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«The Military Female Soldier With Unwavering Stubbornness (Web Novel) - Chapter 2059: Cooperate

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Chapter 2059: Cooperate

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The Xueyu unit’s counterattack started when Ye Jian fired the bullet.

In her night-vision gear, she saw a man directly in front of her turn his phone outward as if he were talking to someone. He let the caller hear how fierce the sound of bullets was on their side.

They were just carrying submachine guns, not machine guns, let alone heavy weapons. Yet they really thought they’d succeed in suppressing the firepower.

Heh, arrogant and conceited!

Being arrogant and conceited on the battlefield would cause them to die!

Ye Jian smiled. Although it was beautiful, it was chilling.


This gunshot merged with the high-frequency gunfire. It was not abrupt at all, nor did it immediately attract attention.

The man who was shot in the head held the phone in his right hand and lay motionless on the damp rock. Red and white liquid trickled slowly from the hole in his head and into his dark eyes. Then, it slowly ran down his face, completely hiding the conceited look on his face.

The person with him finally realized that something was wrong with his companion. He shouted his name but did not get an answer. He hurriedly reached out and pushed him.


This push ruined everything.

After this retaliation shot, the firepower of the special forces unit increased. The special forces were no longer suppressed by the firepower. It was no longer unbalanced or one-sided. Ye Jian and the others would fight their way out of the predicament and turn the situation around. They would obtain a suppressive victory!

The Xueyu unit’s counterattack began. White Crane and Azalea fought the vanguard. The two of them raised their rifles and pressed forward.

Ye Jian and Xia Jinyuan cooperated well and advanced from the rear. They rolled and ran… Every time they advanced a meter from the gunfire, they showed the high professional skills of soldiers from the special forces unit.

The one-sided high-frequency shooting became high-frequency shooting on both sides, catching the opponents off guard.

A man trembled as he dialed a number on his phone. “Mr. Anonio, we need backup. We—”

The next words would stay in his mouth forever. There would never be a way to say them again. Even though he was completely hidden behind the rocks, bullets went straight through his throat and then through his cervical vertebrae. He fell to the ground with red blood and white bone fragments splattering everywhere.

These men had undergone a certain amount of training, but it wasn’t long-term training. They had picked up the various guns the arms dealer had to play with and dominated the beautiful city in the northern Caribbean for so long that it had allowed their self-confidence to swell in excess. They became arrogant and conceited.

It was this conceit that made them lower their guard. They thought that as long as they kept firing their guns, they could get things done.

The truth slapped them hard until they saw stars. Facing the intense gunshots and realizing four of their men had been shot in a row, the remaining people panicked.

The island was just a deserted island that the arms dealer usually made a trip to trade with other dealers. The rest of the time, the arms dealer would not come over. He would not send his elites to stay on the island either.

If he had not kidnapped 12 engineers sent by a Chinese company, he would not have sent anyone to the deserted island.

However, Antonio, the arms dealer, did not expect that the Chinese company, which in his impression was cowardly and would never dare to get into a conflict with the locals, would actually hire people to lay a hand on his island and save the engineers he kidnapped.


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