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«The Military Female Soldier With Unwavering Stubbornness (Web Novel) - Chapter 1238: The Demon King Appears

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Chapter 1238: The Demon King Appears

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The commando grinned, his white teeth shone with a ghastly white light under the sunlight. “There’s no point if you don’t push. Take care of yourselves!”

With that, he plunged into the waist-high seawater and disappeared without a trace under the stunned expressions of all the soldiers.

“He left? He… he left! What should we do?” The few eliminated soldiers who wanted to resist before disembarking were all dumbfounded. They jumped down from the rubber dinghy one after another. Two of them even tried to chase after him.

Someone pulled them back and said weakly, “You won’t catch up. They are real ‘water ghosts’. We can’t catch up.”

The mysterious and dangerous deep-sea diving was common practice for real water ghosts. Sometimes, even without equipment, it was not a problem to dive 15 meters below in an instant!

When they dived into the water, their one second of swimming was equivalent to the soldiers’ ten seconds of swimming. It was impossible to catch up.

“The tides seem to be rising. Quick, push the rubber dinghy up. With no water ghost guiding us at sea, we can forget about reaching the shore!” The waves came as if they had calculated the beat. The waves crashed down relentlessly.

Everyone jumped into the water like dumplings and started pushing the rubber dinghy.

At a hidden outpost on the deserted island, someone was watching everything with a telescope. When he saw the waves coming one after another and two soldiers got directly knocked over by the waves, his tightly pursed lips curled into a sneer.

“Tell A team to keep an eye on the rubber dinghy. Tell them not to show their faces until they float out 100 nautical miles.” Li Jinnian put down his binoculars and stepped off the sentry post. “Contact the garrison and ask when the last soldier will arrive.”

The A team were scouts of the Storm Commando Unit.

“If we don’t see her before 5 o’clock tomorrow, tell the base to let her go back to where she came from.” His voice was as cold as the perpetual snow on top of a snowy mountain. The commando behind him didn’t say anything else and immediately replied, “Yes!”

However, in his heart, he was thinking: Isn’t that a little too much? Didn’t they say that they would only arrive at seven in the evening?

It would take four hours to get from the base to their place. There will also be huge waves tonight. Even if they arrived, they wouldn’t have the energy to participate in the training at five o’clock tomorrow.

The navy commander thought about it too. He looked at the female soldier whose skin was fair and smooth. After thinking for a while, he smiled and said, “Ye Jian, your commander needs you to participate in the training at 5 am tomorrow. The training location is about four hours away from the base. Go and get your equipment and leave immediately.”

“Yes!” Without a word of nonsense, she simply agreed, causing the navy commander to give her a sidelong glance.

Xia Jinyuan didn’t have any expression on his face. He smiled and said, “As expected of the famous Demon King. He can create good ‘gold’ with just his training style.” When in Rome, do what the Romans do. No one can break this rule.

It was the same for the Storm Commando Unit and the Xueyu unit!

Xia Jinyuan had already advised her what needed to be advised. As he watched Ye Jian leave, he heard the navy commander say, “He is indeed our sharp knife. The soldiers trained by him are like gold. They can become sharp knives too.”

“Since the army sent Ye Jian to our naval base, as long as she is not afraid of hardship or exhaustion, we will not let you down. We will wait for you to review the results.”

“The major general believes in the demon king’s ability greatly. Before I came, the major general even smiled and said that if there was a chance, he would want our unit to have a match with the demon king’s Commando Unit.” How could his little fox be afraid of hardship and exhaustion? Looking at her fearless back, he was already looking forward to the results before school even started.

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