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«The Legend of the Dragon King (Web Novel) - Chapter 1117 - A Ruheng And Sima Jinchi

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Chapter 1117: A Ruheng And Sima Jinchi

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

That way both of them complemented one another. There was no doubt that during the Dragon God Transformation their abilities would become incomparably powerful. Now that Tang Wulin thought about the final collision from the other day, he realized that it was obviously Gu Yuena who exercised control over the planar power using Dragon God Transformation. Only then did she manage to withstand the abyssal Sage God’s attack.

Even though this power did not belong to her, she was capable of exercising control over the Douluo Continent plane’s planar power using it. No one else was capable of doing that right.

Tang Wulin had already calmed down at present so his memories had become much clearer. He recalled the entire event that took place the other day. She was obviously heaving a sigh when she had just appeared. Why was she sighing though?

There was no doubt that she had already regained her memories. He wondered if she had awakened ever since she consumed the Velvet Skyreach Chrysanthemum back then, but she had still addressed him as ‘father’ and stayed together with him all along. She had also waited for him in the Fire Basin and had never told him about her regaining her consciousness.

Why did she do that? Was it because she was hiding from something, or was she doing that to be with him?

‘She loves me!’

The idea skimmed over Tang Wulin’s mind at lightning speed. ‘If she didn’t love me, why would she refuse to tell me the truth about her recovery and immediately leave afterward? Even though she is hiding something from me for sure, this doesn’t conflict with her love for me.’

In his heart, Tang Wulin could only feel as he was suddenly enlightened upon figuring out this matter. All his problems seemed to be solved and he could even feel as if his entire being had relaxed.

‘As long as she loves me, is anything else still important? No!’

His lips finally cracked into a faint smile while his emotions stabilized in the end. He would need to thoroughly understand everything he learned from the battle this time that allowed so much elevation in himself and also the experience he gained from the competition earlier, especially for his two original spear techniques created recently. He had found the first step of his path so he would need more comprehension and allow all his learnings to sink in.

King’s Path and Final Stake.

He had Golden Dragon King’s strength and bloodline aura so he was supposed to destroy the enemies blocking before himself as if he was breaking dead branches off a tree. Every skill was futile before absolute strength. The most powerful part of him was precisely his strength in a frontal attack. King’s Path and Final Stake were without a doubt born from this.

Relatively speaking, King’s Path was more suited to be used in battles while Final Stake was considered a desperate strike. A strike that he would pour all his energy into at all costs. Final Stake could only be used once no matter when it was used, while its power would elevate along with the elevation in Tang Wulin’s cultivation base.

Tang Wulin gradually entered deep meditation as he recalled his earlier encounters in his mind.

Cao Dezhi slowly opened his eyes. His gaze was pulsating with peculiar brilliance. “Spirit Domain, huh? As expected he has made a breakthrough. Perhaps, this is the entire plane’s choice. There’s already the addition of the plane’s willpower on him. I’m afraid it won’t easy for anyone to hurt him in the future. The plane’s willpower will naturally protect him. Huanyun, you’re only worried because you haven’t seen through this.”

At this point, Cao Dezhi muttered to himself with a deep ponderation expression on his face. “What does it mean by plane’s willpower? Perhaps, it’s like a divine favor.”

A faint smile emerged on Cao Dezhi face. “I’m truly anticipating it. I’m afraid another almighty of no equal in this time is going to come at the most dangerous juncture for the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy. First ancestor, is it you whose blessing and protecting us from the nether world?”

At this point, his gaze landed on the wall opposite to him. A painting scroll was hung on the pure white wall.

A person was pictured in the painting. The boundless sea lied underneath his feet as his long blue hair hung down loosely behind his back. He stood with the serenity of a god, dressed in a suit of white garments while holding an enormous golden trident in his right hand!

His gaze was warm yet distanced. Despite it only being a painting, his eyes were as deep as the abyss.

