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«The Legend of Futian (Web Novel) - Chapter 1778 - The Curtain Unveiled

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Chapter 1778 The Curtain Unveiled

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While the storm was brewing in the Heavenly Mandate Realm, the other Realms were also constantly in turmoil.

During the uproar in the Heavenly Mandate City, there were people from other Realms that had come to observe this storm.

After the uproar in the Heavenly Mandate Academy ended, the news rapidly swept throughout the Nine Realms.

The Solar Realm was like a huge fireball. The temperature was high. The scorching sun shone down on the land, causing it to be extremely hot.

The Solar Realm was not suitable for ordinary people to dwell in. However, this place was heaven for cultivators who were proficient in the power of flames. The entire Solar Realm contained the scorching power of the sun.

This power was naturally the strongest at the center of the Solar Realm, where Solar Divine Palace stood high above.

Solar Divine Palace was truly erected in the sky above. Sun God Mountain stood tall and majestic, lifting this heavenly palace. This was where the sun rose and set.

Right now, among the golden mist and clouds, inside the heavenly palace bathed in the flames of the Sun God, many powerful cultivators appeared in one place.

The place seemed to be a divine court. At the very top, a silhouette stood there with the sun behind him. Below, on his left and right, cultivators from various forces stood. Further away from where he stood were the cultivators of Solar Divine Palace.

Right now, the figure that stood at the very top turned around and looked behind him. There, a throne appeared, together with a silhouette wielding a scepter in his hand. The silhouette with the scepter sat down on the throne. It was as though he was a deity.

Immediately, everyone’s gazes turned towards the silhouette on the throne.

“Welcome, Envoy of the Sun,” the cultivators said as they bowed in respect. They all knew the identity of this person. He was a top figure from the Divine Prefecture.

Even the Palace Lord of Solar Divine Palace, who was the silhouette standing in front of the throne, could only stand there. Even facing the Envoy of the Sun, the Palace Lord could only succumb to him.

Similar to other forces, Solar Divine Palace also had a force in the Outer Realms. Their force was extremely powerful. In ancient times, deity level existences had appeared among their force.

This was the origin of the Solar Divine Palace. They were merely a branch forces.

Among the legends of Solar Divine Palace, in the olden days, there was a deity known as the Sun God that ruled supreme. The light of the sun shone down on all living things. If the Sun God got angry, he could burn the entire world.

As for the place that this supreme Sun God previously resided in, it was known as Solar Divine Palace.

As the world changed, the Sun God met his demise. However, his forces had survived up to the present day. To commemorate their ancestor, his descendants established the Solar Court. They always hoped that they could one day restore the glory of their predecessor.

Up until today, the Solar Court still existed and was powerful beyond comparison. Although there were no deities born from this force, they could still be considered a force at the top of the world.

Back in the day, in the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path, there was also a force that bore their inheritance that was named Solar Divine Palace. They hoped that in the Original Realm, Solar Divine Palace could rise up again one day. It was just that that day had yet to come.

This was the origin of the Solar Divine Palace.

Hence, after the cultivators of the Solar Court descended upon the Realm, they easily took control of the Solar Divine Palace. After all, Solar Divine Palace was originally an affiliated force.

The older generation was clearly aware of this.

However, some youths still felt that this was all somewhat bizarre. They even began to have their own ideas regarding how things should be.

Di Wu had extraordinary talent and believed that he would inherit Solar Divine Palace in the future. Now that the cultivators of the Solar Court from the Divine Prefecture had arrived, they threw his plans into disarray. Yet, he could not resist.

After all, his Plane was still too weak. Currently, he could only slowly grow stronger and keep a low profile.

The Envoy of the Sun sat up straight on the throne as he swept his gaze across the crowd. He appeared extremely authoritative. He said, “Have you all heard about the incident in the Heavenly Mandate Realm?”

The crowd nodded their heads. They already knew about the storm that occurred in the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

Di Wu had a slightly sinister look in his eyes. He never imagined that Ye Futian was actually that powerful. Moreover, there was also Yu Sheng. They defeated even the cultivators of the Holy Land of Taichu in the Upper Realms.

The current Heavenly Mandate Academy, as well as Ye Futian, could be considered to be the sun in the sky.

“The Void Realm is also the Original Realm. Before this, the appearance of the Dark Maiden caused the Dark Court to utilize Hell to retrieve her. Now, Ye Futian and Yu Sheng have also appeared. As expected of the Original Realm. I wonder whether there will be other surprises in the future,” the Envoy of the Sun said. “If that is the case, we need to take action immediately.”

Many cultivators narrowed their eyes. Take action?

What were they going to do?

The gaze of the Envoy of the Sun turned towards the Palace Lord of Solar Divine Palace as he asked, “Have the members been gathered?”

“They have,” the Palace Lord of Solar Divine Palace replied as he nodded his head. Before this, the Envoy of the Sun had ordered him to gather all the cultivators of the Solar Divine Palace. From this, he knew that something was about to happen, and it would be a huge war.

“Then, let’s set out.” the Envoy of the Sun got up and walked forward. The crowd of cultivators had yet to wrap their heads around what was happening.

Set out?

He seemed to have not said where they were setting out to.

