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«The Long-awaited Mr Han (Web Novel) - Chapter 1291: Won’t It Scare Someone to Death?

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Chapter 1291: Won’t It Scare Someone to Death?

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Hence, the quality of a film is still decided by us professional filmmakers. The audience? The box office sales? Those are all inaccurate. Some with good box office sales probably even bought those sales. Director Zhang, everyone in the industry knows what was going on with the box office sales for your film, Fighting Hero.

“It’s all because someone framed you. If not for that person who purposely created trouble and pulled some tricks, your box office sales would surely have been higher. Of course, your original box office sales are already very high. It already broke the records of the country’s box office sales,” Liang Chengbing said.

Despite Greedy Wolf Operation and Red Tiger competing with him, the box office sales of Fighting Hero was actually quite good.

But because the box office sales of Greedy Wolf Operation and Red Tiger surpassed each other one after the other, it gave the domestic public unrealistic expectations for the box office sales of Fighting Hero.

They were made to feel that box office sales below one billion yuan was trashy and that 20 or 30 billion worth of ticket sales were considered the norm.

But what was the reality?

Up until now, Greedy Wolf Operation and Red Tiger were the only two films that achieved such high rates.

Furthermore, Lu Man had acted in both of these films.

Thinking about it made Liang Chengbing’s stomach hurt.

“If not for Lu Man messing things up, the box office sales would surely have been higher.” Liang Chengbing just straightforwardly mentioned her name now. “The box office sales for the film had been so good on the first day.

“However, it’s fortunate that the judges judge based on the film itself rather than on the box office sales. To be honest, your film has to be watched quite a few times for its deeper meaning to be understood. If you watch it only two times, there will always be some details that would be left out. I myself at least watched it quite a few times,” Liang Chengbing said. “I can tell how much effort you’ve put into this film.”

Liang Chengbing pretended to feel sorry for him and sighed. “Aye, it’s such a pity.”

What he meant was that, if not for Lu Man, with the high box office sales and the awards from the film festival, his film would have gained more recognition.

However, because of Lu Man, no one bothered to watch the film that Zhang Lun produced with hard work and effort.

No one cared about Zhang Lun’s efforts at all.

His hard work and efforts were wasted and trampled on just like that.

Zhang Lun’s face fell sullen. He glared sideways at Lu Man before smiling at Liang Chengbing. “Let’s not talk about these things anymore. There will surely be professional judges to assess our films.”

“Right, that’s exactly what I mean,” Liang Chengbing said and laughed heartily.

At that moment, the other directors and actors came and chatted with each other.

Yet, not a single one of them greeted Lu Man.

It was obvious that they were all on good terms with Zhang Lun and Liang Chengbing.

As the top directors in the country, Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng were arranged to sit in front.

When Sun Yiwu saw this, he said unhappily, “How did the organizers arrange our seats? They placed Lu Man so far back. By right, the whole production crew should sit together.”

Ji Cheng said, “Come, let’s go and sit with Lu Man.”

Sun Yiwu had just prepared to get up when he laughed and said, “There’s no need anymore. Lu Man’s parents are here.”

When he heard that, Ji Cheng turned around and saw Wang Juhuai and Xia Qingwei entering the venue and walking in this direction.

“A pity Han Zhuoli is not here,” Sun Yiwu said in a small voice. “Or else, if he comes over there to sit, won’t the sight scare someone to death?”

However, even without Han Zhuoli, Wang Juhuai and Xia Qingwei were enough.

Wang Juhuai just sat beside Lu Man like the statue of a deity, not moving at all.

Wang Juhuai had always had an artistic and graceful demeanor. This was the first time his face hardened and he put on an expression that made him seem highly unapproachable.

There were many people who were very excited and looked forward to getting to know him when they found out that he was attending the awards ceremony.

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