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«The Lord’s Empire (Web Novel) - Chapter 1035: Shenwu City

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Chapter 1035: Shenwu City

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Following this, the enormous golden phoenix danced in the sky for a little while before transforming back into the Emperor Phoenix Statue and landing on the Heaven Prayer Platform.

The changes in Zhao Fu’s body finally finished, and the phoenix crystal within his body was now as big as a fist. Zhao Fu could sense that this phoenix crystal was going to give birth to something because there already seemed to be some kind of consciousness within it.

Apart from this, Zhao Fu felt that he had become younger and more powerful, and he also felt that his lifespan had increased. These benefits were all quite good.

Afterwards, Zhao Fu heard that the women who had been made Concubines went through changes in their bodies, increasing their lifespans. Adding on the effects of pacifying the Northern Continent, the Emperor Phoenix Statue’s powerful expects completely exceeded anything Zhao Fu could imagine.

Zhao Fu felt that the Emperor Phoenix Statue’s potential was not limited to just this; it seemed that he had to greatly invest in it in the future. Its power in the future definitely would not disappoint Zhao Fu.

After coming outside, Li Si had already finished conferring titles, and seeing Zhao Fu come out, he smiled and cupped his hands, saying, “Congratulations, Your Majesty!”

Zhao Fu gave a trace of a smile and nodded before looking at those women. Some of those women were quite daring, looking at him with alluring gazes and standing in seductive poses.

Their country had always been quite unconstrained in sexuality, so it was understandable.

Zhao Fu had people settle them in and did not do anything to them. He then returned to the hall and continued to read through documents.

Time passed like that for half a month, and because there was nothing to do, Zhao Fu continued to read through documents in the hall. He then dedicated a lot of time to internal affairs.

“Your Majesty, are you not bored of staying in the palace all day?” Li Muqing smiled as she brought some more documents.

Zhao Fu looked up at her and said, “There’s nothing to do right now and it is peaceful everywhere, so I can only read documents.”

Li Muqing lightly smiled as she said, “In that case, why doesn’t Your Majesty mingle with the ordinary people incognito and have a look at the Kingdom you’ve created? That way, you can see what the Great Qin Kingdom is like for yourself and understand Great Qin’s people. It’s much better than just staying here and reading documents.”

“Mingle incognito?” Zhao Fu could not help but lightly laugh. In the television shows he had watched, people seemed to enjoy going about incognito, and it often resulted in some amusing situations.

“Not a bad idea.” Zhao Fu thought about it and felt that what Li Muqing had said was correct. Personally going out to have a look for himself was better than hearing it from others. He could see Great Qin’s situation for himself and would be able to see what could be improved.

Following this, Zhao Fu disguised himself and put on some ordinary clothes. In actuality, Zhao Fu did not need to disguise himself too much because not many of Great Qin’s billions of people had actually seen him before.

Zhao Fu called Ge Nia as well, and the three of them left Great Qin’s Palace together. On the way, Zhao Fu looked at Li Muqing and asked, “Where are we going? Since you brought Us out, you must have a destination in mind.”

Li Muqing smiled as she nodded, saying, “Your Majesty, I wanted to bring you to see the sights outside of the capital, the second most prosperous place in Great Qin.”

Great Qin was situated in the northern side of the Midland Continent, and the Royal City was the capital of the Kingdom, so it was naturally the most prosperous place within Great Qin. All cultures, ideologies, and major economic enterprises were gathered there.

The second most prosperous place was the central area of the Midland Continent. There were countless Sects and Schools here, and the spirit qi was incredibly dense. It had originally belonged to the Xia Dynasty, and it was now Great Qin’s territory.

The Sects and Schools there had not been relocated, so it was still quite a prosperous area, though not as prosperous as Great Qin’s Royal City.

The three of them came to the central region and entered a City called Shenwu City. This City was a Level 5 Great City and was to the south of the central area. It was a relatively big City within the central area.

After coming here, Zhao Fu saw many people walking on the streets. There were many stalls along the streets, and the sound of sellers and people talking continuously could be heard, creating a lively scene.

Zhao Fu naturally felt quite curious about the empire he had created. Normally, Zhao Fu would not have cared much about these things because keeping the Kingdom stable and peaceful was enough. As such, he had never come out to see what Great Qin was like.

Now that Great Qin’s territory was so vast, Zhao Fu had not been to over 90% of it. Civil Officials were managing the regions, and Zhao Fu simply awaited results from the palace.

Zhao Fu held great interest towards this first excursion, and he hoped to see things that he could not hear about from documents.

After walking for a bit, Zhao Fu smelled something delicious and turned to look. It was a peddler selling kebab skewers, and the spice covered meat gave off a delicious aroma, making people want to take a bite.

Li Muqing smiled as she said, “Sir, I’ll buy you one!”

Zhao Fu nodded and did not refuse - he indeed wanted to try a kebab skewer. However, he was quite surprised at the changes Li Muqing had gone through. Before, she seemed like a cold, scholarly woman. However, after being given an official position, she had become much warmer.

On the other hand, Ge Nia was like a block of wood, warily looking around in case anything unexpected happened.

“Sir, let me feed you!” Li Muqing bought a few kebab skewers. Because Zhao Fu was travelling incognito, she could not call him ‘Your Majesty,’ so she instead addressed him as ‘Sir.’ She first blew a kebab skewer before taking a piece of meat off and lightly bringing it to Zhao Fu’s lips.

Zhao Fu did not pay much mind to this, because within the palace, according to etiquette, there would be people helping him eat and dress.

However, at that moment, a chubby child also holding a kebab skewer pointed at Zhao Fu and loudly laughed, saying, “He’s already an adult but he still needs people to feed him! Doesn’t he feel embarrassed!”

Hearing this, Zhao Fu felt quite awkward.

Beside the child, a middle-aged man smacked the child’s head and gave an apologetic smile, saying, “I’m sorry. He’s still young and rude.”

The man could tell that Zhao Fu’s bearings were quite extraordinary, and anyone who had a bodyguard and a female attendant definitely wouldn’t be an ordinary person. At the very least, he was most likely from a noble family, and he could not afford to offend such a person.

Zhao Fu smiled and shook his head, indicating that he did not take offense.

The middle-aged man smiled and inwardly let out a sigh of relief before saying, “I knew Sir would be an educated and well-mannered person. Great Qin is truly becoming better and better.”

Zhao Fu felt quite startled and asked, “Why do you say this?”

The man smiled as he replied, “Now that Great Qin is encouraging the development of academies, most people are becoming gentler and more cultured. Moreover, Great Qin’s laws also protect commoners like us. If it was during those chaotic times from before, you might have lost your life from just a single sentence.

“All of this was because of Great Qin’s Majesty; with his matchless spirit and incomparable power, he created this prosperous and peaceful Kingdom to allow commoners like us to live good lives.”

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