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«The Long-awaited Mr Han (Web Novel) - Chapter 3533 Untitled

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Chapter 3533 Untitled

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But they still came back to the same place in the end.

In the end, their destination was a small town near B City.

Following the hints of the reverse tracker charm, they passed by the town and arrived at a village.

“Wait,” Xie Tongyun voiced out suddenly, “This village, did it even exist before?”

“Is… this a village?” said Xie Jiling, feeling uncertain.

“Let's get out and have a look,” said Xie Tongyun, “Bring your Red String Bracelet along, the smog in front doesn't seem right.”

The village in front was covered in a faint yellow smog.

Because of environmental issues in recent years, especially in the North, the smog was very severe.

In the thick smog, they could only see a faint image of the village.

However, Xie Jiling felt that something was wrong.

After hearing Xie Tongyun's words, everyone took out a red string from their bags.

They tied it around their wrists.

This red string was probably like setting a GPS tracker.

After the four of them wore it, they could feel it.

Especially in places where there was no reception, and real GPS couldn't be used.

This Red String Bracelet would be of use.

Xie Tongyun looked at this smog and felt that it was abnormal.

Perhaps it was not smog. He was just afraid that once they entered, the signal would be blocked.

“Let's go,” said Xie Tongyun.

The four got out and walked toward the village.

After walking for a while, they felt that they should have long arrived.

But in reality, that village was still a close distance in front of them.

They could not get near it no matter how.

All they could see was always the faint outline of the village in the smog.

So the four stopped in their tracks.

Xie Jiling took out a compass and saw that the needle of the compass was spinning rapidly as if it was broken.

“We're already in the center of the formation,” said Xie Jiling.

“Area formation is Uncle's expertise,” said Xie Jiwen.

Xie Tongyun didn't decline and started performing calculations.

“Follow me.” Xie Tongyun took out four tracker charms and gave each person one, and carried one himself.

“We don't know when there will be fog between us too. Take this for self-defense, in case you get lost,” said Xie Tongyun.

Everyone kept it and followed behind Xie Tongyin.

They made twists and turns as they followed behind Xie Tongyin.

The land was empty, and there were no obstructions.

It was as though they were going in circles without a destination.

However, the strange thing was no matter how they circled around, the village was always right in front of them.

Logically, if the village was in the East, and they walked toward the East, the village would be in front of them.

But if they walked toward the West, then the village should be behind them.

But unexpectedly, even when they walked in the opposite direction, the village still appeared in front of them.

It was indeed area formation, no doubt.

However, everyone was confident in Xie Tongyun's skill to break the formation.

Without saying anything, they followed behind Xie Tongyun.

After a while, Xie Tongyun stood in place.

Everyone also stopped.

Xie Tongyun took out the compass from his bag and checked the directions.

“Let's go,” said Xie Tongyun.

They followed Xie Tongyun step by step.

The scenery around them suddenly became completely different.

They were surrounded by a fog that seemed like a faint yellow smog.

But they could feel that it wasn't smog

There wasn't a village in front of them but rocks.

“We've already entered. From the outside, it looks like a village, but in reality, it's not a village. It's just camouflage set up under area formation for our naked eye,” said Xie Tongyun.

Xie Jiling suddenly tugged on Xie Jiwen, “Elder Brother, tell me, isn't this like the Ghost Town where we had been before?”

Xie Jiwen nodded and said, “Unfortunately, the strange rocks do not have a pattern, so there's no way to determine whether it's the same or not.”

“I'm annoyed right now. Did the area formation teleport us to the Ghost Town straight away, or is this place set up like the Ghost Town?” Xie Jiwen looked at the black, strange rocks.

Even the height was almost the same as the ones in the Ghost Town.

“Perhaps we can look for the Ghost Town's mushroom farm, then we will know,” said Xie Jiling.

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