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«The Long-awaited Mr Han (Web Novel) - Chapter 1292: The Kind That Was More Reliable Than Biological Fathers

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Chapter 1292: The Kind That Was More Reliable Than Biological Fathers

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In the end, Wang Juhuai was presently pulling a long face, so no one dared to come over.

They did not know what Wang Juhuai was angry about, but they did not dare to come and get on his nerves.

“Dad?” Lu Man laughed as she greeted him.

“Don’t worry, we are here. We will stay by your side,” Wang Juhuai said. “We won’t stoop to the level of those people. What kind of people are they even?!”

The people who were huddled together with Liang Chengbing and Zhang Lun at first: “…”

Damn, they totally forgot that Wang Juhuai was Lu Man’s stepfather now and that he was the kind who was even more reliable than a biological father!

It was really because everything happened too fast and people had not really adjusted to it.

Aside from Classic X Files the previous time, Lu Man never appeared together with Wang Juhuai again.

Hence, it was very easy for many people to have forgotten this and think that Lu Man was still that newcomer with no background or connections.

Now that Wang Juhuai was sitting beside Lu Man without moving at all, they suddenly reacted.

Lu Man was Wang Juhuai’s daughter!

Instantly, they felt a sense of unease.

They quietly distanced themselves a little from Zhang Lun and Liang Chengbing and started to feel conflicted about who they should side with.

Shi Xiaoya was going to find Lu Man at first, lest she sat there by herself feeling awkward.

However, now that Wang Juhuai and Xia Qingwei were there, she need not go there to lend her presence.

“I’m going to the washroom,” Shi Xiaoya said to Cris and walked to the washroom outside the venue.

At that time, Han Zhuoli and Han Zhuoling just finished walking the red carpet but did not enter the venue directly.

It was because Han Zhuoli received a call from the identification center.

Previously, he wanted to go to the identification center with Han Zhuoling to get the results. Han Zhuoling did not mind exposing his identity, so they could get the report earlier using their identity as the Hans.

However, neither of them had the time to go there as they were busy dealing with the Xia Family.

This matter was put on hold just like that.

Now that the results from the identification center had come out, they called Han Zhuoli.

“Wait for a while,” Han Zhuoli said. “I will ask another person to answer the call. You can just tell him the results of the test.”

Han Zhuoli passed the phone to Han Zhuoling.

Han Zhuoling simply said, “You can speak now.”

Right after saying that, his expression did not change at all.

Not long after, Han Zhuoling ended the call.

“How is it?” Han Zhuoli asked.

He really hoped that that child was Han Zhuoling’s. Even if bringing the child back would require a bit more effort, he still hoped for it.

Alas, things did not turn out as he had hoped.

Han Zhuoling said, “He is indeed not my child. They will send the report to my house later on.”

“Who knows how that child will turn out growing up with a father like Chen Zefeng?” Originally, when he was a part of the Han Family, he would have been pampered, loved privately, but taught many things in public. Although they would be strict, he would still grow up in the care of his family.

However, this was not for sure now since he was in the care of a father like Chen Zefeng.

“You don’t have to blame yourself,” Han Zhuoling said. “I had someone tail Chen Zefeng. After he accepted the money, he did not lack the resources to provide for the child, so the child is still doing fine. Although he did not do his best for the child, he did not abandon him either. He found a nanny to take care of the child and returned to the police force again.”

Han Zhuoli nodded.

It would be fine as long as he did not abandon the child.

As for what would happen to the child when he grew up, that was not something they could care about anymore.

After all, that child was not from the Han Family.

“I will keep sending people to keep watch. If Chen Zefeng treats the child badly or wants to abandon him and keep Xia Zhancheng’s alimony for himself, my men will take the child and find another reliable family that is willing to adopt him and send him there.”

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