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«The Mightiest Little Peasant (Web Novel) - Chapter 678: Scared Away

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Chapter 678: Scared Away

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As he spoke, Zhang Haoran pushed up his glasses. He sounded boastful and smug.

He looked at Tang Hao with a hostile gaze.

Zhao Qingxue’s parents smiled and looked at Zhang Haoran satisfactorily.

Not only Lil Zhang earned a respectable income, but his family was also politically connected. He looked quite handsome and had a good personality. The most important thing was that he was mature and dependable. He was simply the perfect candidate.

Zhao Qingxue rolled her eyes and sneered, “A few hundred thousand a year? Is that a lot?”

Zhang Haoran was surprised and almost burst into laughter.

‘A few hundred thousand isn’t a lot? How many other people of my age can earn so much? I’m considered the society’s elite!

‘Qingxue is only a criminal police officer. Her annual salary should be only a few ten thousand!

‘As for that kid, he’s only twenty years old. He might not even be working yet!’

“What are you talking about, Qingxue? A few hundred thousand isn’t much? How much more do you want?” Mr. Zhao reprimanded, somewhat displeased.

At that moment, Tang Hao smiled. He stood up, extended his hand, and shook Zhang Haoran’s hand.

“Hello! My name is Tang Hao. I run a small company. It’s nothing much,” Tang Hao said with a smile.

Zhang Haoran was stunned. ‘Running his own company? What, could he have rich parents?’

Then, he sneered.

‘Small company? That’s nothing! His family background probably isn’t anything spectacular either!’

“What company? I may have heard of it!” He said disdainfully.

Tang Hao smiled, took out a business card, and handed it over.

“This is my business card. Please accept it!”

Zhang Haoran sneered and took it. When he took a closer look, his whole body trembled, and his eyes widened. His mouth opened wider and wider, almost forming an “O” shape.

“Hao… Hao… Haotian?”

He stuttered, his face full of disbelief.

“Yes! It’s only been established a few years ago. I guess you can consider it a small company?” Tang Hao smiled bashfully.

‘What the f*ck? Haotian is a small company? You’re the only one who thinks so!’

Zhang Haoran’s face twitched a few times. He was about to pop a vein.

‘Haotian Group is a large corporation with an annual profit of several billion!’

His hand holding the business card trembled slightly, and a cold sweat broke out on his forehead.

What was his meager salary of several hundred thousand compared to that freak?

“Ah! By the way, my family is very ordinary. My ancestors are all farmers from mountain villages. It’s not worth mentioning!” Tang Hao said.

When Zhang Haoran heard that, he immediately heaved a sigh of relief.

At least his family background was better.

“However, I have this. Does it count as a political connection?” Tang Hao smiled as he took out his military ID and handed it over.

Zhang Haoran took it, glanced at it, and his entire body shuddered. His fingers jerked as though they had been scalded, and the ID fell out of his hand.

Then, he stood up in a hurry and said, “I’m sorry, I have to go! You can continue this without me!”

He did not see where he was going and hit his head on a wall. He clutched his head and ran out of the apartment.


The door was closed, and the apartment was deathly silent.

Mr. Zhao and Mrs. Zhao sat there in a daze.

‘That was too exaggerated! Why is Lil Zhang so scared?’

Mr. Zhao frowned, but he remembered that Lil Zhang had mentioned something like “Haotian.”

‘Could it be… that Haotian?


The business card caught the corner of his eye, and he reached out and took it. He took a closer look and his mouth opened wide.

‘Oh my god! It’s really that Haotian!

‘Wait, why does the name Tang Hao sound so familiar? Oh, right, isn’t he that guy from the rumors in the Provincial Headquarters? Back then, the superintendent of the City Headquarters fell from grace because of him.

‘It was rumored that not only did he have a good relationship with Vice Governor He, but he also had military affiliations.

When he thought of that, his gaze landed on the military ID.

“Does the kid have a rank?”

He mumbled, picked up the military ID, and looked at it.

Then, he was completely petrified.

Mrs. Zhao leaned close to take a look and was petrified as well.

The two of them looked at the ID dazedly.

Seeing that, Zhao Qingxue was secretly delighted.

“So what do you think, Dad, Mom?”

The two of them finally came to their senses. After a long while, Father Zhao smiled drily.

‘He’s the boss of Haotian Group and also a major general of the army. No wonder Lil Zhang was scared away.

‘This guy is a monster!’

He should be feeling happy, but he was feeling uneasy.

The kid was too powerful. His family was not worthy of him!

Besides, the kid was too young and immature. What good could come out of the relationship?

“Um… Qingxue! Are you really…”

Father Zhao coughed lightly and said.

However, his tone of voice was much more relaxed.

“Of course it’s real,” Zhao Qingxue said, “Why would I lie to you? If you don’t believe me, you can ask Big Bro!”

“Huh? He knows?”

Mr. Zhao and Mrs. Zhao were stunned.

“Of course he knows!”

“Damn, and he didn’t even say anything! The next time I see him, I must teach him a good lesson!” Mr. Zhao said angrily.

Tang Hao quickly got up, walked to the side, and pretended to take something. He retrieved some divine liquor, a box of beauty cream, and some specially made health pills from his pocket dimension and handed them to Zhao Qingxue’s parents.

“Uncle, Auntie, here’s something for you!”

The two hesitated for a moment, but they accepted the gifts anyway.

“You don’t have to be so polite!” Mrs. Zhao smiled. “Can I call you Lil Tang?”

“Sure!” Tang Hao replied. He looked at his watch and said, “It’s almost noon. I’ll go buy some vegetables and make some lunch!”

“It’s fine! We have some other business in the afternoon, so we’ll be leaving soon!” Mr. Zhao said.

They chatted for a while more before the two got up and left.

After seeing them off, Zhao Qingxue heaved a sigh of relief. “At least they’re satisfied!”

“Yeah!” Tang Hao also heaved a sigh of relief. It was really awkward just now.

“Alright, at least with you around, at least they won’t force me to go on a blind date anymore. I feel like the whole world is peaceful now,” Zhao Qingxue said happily.

“Then… what about the future?”

His presence might be able to placate the parents for now, but it was not viable in the long term.

“The future? Who cares! We can talk about the future in the future. If it doesn’t work out, we can say that we broke up! We’re all open-minded people, so why would it matter?” Zhao Qingxue said nonchalantly.

“I don’t want to think about the future. I just want to be happy now!”

As she said that, she turned around and wrapped her arms around Tang Hao’s neck, smiling brightly.

Her pair of beautiful eyes fixed on Tang Hao as she muttered, “I’m already very happy to be able to be with you like this. The rest is not important at all.”

After speaking, she hugged him tightly.

“Let’s go shopping! You promised that you’re going to spend today and tomorrow with me! Don’t go back on your word!”

After a long while, she let go, took a step back, and grabbed Tang Hao’s hand.

“I want to watch a movie. Also, let’s eat delicious food, and maybe buy some nice clothes!”

She smiled brightly, took Tang Hao’s hand, and walked out. She was very happy and excited.

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