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«The Military Female Soldier With Unwavering Stubbornness (Web Novel) - Chapter 1728: The Landing Was Done Beautifully

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Chapter 1728: The Landing Was Done Beautifully

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Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Li Jinnian had already spread out the map of the Gobi. After locating their current location, he looked at a certain spot on the map and said, “The area five kilometers in front of us is suitable for an ambush.”

Xia Jinyuan took a look, and his eyes became darker. “Attention, attention! Five kilometers ahead of us are the hills. It’s suitable for ambush and annihilation.”

“We have to deal with these military dogs first! Otherwise, if we search here and the military dogs track us from behind, we won’t be able to do anything at all!” The members of Storm Commando were a little out of breath from being chased by the military dogs. They could only continue to move forward after dealing with the military dogs.

They had run at least ten kilometers now. If they ran another five kilometers, they would encounter an ambush. As long as the military dogs were behind them, they would be targets waiting to be captured and destroyed.

“Gentlemen, I agree to get rid of the military dogs first. Running would consume too much stamina, and we have too little food and water. Once we run out of food, the outcome will be even worse.”

The members of the Xueyu unit expressed their thoughts.

Xia Jinyuan looked at Ye Jian. “You’re afraid of dogs. Are you ready?” He wanted to get rid of the military dogs first.

“I’m alright,” Ye Jian replied.

“We’re still five kilometers away from the hills. Before we enter, we have to deal with the dogs behind us!” Xia Jinyuan ordered. He wanted every team to deal with the dogs chasing them before heading toward the hills.

All the team members immediately took action when they received the order. Ye Jian was asked to deal with the military dogs alone. The rest of them protected her secretly.

Ye Jian had no objections to this arrangement. She really needed to overcome her fear of dogs. It was just a shadow left behind from her childhood. Now that she had lived two lives, how difficult would it be to overcome it?

The important thing was whether she was willing to face it and overcome it.

The military dog was right in front, and behind it was a soldier dressed in desert camouflage. When the soldier saw a figure suddenly appear from behind the rock, he immediately stopped the military dog. They were in a confrontation.

Then, Ye Jian moved slightly and the soldier ordered the dog to get closer.

It was a German shepherd. It was tall, powerful, and had strong offensive capabilities. However, it was still inferior to the Tibetan Mastiff, Heiga.

Facing it, Ye Jian clenched her fists slightly and asked the soldier, “How do we deal with this?”

“Remove its serial number from its body and I’ll bring it away. It’s very aggressive, but it has a mouth guard on, so you don’t have to worry about being bitten.” The soldier explained and then shouted at the military dog named Soldier, “Go, Soldier!”

The powerful military dog barked and pounced on Ye Jian. Its speed was extraordinarily fast. It was like a bolt of lightning. In an instant, it appeared in front of her.

Ye Jian used the rifle in her hand to block the attack of the military dog. As she didn’t want to hurt the military dog, she held the rifle horizontally and blocked the attack of the military dog. Ye Jian didn’t kick it with her leg. Instead, she pushed the rifle forward and pushed Soldier away.

The military dog, who gave out a low whine, sprang lightly from the gravel and then lunged again.

This time, its target was Ye Jian’s calf.

Dogs were much more agile than humans. Ye Jian didn’t have much time to hesitate. When the military dog bit her calf, she used her hands to stop the head of the military dog. Then, she kicked her legs and jumped up. Her body was as light as a swallow.

Xia Jinyuan, who was secretly protecting her, only saw that slender figure flying across the blue sky like an eagle avoiding the enemy’s attack. She knelt on one knee and landed on the ground… Her posture was so beautiful that he focused all his attention on her.


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