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«The Military Female Soldier With Unwavering Stubbornness (Web Novel) - Chapter 1750: The Punishments I Set

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Chapter 1750: The Punishments I Set

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Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Demon King Li’s punishment was even harsher than Q King’s.

The purpose of an emergency assembly was to maintain the combat strength and discipline of the team. They had to be vigilant at all times, and as long as the order was given, they had to quickly fight.

A normal unit required the members to assemble within five minutes after putting on all equipment. Storm Commando and the Xueyu unit had to assemble within three minutes because they were special forces soldiers.

A sharp whistle sounded. The two teams appeared in front of Xia Jinyuan and Li Jinnian at the fastest speed possible.

Ye Jian, who was sleeping alone, woke up from her nightmare. She didn’t even realize where she was for a few seconds.

She had a nightmare. She dreamed of her previous life. Before she died, she dreamed that she took a glass of water from her colleagues who were usually on good terms with her. After she finished drinking it, she went to the hotel manager’s office. She was pressed onto the office table by that beast. His dirty hands grabbed her shirt and dug into it.

What happened after that?

The sharp whistle sounded again. It was more rapid than the previous time. Ye Jian’s body twitched and she blinked. She was confused, helpless, and sad.

“One more minute, one last minute.” Xia Jinyuan’s voice came from the empty space ahead. He looked in the direction where Ye Jian was.

It was a little unusual for her, who was always quick to act, to not have appeared even now.

Ye Jian woke up from the second emergency whistle. She woke up completely from the dream that she didn’t want to recall.

She was not the Ye Jian who woke up too late in her previous life. She was a soldier now. She was training now. She still needed to go overseas to fight!

Ye Jian woke up and stood up. There was no sadness, confusion, or helplessness in her dark eyes anymore. There was only coldness that was clearer than the moonlight.

She put on her equipment as quickly as she could and picked up the gun that had never left her hand. She was wearing a helmet and looked like a proud soldier. She was calm and confident.

‘All the best, Ye Jian!’ She encouraged herself in her heart and ran toward the gathering point with a cold expression.

The numbers on the timer changed very quickly. The dim blue light reflected on the young major’s face. He was holding the timer. His handsome eyebrows looked even colder than the crescent moon in the sky.

There were still 25 seconds left. He looked in the direction of two o’clock again. She had not appeared yet!

Li Jinnian also noticed this and replied calmly, “She’ll be late, and my punishment this time is severe.”

“Your punishment has always been heavy.” Xia Jinyuan pursed his lips. He wasn’t afraid of the demon king’s punishment but he was worried about Ye Jian. She was never late but she was late today.

Was there something wrong with her body?

He didn’t think so. He didn’t notice anything abnormal with her body when he gave her the textbook last night. Her mental state was also quite good. After training, other than the tiredness on her face, everything else was fine.

Xia Jinyuan’s gaze turned slightly cold. Since it wasn’t a problem with her body, it meant that her vigilance hadn’t reached its peak. Once he relaxed after high-intensity training, even his vigilance would drop.

“My punishments are indeed severe, but they’re all for good reason,” Li Jinnian said calmly as he glanced at the watch in his hand and looked around… His cold eyes narrowed slightly.


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