“Hundreds of years ago, the Solar Realm only belonged to the Solar Court. Even now that hundreds of years have passed, of course, it is still the same,” the Envoy of the Sun said. “In the future, only one king is allowed in the Solar Realm. Solar Divine Palace will keep the various large forces in check. There can exist other various forces in the Solar Realm. However, they all need to declare the Solar Court as their king.” His words caused the heart rates of the cultivators to increase.

The Envoy of the Sun meant that they were preparing to clean out the various forces of the Solar Realm.

There was going to be a huge cleansing.

In the future, there could only be one ruling class force in the Solar Realm. There only needed to be one voice, and that voice would be that of the Solar Divine Palace.

Divine light shone down, and the group of cultivators set off.

Chixiao Divine Mountain was as usual. Many people were still training when suddenly, divine light shone down from the heavens above onto the Divine Mountain. The expressions of the cultivators of Chixiao Divine Mountain immediately changed drastically. They all felt very overbearing auras.

The next moment, it was as though various deities descended from the heavens. In the sky above, flames of the Sun God rained down, seemingly wanting to destroy everything.

“Solar Divine Palace, what is the meaning of this?” a huge voice cried out. Many top cultivators appeared at the peak of Chixiao Divine Mountain. They were all looking up at the sky and questioning Solar Divine Palace.

“From this day forward, Chixiao Divine Mountain is not allowed to rule over the Solar Realm. You must pledge allegiance to us and become a branch of Solar Divine Palace,” another voice traveled across the space, causing the hearts of countless cultivators on the entire Divine Mountain to beat faster.

Solar Divine Palace wished to conquer the Solar Realm.

It would not allow another force, which was at the same level, to contend with it.

Chixiao Divine Mountain knew that the world was going through a massive change, and the powers in the Nine Realms would surely be reshuffled. However, they had not expected the change to occur so quickly and so intensely.

The first force to stir up trouble was the Solar Divine Palace, and the first place they targeted was their Chixiao Divine Mountain.

On this day, countless people witnessed from a distance a destructive scene occurring at Chixiao Divine Mountain of the Solar Realm. Rumor has it that a gigantic battle had erupted. In the end, Chixiao Divine Mountain pledged their allegiance to Solar Divine Palace.

After that, one by one, other forces in the Solar Realm pledged their allegiance to Solar Divine Palace.

When others heard about the news, the entire Solar Realm went into an uproar.

Gradually, the entire Solar Realm fell under the control of the Solar Divine Palace.

A few days later, the leaders of the various large forces in the Solar Realm all gathered at Solar Divine Palace at the same time and held a grand event. However, they had not invited anyone from the other Realms.

From that moment forth, the Solar Realm was unified.

Before this occurred in the Solar Realm, the Hidden Land Realm was also in the same boat. Hell now ruled the Hidden Land Realm. Another Realm similar to these two was the Heavenly Mandate Realm. The Heavenly Mandate Academy led the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

This model would completely sweep over the Nine Realms very soon.

The topmost forces from the Outer Realms unified individual Realms.

Such astonishing news very quickly spread throughout the Nine Realms, stirring up a huge uproar. This storm was even worse than the one faced by the Heavenly Mandate Academy. This was a dramatic turn of events that truly swept the Solar Realm.

In the Heavenly Mandate Academy, by the time Ye Futian received news of this, it was already quite late.

This was all within his predictions. It was just that he had not imagined that it would happen so quickly. It seemed that the force behind Solar Divine Palace was also sufficiently powerful enough to take down the entire Solar Realm in a short amount of time.

In the Colloquy Palace, the atmosphere was somewhat solemn.

“Have you all heard the news?” Lord Taixuan asked.

Hmm. The crowd nodded. How could they not have heard such huge news?

“While we just received news of this incident, the Shadow Realm is now facing a similar situation. It is the same for all the other Realms. Before Hell has yet to make a move, the forces of the Divine Prefecture are already preparing to divide up the Nine Realms first,” Lord Taixuan continued.

“The Heavenly Mandate Realm was originally one unit. This matter is barely related to us.” Lord Taixuan continued, “However, if our alliance members, Shangxiao Divine Palace, Nantian Divine Kingdom, Emperor Star Realm’s Dou tribe, Yuanyang Clan and other forces encounter such a situation, we will certainly rush to aid all of them. Each force has its representative here. I believe there are no objections?” They had formed an alliance precisely to face the changes in the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path.

Now that the change had come, some things naturally needed to be agreed upon beforehand.

“Since we are allies, that is naturally what we should do,” someone said.

“Nantian Divine Kingdom has no objections,” Nan Luoshen replied.

“Dou tribe agrees to this.” Other voices continued to cry out. Everyone agreed with what Lord Taixuan had said. Currently, the Heavenly Mandate Academy was already not the only force to have problems. In such a chaotic situation, they could only form groups and alliances to face the future changes ahead.

“Each force also needs to raise your vigilance. Send cultivators to learn more about what is happening. That way, if there are changes, we can respond immediately,” Lord Taixuan remarked. Everyone was listening attentively with a somewhat solemn mood.

Ye Futian had been in the crowd quietly all this while. The curtain of a chaotic situation that was fated to sweep over the Nine Realms was officially being unveiled!

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