop him. They briefly asked some questions, and then let him in.

Inside the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) ward, Zhou Zimo was still in a coma. He looked very weak, pale, and frail. There was also a bandage on his forehead. All in all, he did not look like the Zhou Zimo he knew and Mu Yuchen almost could not recognize him like this.

Mu Yuchen’s heart sank and his eyes immediately darkened. There was viciousness in his gaze as he stood by his bed and looked at Zhou Zimo for a long time, before walking over.

Beep beep—

The ward was very quiet, so only the sound of the machine could be heard.

After a while, Mu Yuchen leaned down and said softly by Zhou Zimo’s ear, “Rest well and recover soon. I’ll make whoever did this pay for it.”

Besides being unconscious, Zhou Zimo was severely hurt this time. Even Xu Yayan thought he was done for this time, so he panicked, but thankfully Ah Bo was there. He immediately called Mu Yuchen who immediately came, so everyone felt more at ease.

Mu Yuchen was travel-worn and extremely tired, but he could not care less about rest. He began to get Xu Yayan and the rest to explain the whole incident.

“Don’t tell the Zhou family for now. Zimo hasn’t made it past the critical stage yet.”

“Yes, Master Mu!”

“When Ah Bo gets back, tell him to meet me at the hotel. Li Si, arrange for another two people to guard this place and report to me immediately if anything comes up.”

“Yes, Master!”

When he left the hospital, Mu Yuchen’s expression was solemn. After he ordered a list of things to be done, he made his way to the hotel.

By the time he took a shower and washed away his fatigue, he remembered that he had not called his woman back home yet. He mulled over it for a moment, then called Xi Xiaye.

When she picked Mu Yuchen’s call up, Xi Xiaye was on her way to the airport. Shen Yue and Shen Wenna, and the rest were about to land.

The call got through, but even before Mu Yuchen could answer, Xi Xiaye was already frowning as she asked, “Isn’t it very early in the morning over there? Why aren’t you resting?”

“I just got back from the hospital and wanted to call you. Where’s our son?” Mu Yuchen propped up his head, poured himself a glass of water, and then walked to the sofa as he responded.

“At home. I’m on my way to the airport to pick Grandpa, my parents, and Xiao Rui up.”

“I almost forgot that Grandpa was coming home today.”

“School’s reopening soon. He should be home. This morning, Uncle Su called to ask when my parents would be back. He was worried that they wouldn’t make it in time for the university to reopen.”

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