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«The Legend of the Dragon King (Web Novel) - Chapter 1769 - Central Army Corps’ Regimental Commander

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Chapter 1769: Central Army Corps’ Regimental Commander

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The parliament watched the video recording immediately. Yali’s Archangel’s Holy Spirit Dance shocked the entire Federation’s top personnel.

Shrek Academy had revealed itself completely and unreservedly to the public once again.

Their presence saved the Northern Army Corps. They rendered the most outstanding service apart from the Northern Army Corps.

As a result, the people from the Central Army Corps paid them a visit upon their arrival.

At present, the person seated across Tang Wulin in the temporary campground was a true military mogul, at least, based on his status in the army. He was one of the few whose status was on par with the Boundless Sea Douluo Chen Xinjie in the entire Douluo Federation.

“Hello, Colonel General Yu.” Tang Wulin looked at the old man seated opposite him. He had an overbearing look, despite his gentle demeanor with three general stars pinned on his shoulders.

Yu Guanzhi was the Central Army Corps’s regimental commander and a Limit Douluo. He was ranked third amongst the military moguls. In fact, even the Central Army Corps was under his clan’s direct influence.

In addition, he was the other deputy hall master of the War God Hall. His status in the War God Hall was only second to the Boundless Sea Douluo Chen Xinjie, and on par with the Skycrosser Douluo Guan Yue.

However, he had the same status as Chen Xinjie in the military. In fact, he was equally influential over the military. He was one of the representatives in the military Hawk Faction.

He was also the most famous of the three great colonel generals in the Hawk Faction.

Yu Guanzhi had a pleasant-looking appearance albeit with a hook nose. Although he was over eighty years old, his eyes were still sharp as ever.

Going by seniority, he was younger than Chen Xinjie by a generation, but his identity and status was barely lower than Chen Xinjie. He would occasionally address Chen Xinjie as ‘senior brother disciple’ in private since the Boundless Sea Douluo Chen Xinjie’s teacher was precisely his father.

The military influence was a complicated affair but the Yu Clan was the most powerful of all. It remained unchanged for a thousand years. The Yu Clan was so powerful that even the Boundless Sea Douluo had to show them some respect.

Due to the incident involving the Eternal Heaven, Chen Xinjie was not appointed as the northern frontline supreme commander. The person sitting opposite Tang Wulin was the appointed supreme commander instead. He was the Central Army Corps’ regimental commander.

No one in the military opposed Yu Guanzhi’s appointment to the position following Chen Xinjie’s intention to retire.

It was Tang Wulin’s first time meeting this person. It was similarly Yu Guanzhi’s first face-to-face meeting with the young Sea God’s Pavilion Master of Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect’s Sect Master.

Regardless of his impression of Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect, Yu Guanzhi could not help feeling a deep admiration for Tang Wulin after meeting him.

At the very least, he had never met a genius like Tang Wulin from the next generation of the Yu Clan nor the entire military’s next generation!

He had read all the material on Tang Wulin before. He was well aware that Tang Wulin was just over twenty years old.

Most of the soul masters his age were still not mature. Yet, the youth before him was already a leader of a few major forces in the world. He was definitely a child prodigy.

There was a saying that successful youths were impudent, yet he did not sense any impudence coming from Tang Wulin. Tang Wulin was gentle, calm, and reserved. Let alone on a young man, this reserved quality was rarely seen even in middle-aged Title Douluos.

If Tang Wulin was just an ordinary, young genius, Yu Guanzhi would hardly be surprised. It was precisely Tang Wulin’s experience in the great catastrophe of Shrek Academy and his ability to subsequently lead Shrek Academy’s uprising that surprised Yu Guanzhi.

“I heard a lot about you from my senior brother disciple. The Tang Sect’s Sect Master truly lives up to his reputation of being a young outstanding person. To know a man by reputation is not the same as meeting him in person,” said Yu Guanzhi smilingly.

Tang Wulin replied, “Colonel General Yu, you’re being too modest.”

Yu Guanzhi said, “I’m a soldier, so I’m a rather candid person. Let me go straight to the point. Before I came, I studied about the abyssal creatures including the top secret recordings and actual battle experiences of the Blood God Army. However, I’ve a rather superficial understanding of the abyssal plane.”

