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«The Legend of Futian (Web Novel) - Chapter 2650: Fear of Tianyan City

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Chapter 2650: Fear of Tianyan City

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Tianyan the Great, a Great Emperor of armoring in ancient times, was famous throughout the world in his time.

After so many decades, he returned again, using Wang Xiao’s body, and was in this world. Today was his first battle, in its true sense, after his rebirth. However, in this epic first battle, he was met by Ziwei the Great, who had returned and died by his hand in battle.

His fate was lamented by many; it was sad and shocking. However, wasn’t he also the one who sought his own end?

He could have chosen anyone as a target, but he picked Ziwei Segmentum. Perhaps even he did not anticipate that Ziwei would be woken up like that and came back to put an end to him.

Tianyan the Great was not the same as Ziwei the Great. Tianyan the Great had been reincarnated in the truest sense of the word to reappear in peak physical form. But Ziwei the Great was different. If he had a choice, Tianyan the Great would have never wanted to die alongside Ziwei the Great.

Unfortunately, once a step was taken, there was no turning back.

In the void, the cultivators from the Ancient God Clans finally woke up from their shock, and then just as quickly, all of them quietly exited. Now that Tianyan the Great had been killed, the situation was completely reversed. They dared not linger needlessly for fear that Ziwei the Great might obliterate them as well in a raging rampage.

Of course, it was best for them to slip away at this time.

The storm of destruction was still flowing about, and those cultivators quickly evacuated from different locations. They were running pretty fast.

“Withdraw.” The City Lord of Tianyan was mourning, but this was not the time for regret. The most urgent matter was to get out of here as soon as possible.

They were moving fast, as their group tried to get out as quickly as they could. This time, it was more miserable and embarrassing than the last time.

Ye Futian did not chase them down. Ziwei the Great was using his own body to urge all the power from the stars in heaven for that explosive and apocalyptic strike, ending the life of Tianyan the Great. All that effort was burning through the will of Ziwei, or else they would not have been able to kill a reincarnated Great Emperor, much less Tianyan the Great, as aided by the imperial arms.

He could sense that the will of Ziwei among the stars was gradually dissipating, and he was filled with an inexplicable sense of sadness. Ye Futian’s eyes opened to watch that elusive figure above the firmament. At this moment, Ziwei the Great was becoming more blurry by the second.

“Teacher,” Ye Futian called out in a low voice. His voice was deep and tinged with sadness. In his hand, he held the imperial arms, the Sky Tremoring, but it was no longer in its complete form because the will of Tianyan the Great that had been inside the imperial arms was destroyed. Naturally, Ziwei the Great had to destroy it, or else he would not have been able to capture the Sky Tremoring.

Even in its incomplete form, it was considered an imperial arms. Even if he could not exert all of its strength, carrying imperial arms would still increase his power considerably.

Obviously, Ziwei the Great had deliberately seized it to leave these imperial arms to Ye Futian.

“I was already an existence in the void. It is only a trace of my will that has been integrated into the stars in heaven that guarded Ziwei. To have another chance to return for a final battle and see the future, I am more than satisfied. Futian, thank you for waking me up so that I can see for myself how Ziwei looks like today,” Ziwei the Great said with a smile that gradually disappeared; it seemed very gentle indeed.

After waking up in the hereafter and having accepted a disciple as his successor, he was more than content; it was far better than being sealed among the stars in heaven.

More importantly, this disciple of his was not some simple character.

In the future, the name of Ziwei would not be forgotten.

“The disciple is incompetent,” Ye Futian replied.

“How can you be incompetent when you can contend with a much older generation than your age?” Ziwei the Great asked. “More importantly, this time, you are facing a Great Emperor who had been reincarnated. This is not because you were incompetent. On the contrary, it highlighted the height of your ability. However, in the future, you must continue to cultivate so that you can enter the imperial realm as soon as possible. By then, even if you encounter those from the olden days, they will not be able to challenge you.”

“I understand.” Ye Futian nodded.

“Take care of Ziwei.” Ziwei the Great nodded and left him with those final words. Then, his elusive figure transformed into endless starlight and dissipated between heaven and earth. At this moment, Ye Futian could perceive that the will of Ziwei had disappeared among all the stars in heaven.

Ye Futian was a bit sad inside. Although Ziwei the Great didn’t seem to mind because he had perished a long time ago, he still existed in some form in the world. Now, he was utterly and totally gone.

He bowed deeply to all the stars in heaven. Although he was his teacher for only one day, it was like they had known each other for a very long time.

Tianyan the Great schemed and plotted a walk-in so he could be reincarnated, but Ziwei the Great had always been guarding his people.

At some point in time, Hua Jieyu came to Ye Futian’s side and bowed to the stars as well. Behind him, the cultivators of Ziwei Imperial Palace had arrived, and together, they bowed and paid their respects. The gratitude was coming directly from their hearts.

Ziwei the Great, as the lord of all the stars in heaven, had honored the name of Ziwei.

At this moment, countless cultivators in Ziwei Segmentum had sensed everything that had happened. They stopped spontaneously and bowed to the sky above, respectfully bidding farewell to Ziwei the Great.

Today, when Ziwei Segmentum was in its most desperate hours, Ziwei the Great returned for the showdown, slew Tianyan, and saved Ziwei Segmentum from destruction.

He had passed his mantle on to Ye Futian, allowing Ye Futian to fully inherit his legacy, guarding Ziwei from now on.

In the void, there was a silence. Everyone raised their heads, and their eyes fell on Ye Futian. After today, the will of Ziwei the Great was no more, and Ziwei Segmentum had lost its former protector. Ye Futian would be the one shouldering this enormous task.

