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«The Legend of the Dragon King (Web Novel) - Chapter 1770 - Collision, Exploration

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Chapter 1770: Collision, Exploration

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If it was not for Chen Xinjie’s strong influence over the army, he would have impeached Chen Xinjie earlier. Moreover, he was a quasi god-ranked powerhouse from a prominent family, the Yu clan.

Tang Wulin’s expression turned cold as well.

“Colonel General Yu, I was under the assumption that you’re here to discuss strategies that we can use on the abyssal legion. Could it be that you’re here to query our motive?”

Yu Guanzhi’s expression returned to normal. He shook his head ever so slightly. “There are some things that must be controlled by the Federation. After all, the federal parliament is the legitimate authority.”

Tang Wulin said calmly, “It’s not an issue if the Federation has been fair. Yet, has the Federation ever been fair? If they are, how did the two Godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunitions get dropped on Shrek City? If the Federation is fair, why did the murderers get away unpunished after the great catastrophe? I shall ask the same of you. A straightforward person does not beat about the bush. Even if Shrek and the Tang Sect were to take extreme measures, it is to protect ourselves. At the same time, anyone who has hurt us must pay the price too.”

Yu Guanzhi looked at Tang Wulin for a long while, but he did not speak.

The young man with an admirable status and authority before his eyes was not haughty nor humble. Tang Wulin did not flinch when he was confronted by Yu Guanzhi. He truly lived up to his reputation of being the leader of two great organizations.

“Alright then, we shall not digress too much but keep to the point. Tang Sect Master, can you return the Eternal Heaven to the Federation? In exchange, the Federation is willing to offer anything which is within our ability. I can tell you frankly that the Federation has given me permission to use the Eternal Heaven on the battlefield if I can retrieve the Eternal Heaven.”

A radiance flickered in Tang Wulin’s eyes. “An exchange? I wonder what kind of exchange you are referring to, Colonel General Yu?”

Yu Guanzhi took a deep breath and said, “The Federation is willing to offer ten parliamentary seats to Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect with the requirement that Shrek remain as an Independent Faction. Also, the Federation is willing to pay the cost of rebuilding Shrek City. Besides, the Federation allows Shrek Academy to form its own private army with a military regulatory system. The private army belongs to the Federation nominally, but in reality, Shrek City is given the autonomy to manage its own city.”

As soon as those words were spoken, Tang Wulin was astonished as well.

The cost of rebuilding Shrek City, which amounted to astronomical figures, and the offer of ten parliamentary seats were definitely sincere gestures. Not to mention the fact that there were only over a hundred members of the parliament.

This allowed Shrek and the Tang Sect to have a ten percent control over the parliament. At its peak, the Spirit Pagoda did not even manage to control so many parliamentary seats!

However, these offers were not the most important part. Of higher importance, the Federation allowed Shrek City to form its own private army with a military regulatory system.

It meant a great deal. Shrek City had complete autonomy such that the Federation would not have jurisdiction over the city anymore.

Ever since the Federation was established, this kind of situation had never happened before. Thus, Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect could be armed to the teeth within a short period of time due to their inheritance and numerous powerhouses. They could definitely become the most powerful army on the continent!

It was simply unbelievable that such a military force could be formed on the continent in view of the Federation which had unified the entire continent.

In fact, Tang Wulin even thought that Yu Guanzhi favored the Spirit Pagoda when Yu Guanzhi asked for the return of the Eternal Heaven. However, upon hearing the terms of the exchange, he knew that Yu Guanzhi was not biased.

If he were a supporter of the Spirit Pagoda, he would not be appealing to Tang Wulin to retrieve the Eternal Heaven. He knew that Tang Wulin would never agree to it.

It was precisely because Yu Guanzhi was not a supporter of the Spirit Pagoda that he could ask for the Eternal Heaven in such an honorable and conscientious manner. Tang Wulin had determined by now that the Central Army Corps’ regimental commander was indeed representing the Federation and was not being influenced by any forces.