“According to the recordings, the most worrying detail of the abyssal creatures is its immortality. On the other hand, immortality can be restrained by a divine weapon from the Tang Sect. I wonder if that’s true?”

Tang Wulin nodded and answered, “Precisely.”

Yu Guanzhi similarly nodded and said, “In this case, the Tang Sect’s Sect Master’s role in this battle against the abyssal plane is crucial. I’ve watched a video of the battlefield earlier. I’d like to represent the military headquarters to express our gratitude for Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect’s timely reinforcements. Consequently, the north terrain is not breached. Both the Tang Sect’s Sect Master and the Life Subtree had played crucial roles in preventing the breach.”

Tang Wulin said, “As a part of the Douluo Continent, it’s our duty. The Tang Sect and Shrek Academy will do their best to help out in this war.”

Yu Guanzhi pondered for a moment after listening to Tang Wulin’s reply. A look of hesitation flashed past his eyes.

Tang Wulin sensed something. “Please go ahead and speak your mind, Colonel General Yu.”

Yu Guanzhi nodded and said, “I shall be frank then. Tang Sect Master, I’ve perused the information from six thousand years ago to have a better and deeper understanding of the abyssal creatures. The Federation’s soul technology has advanced tremendously over the years. Hence, we’re fully confident that we can stop the abyssal creatures. However, we still acknowledge the importance of having you and the Life Subtree. As the supreme commander for this war, I have a proposition.”

Tang Wulin said, “Please go ahead.”

Yu Guanzhi did not hesitate this time. He looked at Tang Wulin with a burning gaze before he said in a deep voice, “I hope that I can be the absolute leader of this war. I hope that the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy can abide by my orders on the battlefield, so I’ll be able to play my role more effectively in this battle.”

Tang Wulin was stunned for a moment.

He had no choice but to acknowledge that Yu Guanzhi’s request made sense. Listening to one voice in a war was extremely important. Although Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect were powerful, they were in the minority after all.

Tang Wulin hesitated for a moment before he said, “Colonel General Yu, I may be representing Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect, but you should know that both the academy and the Tang Sect do not operate like the military. It’s quite impossible for us to behave like soldiers who execute every order without fail. Nonetheless, we can guarantee that we’ll carry out the orders immediately so long as they are rational.”

Obviously, he could not consent to Yu Guanzhi’s proposition. What would Tang Wulin do if Yu Guanzhi were to order Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect on a suicide mission?

The academy, the Tang Sect, and the Hawk Faction had never been on close terms. Tang Wulin had yet to find out how the Spirit Pagoda acquired the two Godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunitions in the past. He was quite certain that it had to do with the top personnel from the Hawk Faction.

Now that the Spirit Pagoda was pressured by Shrek Academy, the Hawk Faction, with their close relationship to the Spirit Pagoda, seized the opportunity to act against Shrek Academy.

Apparently, Yu Guanzhi was displeased with Tang Wulin’s answer. He frowned. “Tang Sect Master, it’s going to make things difficult for me if that’s the case. Anything can happen in the battlefield at any moment, so we can’t allow any disobedience.”

Tang Wulin said calmly, “Colonel General Yu, don’t you worry. For twenty thousand years, Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect have always stood at the frontline whenever the continent is in trouble.”

Yu Guanzhi said with a meaningful glance, “Since Shrek is not siding with any political power, why is Shrek joining the battle then?”

A sharp glint was seen flickering in Tang Wulin’s eyes. “We fight for justice. We fight for the masses, the common people. Shrek doesn’t belong to anyone but the people.”

Yu Guanzhi said coldly, “Does that mean that Shrek deserves the right to take the Eternal Heaven so you can terrorize the Federation and interfere with the Federation’s decision?”

Tang Wulin raised an eyebrow. “I don’t understand what you mean, Colonel General Yu. What’s the Eternal Heaven?”

Yu Guanzhi sneered. “Tang Sect Master, a straightforward person doesn’t beat about the bush. Could it be that the Eternal Heaven is not in the hands of Shrek and the Tang Sect?” He was exceedingly displeased about this incident. In fact, he had a serious complaint involving the Boundless Sea Douluo Chen Xinjie.

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