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«The Lord’s Empire (Web Novel) - Chapter 1272: Six Paths

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Chapter 1272: Six Paths

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Zhao Fu’s body gradually disappeared and he was sent to a dark region. The grass, trees, and ground were all black, and his surroundings were filled with a cold and eerie aura that could cause people’s hearts to feel a chill. The region was quite big and open, and it went on for as far as the eye could see.

What was key was that there were no system announcements, so Zhao Fu did not know how to pass the trial. This was the hardest trial, so Zhao Fu could not afford to be careless, as he could fail at any moment.

“Roar! Roar! Roar…” Loud roars sounded out as massive wild beasts rushed out from the side. There were all sorts of animals: tigers, oxen, snakes, chickens, dogs, ducks. All of them were ten or so meters big, were a gray-black color, and gave off a large amount of Yin Qi.

What could cause people to feel terror was that their auras were all at the Heaven Realm, which could make most people fall into despair. Facing such a large tide of Heaven Realm beasts, even a World Realm expert would die a pitiful death.

The group of beasts gave off a massive aura and charged at Zhao Fu with enough power to destroy everything. It seemed like no one would be able to stop such a thing.

“What do I do?” Zhao Fu felt a massive pressure. If it was just a few of them, he would be able to deal with them. However, there were at least one million of them, so how could he possibly stop them? As expected from the most difficult trial; it seemed simply impossible.

“Roar!” As Zhao Fu wondered what to do, a massive roar sounded out from the Animal Path Demon Image within Zhao Fu’s body. It seemed incredibly excited.

Zhao Fu realized something and delightedly released the Animal Path Demon Image.

After coming out, the Animal Path Demon Image exploded out with a powerful aura and gave off a heaven-shaking roar towards the countless beasts. The unstoppable beast tide actually stopped, and they lay on the ground in fear.

The Animal Path Demon Image walked over and deeply inhaled, causing the powerful beasts to turn into countless traces of Yin Qi that were sucked into the Animal Path Demon Image’s mouth. After obtaining so much Yin Qi, the Animal Path Demon Image’s power greatly increased, and its body looked somewhat stronger.

Zhao Fu was pleasantly surprised. After sealing the Six Paths Demon Images, their power and bodies had never changed, and now the Animal Path Demon Image had become stronger.

This was incredibly good; not only did this help him deal with those terrifying beasts, but if the Six Paths Demon Images became stronger, Zhao Fu would be able to obtain even greater power.

After the Animal Path Demon Image devoured the Yin Qi, Zhao Fu immediately recalled it. It was quite easy for the Six Paths Demon Images to go out of control, especially now that they had become stronger.

After recalling the Animal Path Demon Image, Zhao Fu’s surroundings blurred and he appeared in a different place. The sky here was blood-red and there was lava everywhere. The dense sulfuric smell assailed Zhao Fu’s nostrils, and there did not seem to be any life here. It was just like what one expected hell to be like.

“Roar! Roar! Roar…” Countless demons appeared in the air, giving off powerful auras. They ferociously sprang towards Zhao Fu, giving off terrifying auras.

At that moment, the Hell Path Demon Image roared and Zhao Fu understood something. He released the Hell Path Demon Image, which roared, causing the demons to immediately lay on the ground in fear. Just like the Animal Path Demon Image had done, the Hell Path Demon Image started to devour these demons.

After recalling the Hell Path Demon Image, Zhao Fu’s surroundings once again changed.

Zhao Fu was within a cluster of structures. There were all sorts of structures, and they all looked quite old and ruined. This was most likely once a large residential area, and there were many pale-white figures that aimlessly wandered about like spirits.

When Zhao Fu appeared, they immediately leapt at Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu now understood the contents of this trial, and he did not show any fear. He immediately released the Human Path Demon Image, which devoured the pale-white figures.

Zhao Fu’s surroundings once again changed as he appeared at a rocky place. The rocks here were all black and gave off glossy lights. There were no plants at all, and there were some hungry ghosts continuously looking for food.

Seeing Zhao Fu appear, the ghosts’ eyes gleamed and they madly rushed at Zhao Fu, and Zhao Fu released the Hungry Ghost Path Demon Image.

Of course, the Hungry Ghost Path Demon Image devoured all of the ghosts, causing it to gain a lot of power and become stronger.

Following this, Zhao Fu was sent to a cave. Countless ugly Asuras gave off killing intent as they rushed over, and they were devoured by the Asura Path Demon Image.

In the end, Zhao Fu was sent to a vast void where there was nothing. Countless sky ghosts appeared in the air, all of them giving off powerful auras, and they rushed towards Zhao Fu like an unstoppable flood.

“Roar!” A loud roar sounded out as Zhao Fu released the Heaven Path Demon Image, which devoured all of these sky ghosts.

There had been six regions and six types of ghosts, which corresponded with the Six Paths of Reincarnation. Luckily, Zhao Fu had the Six Paths Demon Images - they were born from the Six Paths of Reincarnation and had a massive amount of Six Paths Power, which these ghosts could not resist at all.

If Zhao Fu did not have the Six Paths Demon Images, he most likely would have failed and would not have been able to pass the Reincarnation Trial. He would have been powerless against the very first wave of beasts.

Suddenly, Zhao Fu’s body was drawn by a massive suction force. His surroundings blurred and his body reappeared elsewhere.

There was a tall altar in front of him that was 1,000 meters tall. Zhao Fu was at the bottom of the altar and looked up at it. The ground in the surroundings was quite flat, and the space was filled with white spirit-calling banners. They covered the ground as far as the eye could see, and there was a small brick path leading towards the altar.

There was a massive gray vortex in the sky, which gave off a massive might. At the center of the vortex, there was a gray magic formation that gave off intense light.

The entire region was filled with a cold and eerie aura, and the lighting was quite dim. Anyone who stood here would feel their hair stand on end. There was also an ancient feeling here; this place had most likely existed for an extremely long time.

Zhao Fu was standing on the brick path, and after thinking about it, he decided to head towards the altar. However, just as he stepped out, a massive might descended and weighed down on him.

Zhao Fu’s expression fell - the trial still wasn’t over?

Even an ordinary person at the Saint Realm would not be able to endure this might; perhaps this was the true beginning of the Reincarnation Trial. This was the true final trial.

Zhao Fu exploded out with power to resist that might and walked forwards.

Soon, Zhao Fu reached the bottom of the altar, where there was a flight of steps. Zhao Fu looked at the tall altar and did not hesitate; he had to climb to the top of the altar, and he definitely would not retreat.


After stepping out, an even greater might descended. Zhao Fu’s Sovereign Bloodline instinctively sensed this danger and a black aura flame appeared around Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu withstood this might but his expression was quite grim. This was the first time that his Sovereign Bloodline had exploded out by itself. It had only done so because it had sensed an unprecedented danger; it seemed that things would become even more dangerous continuing on.

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