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«The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor (Web Novel) - (573) Volume 54 Chapter 3 All That Labor Work (Part 2)

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Volume 54 Chapter 3 All That Labor Work (Part 2)

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The Roam Guild and Black Lion Guild formed a temporary alliance and actively cleansed Tullen and Aidern of monsters.

- The Black Lion Guild will rise again.

- Come. Roam will lead you on the battlefield!

Though the Arpen Empire conquered the Central Continent, many users were expectantly watching the prestigious guilds come forth.

“This looks like a battle we can win.”

“Yeah. Carlise isn’t the type to challenge the monsters face to face.”

“The monsters rushing toward Pihallos Fortress. That place isn’t as fortified as the Odin Fortress, but it’s impregnable and therefore, a good chance for the hunt.”

“I accepted a quest that requires 300 kills of eight-legged Tandos. Those were extremely difficult to kill, so I gave up on it after barely managing to get two kills. Those scum are on their way and that means I’m in for this battle.”

The Central Continent users joined under the flags planted by the Black Lion Guild, Roam Guild, Cloud Guild, Lion Star, and Blacksword Mercenaries.

The other guilds that faded away in the past rose again, and most of the important guild figures had become lords after having spent their entire fortune.

Various factions warred against the monsters in the vicinity of their territories.

“As expected from the Black Lion Guild. They are a force to be reckoned with.”

“Wow… Look at Roam fight. I never knew they were so skillful.”

“They’re outdated rankers, but their skills are still alive and sharp. No joke. Even their skill macro, decisiveness, and instantaneous reflexes.”

The users that were observing from afar their fights against the monsters and were overwhelmed with admiration.

They came to realize that veteran prestigious guilds were not born out of nothing.

Those from the prestigious guilds were content.

“It is pleasing to signal our revival with this monster hunt.”

“We gain the trust of users and expand our faction… Isn’t that two birds with one stone?”

“I like it now that we are freely active. Before, it was war with just one step out of our territory. Now, we can do things and be respected by the users at the same time.”

These users that bought their lord seats took on the concerns themselves.

The standards of the users had made a leap after the Arpen Empire had made a huge investment.

They could not reign and exploit freely like in the days of the Haven Empire, instead they had developed the desire to gain respect from the citizens as lords.

“So, the lord of Alaka City invested 40 million gold?”

“Yes. They have re-paved the roads in the city and are planning on rebuilding the industrial sector. Reports confirm that the goal is to rise up as the most beautiful industrial city in the Central region.”

“We cannot lag behind. Invest in the industrial sector and the residential sector simultaneously, as well as the Great Landmark. Get started on that as well.”

The lords received reports through their secretaries and made numerous investments into their cities. Handling the authority on internal affairs and construction of the city, the Lords amused themselves as if they were gods.

They could pocket their greed for both politics and honor at the same time, so they did not have hesitation in investing. However, the marching monsters were a tricky case to deal with.

“Ask for assistance from neighboring factions to help with eradication.”

“That will likely come at a price. Are you okay with that?”

“It probably won’t be all that much money… I cannot afford to see my city trampled by monsters.”

The lords voluntarily competed against one another under the ruling of the Arpen Empire.

Though they were suffering some losses due to the monsters spawned by Kaybern, the monsters were being fended off effectively. Then, the recruitment form by Weed was posted at the entrance of all castles and villages in Versailles Continent.

In search of a hero!

The fate of the Versailles Continent is in danger by Kaybern.

The Hermes Guild is to blame!

The things we are already going through and will come to experience will destroy the peace and prosperity of the continent that we are yearning for.

Do we have to continue being victimized by monsters and natural disasters?

Is it really impossible to defeat Kaybern?

We are seeking a hero who will step up for the Versailles Continent.

I am in search of individuals who wish to defeat the Black Dragon Kaybern alongside me and become true saviors.

It is a dangerous mission, but those who are willing to put their honor on the line and step up to the plate, meet me at the Earth Palace!

The declaration that began with blame, ended with the conclusion of recruiting heroes.

“It’s a dragon hunt!”

“Woah. A hero recruitment for confronting Kaybern…”

“If it’s Weed’s declaration, the best rankers in Royal Road will gather. Except for the Hermes Guild, that is.”

“No kidding. This is sick.”

Royal Road heated up in a blaze. It was hard to tell the odds, but it was about joining Weed’s adventure. The contents of the declaration was too sweet for high-level users to pass by.


“The Black Dragon Kaybern…”

Mule fell in agony.

Towards the end, she stood on the side of the Arpen Empire and quit the Hermes Guild.

She was still holding her position as the lord of the vast lands of Nest and Gradian region.

“Is it really possible to hunt down a dragon?”

Mule was one of the most skilled users in in Royal Road, but she lacked confidence.

She witnessed firsthand and also watched the footage of how Kaybern fights several times.

“Fighting a dragon… Maybe in a year, but definitely not this time around.”

Mule pondered, then whispered to Hwaryeong.

“I heard news that Weed-nim is seeking heroes to slay the Black Dragon Kaybern.”

- Hwaryeong : Yes. Are you signing up?

“Before that… Are we really going to hunt Kaybern? Or is he just trying to demonstrate some kind of commitment by gathering these users?”

