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«The Mightiest Little Peasant (Web Novel) - Chapter 522: I Only Belong To You

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Chapter 522: I Only Belong To You

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“Are you staying for dinner, Lil Tang?” Cai Yourong asked Tang Hao.

“I’m fine! I’ll have to go soon, Auntie. You should eat!” Tang Hao said.

“Oh, is that so!” Cai Yourong seemed disappointed. She turned to look at her daughter and said, “You should follow him back, Fangfang. I’ll be fine. Look, there are so many people here!”

She pointed at the villagers in the courtyard.

They were either clearing up the courtyard or chatting with Grandpa Shunde.

“Mm!” Ma Fangfang replied.

After chatting for a while more, Tang Hao got up and excused himself.

“Oh, Fangfang, you’re getting prettier than ever! Here, take these presents!”

“Fangfang, this is a chicken that I’ve reared myself. I’ve just slaughtered it, and you can use it to make a nutritious soup!”

Many people crowded around them as they left the house.

They were eagerly shoving presents into Ma Fangfang’s hands.

Ma Fangfang was taken aback. “There’s… no need!”

“We insist!”

She wanted to decline, but she could not possibly decline everything. Eventually, she accepted the presents. Both of her hands were not enough to take everything, so she placed them on the ground.

After the crowd left, there was a mound of items next to her.

Tang Hao helped her to put the items into the boot.

It was four o’clock when they arrived at her house.

The car stopped, but neither of them moved.

She turned her head to look at Tang Hao.

Her lips quivered as though she wanted to say something.

Tang Hao’s mouth also opened slightly, as though he wanted to say something.

The two people were surprised. They closed their mouths awkwardly.

“You first!” Ma Fangfang was blushing slightly.

“Oh! I have something for you,” Tang Hao said as he retrieved a small box.

“What is it?” Ma Fangfang’s eyes sparkled. “Is it jade again?”

“No, it’s a… beauty medicine. After taking it, your skin and body will change.” Tang Hao opened the box and showed her the Jade Bone Pill within.


Her eyes sparkled when her eyes fell on the pill.

The pill was pure white and gleamed like a pearl.

She reached out and picked up the pill with her fingers. She brought the pill close to her eyes, looked at it closely, and sniffed it. “Wow! How fragrant!”

Tang Hao smiled. He was about to tell her the precautions when she opened her mouth and tossed the pill inside.

Tang Hao’s expression stiffened at that instant.

“What’s wrong?” Ma Fangfang was worried when she saw his changed expression.

Tang Hao smiled awkwardly. “You should quickly go upstairs and take a shower! Once the pill takes effect, it will excrete all the impurities in your body through your pores. You’ll need to clean yourself.”

She laughed bashfully.

“You’d better go upstairs now! I’ll help you carry the items.”


She quickly got out of the car and ran upstairs in her high heels.

Tang Hao also got out of the car, opened up the boot, and carried the items upstairs to Ma Fangfang’s apartment.

That was the first time he entered Ma Fangfang’s house. Usually, they would say goodbye at the entrance.

The apartment was a two-bedroom unit and was not very big. It had all the characteristics of a young woman’s apartment and was very cozy.

When Tang Hao stepped into the house, he could hear sounds of flowing water from the bathroom. Occasionally, she would shriek in surprise.

About ten minutes later, the sounds of flowing water stopped. She stepped out of her bedroom another five minutes later.

Tang Hao turned his head around and was stunned by what he saw.

Ma Fangfang came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her body.

Her skin had undergone a total transformation. It was a lot fairer and more delicate.

Her figure had changed into something more beautiful too.

“What medicine is it? It’s so amazing! It’s unbelievable!” She exclaimed excitedly.

Tang Hao coughed lightly, feeling a little awkward.

“Well… I’ll be going.” He stood up and prepared to leave.

“Wait!” She frantically called him.

She quickly jogged over and hugged him from behind.

“Please don’t go!”

She stood on tiptoe and whispered next to Tang Hao’s ear.

Tang Hao was shocked. He did not reply.

“I’m not greedy. I just want you to stay with me for a little while more!” She said softly.

Her arms hugged Tang Hao even more tightly after saying that.

Tang Hao pressed his lips together. He did not move.

They stood next to the entrance like that for a long time.

Suddenly, she said softly, “Thank you for everything that you’ve done today. I don’t know how to repay you.”

“Don’t mention it. It’s what I’m supposed to do,” Tang Hao said.

“Is that so?” She smiled.

“Tang Hao…” After a while, she called his name again.


“Are you… interested?” She said with a mischievous smile.

“Ahem!” Tang Hao coughed.

“I know that you are!” She chuckled.

She tiptoed again and whispered next to Tang Hao’s ear. “Hao! Shall I be your mistress?”

“Huh?” Tang Hao was shocked.

“I’ll be your mistress! I’ll forever be your little secret,” she said.

She let go of her embrace, then held Tang Hao’s hands and turned her around. Her beautiful eyes were staring into his.

She hugged his neck, slightly narrowed her eyes, and brought her lips close.

Suddenly, Tang Hao’s phone rang.

The two people froze on the spot.

“Ahem! Let me see…” Tang Hao picked up his phone.

The call was from Assistant Han.

She took a step backward. She looked disappointed.

“There’s something in the office. I’ll have to go and sign a contract,” Tang Hao told her after he ended the call.

She put on some clothes and stood up again. “I’m fine. Go then!’ She smiled, then took a step forward and straightened his clothes.

She smiled brightly and pecked him on the cheek.

“Alright, off you go!”

Tang Hao went downstairs and sat in his car. He laughed drily. If not for the call, something might have happened.

“I’m off!” He mumbled to himself, then started his car and drove away.

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