Cao Dezhi’s emotions settled down at once upon looking at the painting scroll.

“First ancestor, is it true that the Divine Realm doesn’t exist anymore? If it doesn’t, then where are you right now?”

“You’re Sima Jinchi? The Gale Saber Demon Sima Jinchi?” A Ruheng patted on his large bald head as he looked at the person next to him with interest.

Ever since the great battle from the other day, the entire Blood God Army was in a state of stress. Then both of them were captured…

Yes, it would be strange if the outsiders were not put under suspicion when they suddenly appeared in the barracks of the Blood God Army at a time like this. Especially after the evil soul master’s surprise attack.

Fortunately, they had left behind a profound impression on the soldiers of the Blood God Army in the Federal Star Dou Battle Network Challenge. After their identities were verified and considered, they were detained in the army under semi-house arrest.

“That’s me. Are you the Strength God?” Sima Jinchi had an interesting expression as he looked at A Ruheng.

Even though both of them had never sparred against one another, they had both fought against a common opponent. Their purpose of visiting this place was almost the same as well. Both of them achieved an impressive result in the Federal Star Dou Battle Network Challenged and at present, they were looking at one another with sparks inevitably bursting out from their gaze.

“Hello!” A Ruheng extended his right hand for a handshake at Sima Jinchi.

Sima Jinchi did not have any suspicion against A Ruheng so he raised his hand and shook A Ruheng’s hand. After the two huge hands grasped one another, Sima Jinchi’s expression changed the very next moment.

He examined himself and reached the conclusion that his strength was already considered the best for its time. Yet, he had only understood what the perfection of strength was after shaking A Ruheng’s hand. His strength was dissolved in a split second when his palm was knead like noodles in A Ruheng’s grasp.

Sima Jinchi turned green in rage.


A Ruheng loosened his grip and pouted his lips. “It’s not that bad.”

Sima Jinchin was furious. “God d*mn it! I’m skilled in saber techniques and I don’t use physical strength to handle things like the barbaric you.”

A Ruheng glared at him. “Who are you calling a barbarian?”

“You!” Sima Jinchi stood up abruptly. However, he revealed a gloomy expression on his face soon.

The reason was simple. A layer of a battle armor-like object was clad on both of their bodies. The object had a simple function, it was used to seal their soul power.

However, the soul power lock was incapable of locking one’s strength. Sima Jinchi’s cultivation base used his martial soul as its foundation so he could not even unleash his Dragon Slaying Saber at this moment.

A Ruheng was different. There was no need at all for him to exert any strength to remove the soul lock. Nothing in this world capable of restricting him due to the terrifying strength of his body.

The furious Sima Jinchi’s lips involuntarily twitched at once when he watched A Ruheng stand up a head taller compared to himself while at the same time having a sinister expression on his face.

Back in Southern Army Corps, he had always been the bully. Since when was he lowered to being bullied by someone else instead? This situation simply could not be described with the word ‘gloomy’ anymore!

Flames were bursting out of his eyes. “You just wait! A Ruheng. When my soul power is restored, I’ll certainly beat you up so bad that you won’t be able to take care of yourself in this life anymore.”

A Ruheng clenched his fist. “A person who’s about to be rendered incapable of self-care in life can still threaten the other. This is truly interesting.”

Just as he sniggered sinisterly and approached Sima Jinchi, the door of the guarded chamber suddenly opened!

Two Blood God Army’s soldiers carrying loaded guns stood over there with a cold expression on their faces. “Out! both of you.”

Sima Jinchi and A Ruheng gazed into one another before they each gave out a raging scoff. Then, they turned their heads to the side and walked towards the outside in great strides.

A Ruheng’s shoulder slammed at Sima Jinchi and pushed him to the side as he took the lead to walk outside.

Sima Jinchi was furious but there was nothing he could do. He followed behind with a raging expression.

They were sent to an office under the escort of the two soldiers.

It was him!

Their expressions changed instantly when they saw the person in that office.

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