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«The Most Generous Master Ever (Web Novel) - Chapter 909 Ye Wuhen's Gift

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Chapter 909 Ye Wuhen's Gift

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“The attributes of this Upper Heavenly Green Immortal Plant are extremely cold and very compatible with your physique. If you can use it well, it can greatly improve your aptitude and comprehension.

“However, remember, during the cultivation process, don’t be anxious about quick success and advance greedily. You have to advance steadily and take one step at a time. True geniuses all have a solid foundation. As the saying goes, one wrong step leads to another.

“If you want to firmly suppress that batch of competitors in the future, you have to continuously temper yourself and force yourself to the limit. Unless it’s absolutely necessary, you can’t break through.

“A breakthrough that’s too anxious can indeed allow you to have a powerful cultivation and strength for a short period of time, but it’s disadvantageous to your long-term development. It’s very likely to become a hidden danger on your future path.” Ye Qiu instructed patiently. Even though he was very at ease with Lin Qingzhu, he couldn’t miss a word of advice.

He could not bear to see his most beloved disciple go astray because she was too anxious to succeed. She was like Ye Qiu’s shadow. Every step she took seemed to be developing according to Ye Qiu’s expectations. Ye Qiu really wanted to see what she could achieve in the future.

Apart from that, Ye Qiu more or less doted on her.

This was because Lin Qingzhu’s background was too bitter. She had suffered the destruction of her family and had no one to rely on. Even though many years had passed, and she had already put down the obsession in her heart.

However, every time Ye Qiu saw her stubborn figure, he would think of the lonely and helpless little girl in the Jade Pure Hall.

Therefore, Ye Qiu would place more attention on her most of the time. He didn’t care even if he was mistaken for favoritism.

At least among his disciples, he had almost reached the limit and did not hide anything.

“Master, I’ll remember.” Lin Qingzhu put away the smile on her face when she saw her master’s caring gaze. She knew very well how much her master doted on her, so she did not play too much.

She had always been very steady. Because she was the Eldest Senior Sister and her master had great expectations for her, she had a heavy responsibility. She had always understood this principle, so she could not play carefreely like Linglong.

No matter what trouble she caused, someone would clean up her mess. Nor could she focus on doing what she liked like Zhao Wan’er. No one would force her to do anything. She did whatever she wanted and displayed her talents in the domain she liked.

Lin Qingzhu couldn’t. She had always known that she had a heavy burden on her shoulders. She shouldered her master’s expectations. She also bore the honor of being the chief disciple of Violet Cloud, so she couldn’t be too nonchalant. Therefore, the degree of happiness of many girls was lesser for her.

This might be one of the reasons why her personality became cold. Of course, it might be more because of the influence of her mistress, Lian Feng. Perhaps she thought from the bottom of her heart that she wanted to become a woman like her mistress and treat her as her lifelong goal.

“Sigh,” Ye Qiu vaguely sensed the change in her thoughts and couldn’t help but sigh. Actually, he hoped that Lin Qingzhu could grow up happily and healthily without so many burdens.

Therefore, many times, Ye Qiu would choose to withstand everything and pave the way for her. However, these things changed when it came to her. It became her master’s expectations of her, hoping that she could shoulder these burdens.

Ye Qiu was very depressed. Why couldn’t he guide her? You’re a beautiful lady. You should be happy at this age. You have to smile, understand? You have to laugh. Why are you pulling a long face all day? No one owes you money.

Ye Qiu knew very well, but from her perspective, he would probably do the same.

From her background, experience, and the thoughts she had instilled since she was young, as well as her admiration and adoration for her master, they would become her guiding stone on her path forward.

Therefore, no matter how Ye Qiu enlightened her, it was useless. Unless she removes the title of Eldest Senior Sister, it would be an unsolvable problem.

However, could Ye Qiu bear it?

This was because she had really done very well and had almost reached perfection. If he took away this title, it would be earth-shattering for her. She had almost implemented this mission as her lifelong faith. How could Ye Qiu be ruthless enough to destroy her?

At the very least, Ye Qiu couldn’t bear to.

“Forget it…” Sighing, Ye Qiu shook his head and said, “You can slowly absorb this immortal plant when you get back later. Take out your Immortal Slayer Sword.”

Lin Qingzhu was stunned when she heard this and hurriedly took out the Immortal Slayer Sword. Ye Qiu looked at the rusty Immortal Slayer Sword and felt nostalgic. Back then, this sword had followed him for a long time and helped him brag many times. It had contributed greatly.

Unfortunately, in his current realm, the Immortal Slayer Sword was already slightly powerless. It could no longer give him the pleasure of showing off. There’s no choice, but I can’t abandon you after fooling around, right? So I’m not mistreating you by giving you to my most beloved disciple, right?

This was how Ye Qiu comforted the Immortal Slayer Sword.

I’m crying to death. He’s really good at comforting people…

Uh, no, it was comforting a sword.

The Immortal Slayer Sword seemed to have sensed something and let out a dissatisfied sword cry.

“The power of this supreme-grade immortal sword is far inferior to those so-called Primordial Chaos Immortal Artifacts. Fortunately, the grade of this sword is of the growth type. If I have the materials, I might be able to upgrade you.”

However, he really didn’t have such materials. Ye Qiu could only feel regretful. He thought that if his luck was good in the future and he found a powerful sword, he would compensate Lin Qingzhu.

“Materials?” Suddenly, Lin Qingzhu was slightly stunned and said, “Master, what materials do you want?”

Ye Qiu was stunned. Could it be that she had it?

That was impossible. The upgrade material for this Immortal Slayer Sword was extremely rare. It was a rare special material in the world that could be reforged and upgraded.

Lin Qingzhu smiled awkwardly when she saw her master’s puzzled gaze. Then, she said, “Master, to be honest, Grandpa Ye gave us many things previously. A bunch of treasures were placed on the ground for us to pick.

“Linglong was playful and chose some very ferocious weapons. I’m not interested in those things. After all, I only use swords. However, I saw some strange stones, so I took some. Do you think these are the ones?”

After saying that, Lin Qingzhu raised her hand and took out the treasures that Ye Wuhen had given them.

Ye Qiu’s expression changed subtly when he saw the ground filled with strange stones.

Lin Qingzhu was a little embarrassed and said, “I don’t know what these things are either. I just felt that they contained a magical power and felt that they might be useful, so I took some.”

Ye Qiu was speechless.

That wasn’t because it might be useful, but it was really useful.

“F*ck! Primordial Fallen Heart Stone?”

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