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«The Legend of the Dragon King (Web Novel) - Chapter 1768 - Could The Sage King Come?

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Chapter 1768: Could The Sage King Come?

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“Compared to the past, the situation this time may be more troublesome than before. The abyssal plane is more mature now. We don’t know how many of the monarch-ranked powerhouses in the abyss will come to the Douluo Continent. They are all quasi god-ranked entities. Besides, the higher their rank, the more power they have. The Black Monarch is only ranked ninth. Six thousand years ago, the commander of the abyssal legion was the abyssal monarch who ranked third. It was exceedingly powerful that the three quasi god-ranked powerhouses on our side were having difficulty suppressing it. At last, it was severely injured after two of our powerhouses sacrificed their lives. I’m most concerned whether this lord of the abyssal plane is going to appear. If it appears, then it’ll truly be a great catastrophe.”

Tang Wulin was stunned for a moment. “I don’t suppose that’s possible. I asked the Ancient Life Tree before coming here. The Ancient Life Tree gave me a vague answer, but it seems like it’s not easy for the abyssal Sage King to descend to our world.”

Yali said in astonishment, “What did the Ancient Life Tree say?”

Tang Wulin said, “The Ancient Life Tree said that a plane is confined to its own laws and repels the other planes. Unless the other plane is far superior to our plane, the lord of the other plane will never descend to our plane. This is because he will be intensely repelled by our plane such that he’ll be resisting against our entire plane. Unless…”

At this point, Tang Wulin paused for a moment before he continued to speak, “Unless there is an entity from our plane that has the same rank as him and is willing to sacrifice itself to receive him. It may then be possible.”

“The abyssal plane shouldn’t be more powerful than our plane. It’s only difficult for us to fight against them, because they are skilled in engulfing our life force. It’s not easy for them to come to our plane. The abyssal Sage King may be powerful, but he’s not necessarily more powerful than the lord of our Douluo Continent plane. It’s only that the lord of our plane doesn’t have a specific form.”

Yali nodded and said, “I hope so. If it’s as mentioned by the Ancient Life Tree, it’s unlikely that the abyssal Sage King will make his appearance. It’s a true divine-ranked powerhouse. On the other hand, we don’t have a god in our Douluo Continent. Even if there is a god, it’s unlikely that our god will sacrifice himself to await the arrival of the Sage King. There’s no reason why our god will want to work together with the abyssal plane. Not even the Holy Spirit Cult will do that.”

Tang Wulin said, “If there is a Godhood entity in the Holy Spirit Cult, the organization would have dominated the continent earlier. Mother, you should’ve a rest.”

“All of you should rest first. I’ll take the first watch.” Tong Yu’s icy cold voice was heard. The Qilin Douluo came to Tang Wulin and Yali’s side and nodded toward them.

Ever since he came to the Douluo Continent, Tong Yu found it difficult to adapt himself here. It had been some time since he became a Limit Douluo. Gradually, he progressed to the demigod realm.

When he first came to the Douluo Continent, he thought not many people on the Douluo Continent could surpass his demigod-ranked cultivation base.

However, he soon realized how powerful the Douluo Continent was as compared to the Star Luo Continent after meeting Tang Wulin. Later, he settled down in Shrek Academy.

He was surprisingly shocked when he met Long Yeyue and Yali. Next, he encountered Yuanen Zhentian and his son, the Heartless Douluo, and the Amorous Douluo. Afterward, he was acquainted with the Body Douluo A Ruheng. Having encountered these powerhouses, he was almost numb from the experience.

There were more than five Limit Douluos in Shrek Academy alone! Moreover, two of them were of quasi god rank. On the other hand, there were only two Limit Douluos on the entire Star Luo Continent. They were En Ci and himself.

The disparity was great.

He had his most shocking experience today.

When he watched the abyssal legion, led by the three great quasi gods, blot out the sky and cover up the sun, Tong Yu was prepared to sacrifice himself to save Tang Wulin’s life.

There were the three quasi gods. Furthermore, there were two other evil soul masters with them. Under ordinary circumstances, an evil soul master’s fighting ability surpassed an ordinary soul master’s.

Although there were five Limit Douluos on his side, Tang Wulin’s cultivation base was still inadequate. The rest of them were not exactly weak, but only one of them was recently elevated to be a quasi god.

All this while, the Holy Spirit Douluo Yali’s most distinguishing feature in Tong Yu’s mind was… her beauty.

Yes, her beauty.

He was always under the assumption that a recovery-type Limit Douluo would not have much fighting ability. Of course, it was also his first time meeting a recovery-type Limit Douluo.

He had no doubt that she was capable of unleashing a group resurrection that influenced the battlefield. Nevertheless, it would not have much effect on high-ranked fighting abilities.

He realized how wrong he was when he saw the Holy Spirit Douluo unleashed the Archangel’s Holy Spirit Dance.

The soul skill was akin to a curse. Not only did it completely suppress the three great quasi gods, it affected everything on the entire battlefield. Every single person received an amplification, but of different levels. As for him, he received the most amplification since he was skilled in the control of the five elements.

The five elements were made up of all the elements between heaven and earth. All the elements were activated under the guidance of the Archangel’s Holy Spirit Dance which suppressed evil and repelled the enemies. It was equivalent to magnifying the lord of the plane’s power.

Could it be done by a soul master? Perhaps, but the result would be the same even if a god were to do it instead.

Hence, Tong Yu’s heart was currently filled with shock still. Yali’s performance on the battlefield today had definitely surpassed every other quasi god. It turned out that the smiling, kindly woman who exuded a peaceful ambience to the people around her was actually that powerful.

He felt a deep admiration for the Holy Spirit Douluo from then on.

It was a heartfelt admiration.

Tang Wulin had no objection. “Thank you so much for your trouble.”

Tang Wulin had always had an odd feeling about Tong Yu. Frankly, he had no idea how to face this person either. Since their first meeting, Tong Yu had been acting like he was willing to sacrifice his life at any moment to make up for his past mistake.

Yet, who could determine right from wrong with a past action?

In any case, everyone got along peacefully. This incident remained a burden in Tang Wulin’s heart all this while. His only wish was that he could find his birth parents when the time came. He would let his adoptive father Tang Ziran decide how to manage Tong Yu!

The rest of the night was uneventful.

The abyssal legion retreated completely this time. At least, they could no longer see the abyssal legion from their defense line.

The Northsea Army Corps sent a message announcing that they had already completed building their station and the sea defense in the northern ocean. Thus, they could respond to any changes promptly.

With the arrival of the Central Army Corps, the Northern Army Corps was finally at ease. At least, the current defense line should be stable enough.

The second batch of reinforcements had finally arrived. The Central Army Corps deserved its reputation as the most elite army in the Federation. The soldiers were well equipped. Moreover, a large number of soul trains were mobilized. A vast majority of the soldiers from the Central Army Corps were already stationed at the border of Thule. They took charge of the defense line.

The Northern Army Corps’ regimental commander Guo Zhenfeng received an official commendation as expected. Although the Northern Army Corps suffered a great loss, the north was not breached. They managed to stop the enemy in Thule. It was considered a highly meritorious service to the continent.

The military headquarters offered to provide additional soldiers for Guo Zhenfeng as soon as possible after the war ended. The military headquarters indicated that they would never dissolve the Northern Army Corps. As for the reward, they would discuss it further after the war ended.

Following the arrival of the Central Army Corps, a mysterious army had also silently arrived in Thule. They stationed themselves on the mountain peak where the Life Subtree was. A small scale campground was rapidly built on the mountain peak around the Life Subtree.

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