Mule was unsure of Weed’s true intentions.

She thought that he was making a desperate attempt to calm the public sentiment as the Emperor of the Arpen Empire.

- Hwaryeong : We are really going to hunt him down. I heard that Weed-nim has a quest against Kaybern called the True Savior.

“Is that so?”

- Hwaryeong : It appears that it only shows up to those who have ventured and completed the most achievements. It’s S rank difficulty linked quest. I think he plans to follow through with that quest.

After hearing Hwayryeong’s explanation, Mule’s heart wavered.

‘Is this for real? If there is a quest involved, that’s changes the plot slightly.’

Even if an enemy cannot be defeated normally, there was a chance of succeeding through a quest.

Furthermore, if Weed himself is going out there, he may have seen some kind of a scenario that she wasn’t aware of yet.

From the time she turned away from the Hermes guild, she was easily swayed by others.

With the right level of persuasion, she was the type to dive right in!

- Hwaryeong : Weed-nim has changed the history of the Versailles Continent. He defeated the Embinyu Order as well.

“I suppose he did. But, I believe that this dragon is an exception.”

- Hwaryeong : We cannot speak with logic, because he defies it. However, if you do not proceed on the quest with Weed-nim, you will live a life of regret.

The God of War, Weed.

Even in the days when the Hermes Guild had complete dominance over the continent, Weed and his quests were a subject of admiration.

The rankers that claimed to be the best also had to watch idly on broadcast while sucking on their thumbs.

‘If I participate in the quest that may change the continent… Even if I end up losing my life, wouldn’t that be worth it?’

Mule was avaricious not for combat or hunting, but the quest.

“Alright. I will be participating.”

- Sure. Go ahead.


Farmer Miretas, seamstress Dragore, bard Marey and architect Mibullo.

The users at the peak of their fields gathered in a separate meeting.

“Wouldn’t we be able to contribute in slaying the Black Dragon Kaybern?”

The expressions of the other users turned serious by Mibullo’s suggestion.

“It’s a nice idea, but a seamstress has no combat abilities. What kind of help would that be?”

Dragore tried to break away slowly.

The long journey of the seamstress master was about to end, but the amount of laundry ahead was piled up like a mountain.

He had to sew up the torn ends and had to promote beautiful designs for the trend.

At first he aimed for the very first master of a job class, but even if that wasn’t the case anymore; it was still an honorable goal.

Above all else, he desired the title of being the first master seamstress and did not want to invest his time in anything else.

“I will be joining. Definitely.”

Bard Marey decided to participate thinking that he would be able to see spectacular scenes.

Miretas was a farmer, but he wanted to contribute in some way.

“The corrupted rain by the Black Dragon is causing the crops to wither away. It feels like a personal attack on me, so I am surely participating.”

The gazes of the three users were now directed at Dragore.

“Ah… This is quite the pressure.”

Dragore contemplated for a moment, but the thoughts of the Northern users went through his mind.

The bright, happy users enjoying Royal Road.

“Alright. I got it. I will do the same. I will! I mean, I don’t know if there will be anything for me to do.”

Thus, the four users collectively decided to join the quest to slay the Black Dragon Kaybern.


“I think I have to change my sword if I want to butcher that dragon.”

“Hu-hu. Finally, we are going to hunt that dragon.”

“It also kind of counts as a bird, so it must be delicious when cooked.”

Geomchi, the instructors, and the apprentices all decided to follow Weed without the need for questions.

The unscrupulous 505 warriors!

Pale however did not want to accept this fate so easily this time.

‘It is a world of pain going with Weed-nim. I can’t stay behind, but I have to show that I am not an easy man to convince.’

Surely though, his path was already set in stone.

“Son. You must lead from the front for this adventure.”

“Sorry? Why, mom?”

“So that you will be clearly seen on the broadcast.”

“K-hmm. I am actually fairly well known. I even been on a few shows as a guest host.”

Pale was confident in his own combat abilities.

While he could not compare to Weed, he was skilled enough to carry his own weight while following Weed around.

“You won’t be seen easily if you just fire arrows from the rear. You aren’t muscular and not good-looking either like that fisherman friend of yours, Zephyr.”

“But, but…”

“You’re still going to join even if everyone else tell you not to.”

Pale expressed dissatisfaction, but deep down he was waiting for the moment to do a quest together with Weed.

For him, his life in Royal Road had come too far for him to start a normal one.

He chose to be with his comrades like Bellot, Irene, and Surka. Hwaryeong also decided to join this quest.

“This is going to be a blast.”

She was a passionate woman who loved adventures more than anything.

“This is pretty worrisome.”

“Tell me about it. She’s in it for a world of pain.”

“They say hardship of youth are invaluable, but tagging along Weed is seriously difficult.”

“He’s superhuman.”

Python and Seasoned Crab also contemplated, but soon decided to participate.

Roam, Carlise, Michel, and Gunter.

They hosted a gathering with the other neighboring lords.

The get together was comprised of high-level users that were active in old guilds.

They harbored a deep grudge against one another, but after having been defeated by the Hermes Guild, they moved on from the past and were currently a joint force.

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