He clutched the imperial arms, Sky Tremoring, tightly in his hand. A strong murderous intent was emitted from his body as he looked up into the sky.

Tianyan the Great and the City Lord of Tianyan came to destroy Ziwei and kill him. Tianyan the Great had been slain, and Tianyan City had lost its ultimate protector. Now, he wanted to escape?

Could he escape?

Even if he could get away from here, how would Tianyan City escape?

Ye Futian turned around and headed toward the area below, with Hua Jieyu following behind him. Cultivators from all sides were walking along with them to return together in the direction of Ziwei Imperial Palace.

No one spoke, and no one asked about anything. But the murderous intent upon Ye Futian was unmistakably felt by everyone. This murderous intent was being released without the slightest disguise.

Ye Futian was not the only one. Murderous intents effused from the other cultivators as well. Obviously, all of them harbored a strong intention to kill.

This time, although they suffered no casualties, their protector and Great Emperor had disappeared forever.

This bloody debt must be repaid with blood.

Above the temple inside Ziwei Imperial Palace, Ye Futian stood high above, all the powerful cultivators standing in front of him, waiting for his orders.

“The Supreme Elder of the Ziwei Imperial Palace, the five lords over the five halls of Heavenly Mandate, Wangshen, Ziwei, Alchemy, and Armoring as well as the Four Great Protectors, listen,” Ye Futian proclaimed with authority. “All those who have survived the Divine Tribulation of the Great Tribulation, come with me to Tianyan City.”

“Yes, Palace Lord!” Everyone bowed and obeyed.

In the distance, the Lost Clan was keeping watch.

“I am entrusting the cultivators of the Lost Clan to protect Ziwei Imperial Palace on my behalf,” Ye Futian shouted.

“Palace Lord Ye, feel free to do what you need to do. The Lost Clan is here to watch your back,” Elder Sikong replied.

“Thank you.” Ye Futian nodded. Then, he headed to the passageway leading to Four Corner Village in the Divine Prefecture, accompanied by a brilliant divine light. Terrifying power of space tore through the void and penetrated the boundless space.

Ye Futian and his entourage of mighty cultivators disappeared from Ziwei Imperial Palace as they made their way to the Divine Prefecture to seek their revenge.

In Tianyan City, the City Lord of Tianyan returned with all the cultivators a step ahead.

People in the City Lord’s Office and other cultivators inside Tianyan City were confused when they learned that they had returned so soon. Hadn’t they attacked Ziwei Segmentum not so long ago?

Could it be that they had already accomplished their mission so soon?

No one knew that the first order of business with the City Lord of Tianyan was to gather all the available resources inside the City Lord’s Office, such as powerful implements, which were all divine arms of the Second Tribulation. They handed them over to the other cultivators inside the City Lord’s Office.

At the same time, he summoned all the top cultivators in Tianyan City and asked them to come to the City Lord’s Office for a meeting.

Such ponderous news instantly detonated inside Tianyan City.

Soon, the news came out that during this trip to the Ziwei Segmentum, Tianyan the Great, who was reincarnated through Wang Xiao’s body, was killed. Ziwei the Great had returned to slay Tianyan the Great.

Tianyan City had lost the protection of the Great Emperor forever, and the City Lord’s Office of Tianyan City would no longer have the will of the Great Emperor.

The ramification of this turn of events was not hard to imagine. Tianyan City’s prestige fell among the Ancient God Clans.

But this was not the most severe impact they were facing. Based on the armoring strength of Tianyan City, it may still stand at the top of the Divine Prefecture because no one would want to destroy an armoring clan; its value was far too great to ignore.

Ultimately, the greatest danger stemmed from Ziwei Segmentum’s Ye Futian.

Back then, when Haotian Clan issued the kill order, Ye Futian had gone to stir up the pot. Now, without the protection from the Great Emperor, what could Tianyan City use to resist Ye Futian, who was an expert at Buddha’s Celerity?

Just Ye Futian alone was capable of turning Tianyan City upside down.

What would happen next?

In the City Lord’s Office, the City Lord of Tianyan began to request help from other Ancient God Clans, trying to fight against Ziwei Segmentum. All the Ancient God Clans had verbally agreed to Tianyan City’s request, but so far, none of them had sent forth any troops.

Today’s Tianyan City was a land of extreme danger. No one was willing to risk their own lives. They planned to wait and see, for the time being, to see what Ye Futian would do next.

Outside the main hall of the City Lord’s Office, someone spoke to the City Lord of Tianyan and asked, “City Lord, should we give up Tianyan City?”

When those words were heard, everyone looked quite embarrassed. Tianyan City, whose name was known throughout the land of the Divine Prefecture, was scared like a little mouse right now. They were even considering giving up Tianyan City.

The City Lord of Tianyan shot an icy look at the person who spoke as he responded, “Don’t you forget the honor of Tianyan City.”

Tianyan City had stood at the peak for numerous years; it had a glorious past. No matter in which era, Tianyan City, as the number one power for armoring, held a prestigious status. Back then, when they hosted the Armorer Competitions in the Divine Prefecture, all the top forces in the Divine Prefecture had gathered to observe the ceremony. Even Donghuang Imperial Palace had dispatched emissaries to participate, and Princess Donghuang Diyuan appeared in person.

Now, should they abandon Tianyan City and flee?

How shameful would it be?

Furthermore, even if they leave, where could they go? Could they really stay hidden forever?

“Since when did the disciples of Wang become such cowards?” An icy voice came from an ancient palace, attracting the attention of all the cultivators. They saw an elderly figure walking out, exuding a terrifying aura that was even more powerful than that of City Lord of Tianyan.


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