The terms were liberal, but…

“I’m sorry, Colonel General Yu. Shrek is but an academy. We don’t want autonomy, and we don’t need an army either.” Tang Wulin rejected the proposition without the slightest hesitation.

Not that the terms offered were unreasonable, rather they were too good to be true.

Shrek had always been neutral. Could Shrek City still remain neutral when it had its own army? What if a generation of Shrek Academy’s future leaders became wildly ambitious?

Moreover, Shrek Academy would be so powerful now that the Federation had authorized the academy to form its own army. What if there came a day when Shrek Academy deteriorated? Its army could possibly end up as its path to extinction.

Shrek was an academy, so it would never need an army. Tang Wulin had no doubt about this.

Upon listening to Tang Wulin’s reply, Yu Guanzhi’s expression relaxed a little. His ulterior motive was to find out Tang Wulin’s intention. He wanted to identify and confirm Shrek Academy’s outlook.

Frankly, the news of Tang Wulin, leading the numerous powerhouses from Shrek Academy to the Spirit Pagoda after which he proceeded to severely injure Qiangu Dongfeng with just one strike, had shocked the entire Federation!

The Spirit Pagoda was powerful and domineering. Yet, its sophisticated fighting ability was inferior to Shrek Academy’s. The combination of Shrek’s and the Tang Sect’s powerhouses yielded a two-digit number which reflected its total of Limit Douluos.

This situation was worrisome for the Federation as it had never occurred in its entire history.

When one of the continent’s forces became powerful to this extent, it would affect the governance of the entire Federation.

Henceforth, Yu Guanzhi’s objective was to find out if Shrek Academy had the intention to form its own army and be independent. He would certainly not allow it and would advocate the complete destruction of Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect. He would never allow such a force, like the Martial Soul Hall which overthrew the Federal government twenty thousand years ago, to appear again.

On the other hand, Tang Wulin’s answer was resolute. It was apparent that they did not have such intentions. Yu Guanzhi felt relieved in his heart. In fact, even his expression had become more gentle.

“So, Tang Sect Master, what is Shrek Academy’s request then? As long as it’s reasonable, the Federation will consider it.”

Tang Wulin realized that the earlier conversation could be an attempt to explore their stance. He spoke calmly, “Colonel General Yu, what Shrek and the Tang Sect need now is peace on the continent. The Federation can rest easy. Shrek will remain an academy when we are done seeking revenge against our enemy. We’ll not attack unless we’re provoked. When the Federation needs us, Shrek will always be on the battlefield to ensure peace in the Federation.”

Yu Guanzhi smiled. “Tang Sect Master, you may be young, but you’re more mature than I imagine you to be. You really are mature and a meticulous person! I’ve said before that I’m a soldier, so I won’t beat about the bush anymore. I have two requests. The first one is to retrieve the Eternal Weapon and use it as the strategic and core weapon in the war against the abyssal plane. The other is to borrow the Tang Sect Master’s divine weapon for the Federation. After all, it is of utmost importance to the war, and we can’t afford any mistakes. You can propose your terms and conditions. As long as it is within bounds, the Federation will agree.”

The corners of Tang Wulin’s lips twitched once. ‘You’re not only asking for the Eternal Heaven but the Golden Dragon Spear as well?’

“Colonel General Yu, I wonder if we should be discussing how to fight against the abyssal creatures instead of all this…”

Yu Guanzhi said in all apparent seriousness, “I came here with sincerity. Tang Sect Master, the Federation can offer at least three divine weapons as collateral whereby their total value will not be lower than that divine weapon of yours. As I said before, anything that the Federation can offer will be offered in exchange.”

Tang Wulin said with a bitter smile, “I know you’re sincere. We can’t give the Eternal Heaven to you. When it’s really needed, I believe that the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy will be just as good as the military in determining the time to unleash the Eternal Weapon. We won’t hold back for sure. As for the divine weapon of mine, even if I were to give it to you, you may not be able to take it away.”

Yu Guanzhi smiled. “Really? Why don’t we place a bet then? If I can take it away, it means that the Tang Sect Master agrees to the exchange deal then.”

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