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«The Legend of Futian (Web Novel) - Chapter 2218 - Practitioners of Three Major Realms

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Chapter 2218: Practitioners of Three Major Realms

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The practitioners from afar gazed towards the battlefield. They saw the Sun Sword Rain, Sun God Sword, and Sun lightning display two completely different colors. They were gorgeous.

At the same time, the attacks of the others arrived. Stars appeared in a person’s hand. Above him, a giant appeared. When he extended his large palm forward, the palm of the giant in the sky grabbed at Ye Futian’s body directly as if a giant starry palm. Stars revolved in the palm, and an immeasurable strength hid within it, a strength that could annihilate everything in its path.

Ye Futian raised his head and glanced at it. He could only feel heaven and earth-changing. He had entered the enemy’s Divine Wheel of the Great Path’s domain. It was like a starry dimension. In this starry dimension, the giant starry palm slammed towards him. It would annihilate everything. It was unstoppable.

Boom… An endlessly overbearing aura burst from Ye Futian’s body. The crackling sound of explosions covered the entire sky. It was like the roar of thunder. He raised his arm, and countless Starry Stele appeared everywhere. Every stele contained a frightening ancient inscription, which was the extreme attack power he learned from the Millet Emperor’s Gate of World Suppression.

Then, at that moment, a whooshing sounded. Golden spatial storm sliced through the sky as if countless thin and sharp blades had sliced the sky into pieces. They sliced towards Ye Futian’s body. Multiple cultivators attacked at the same time. Wave after wave of attacks poured towards him.

A chill flashed in Ye Futian’s eyes as the attacks flew at him. He leaped into the sky. His not-so-stalwart body caused the sky to tremble violently as if he was a humanoid monster. Divine lights radiated from his body. It was as if his mortal body had transformed into a starry battle form. Stars revolved. Divine lights of the Great Path of Space and the lights of the Demon God also radiated from the surface of his body.

The frightening golden blades had sliced through the sky and were imminent. They slashed towards his body. However, space light runes appeared. Everyone was surprised to discover that multiple Doors of Space had appeared around Ye Futian. They revolved around his body and formed an absolute space, devouring all the attacks coming at him.

Bang! A loud bang rang in the air. Ye Futian stepped into the sky while his body shot straight towards a certain direction. It was the direction of the person who summoned the Starry God of War. The Starry God of War moved in the sky and extended its hand toward Ye Futian.

Vuong! Ye Futian’s body transformed into lightning. Divine Light of Peacock burst from his body as they merged into one. Infusing the Path of Sword, he was like an indestructible sword. He flew directly across the sky. Loud rumbling noises rang in the air. His body went directly through the frightening giant starry palm. Then, he charged into the star giant’s body. In an instant, countless beams of frightening divine light shot out of the star giant’s body. Following that, its body burst into pieces.

The light did not stop after puncturing the giant. After going through it, Ye Futian continued charging towards the practitioner. The practitioner moved his body back, but the light was too quick. In an instant, it had arrived in front of him. A giant figure that looked like an ancient god appeared behind him and extended both its arms out in front to block Ye Futian’s attack.

Boom! Ye Futian’s body reached as a sword, slamming into both his opponent’s palms. Rumbling sounds rang in the air. Cracks appeared on both palms as they continued to crackle and crumble. Ye Futian directly passed through those cracks. Then, he raised his hand and pointed.

With a plop, the person’s body was punctured and blown away. He could not withstand Ye Futian’s close-range attack.

However, at that moment, a frightening golden figure appeared n the sky. It slammed a monstrous divine fist at Ye Futian. Countless streams of golden light appeared and filled the starry sky. They also buried Ye Futian’s body. Every fist was huge. Fists that radiated golden light filled the sky. They came from every direction. There was no way to escape.

“What an overbearing attack.” Many people trembled as they watched. Duan Qiong recalled a super-powerful faction as this scene. Ye Futian also felt a sense of familiarity. Back then, he was pursued by a ridiculously strong person with similar skills. Back then, it was also a battle in the Void Realm. It was a battle in the Shadow Realm. A powerful Renhuang of the Empty Mountain pushed him to the brink.

Ye Futian stared wide-eyed as the golden divine fists flew toward him.

Boom, boom, boom, boom… Fists slammed into Ye Futian’s body. His tiny body was directly buried under a flurry of fists. The practitioners watching from afar could not help but feel their hearts tremble as they gazed at the center of all the divine fists.

The golden light from the divine fists radiated brightly. Waves of fist wills surged forward. An overbearing Renhuang wearing a golden outfit appeared in the sky. He looked down at Ye Futian below him. An enormous amount of the Power of the Great Path continued to ooze out from his body.

In the middle of the flurry of divine fists, everyone could see a tiny body in the midst. Both arms and legs were extended to withhold the gigantic divine fist. His body was also hit. However, the onlookers were shocked to discover the profound coldness in his eyes. He raised his head to look at the cultivator in the sky. He was actually fine.

“He’s still okay even after this?”

Peoples’ hearts beat faster. They looked at the beautiful giant body; the golden shockwaves of its divine fists could continuously destroy a human’s body and completely annihilate a person. Even if Ye Futian’s body was unparalleled, even if he survived, he should have been severely injured.

However, even after taking those hits, he was actually still fine.

Was his body still that of a mortal’s?

Dong, dong… It was as if everyone could hear his intense heartbeats, which made everyone’s heart beat in rhythm with his. Ye Futian raised his head. An arrogance that completely disregarded everything could be seen in his gaze, the Power of Yin began to emanate from his body. In an instant, the golden divine fist began to be covered under a veil of frost.

At the same time, an illusion of the Peacock Demon God formed. A frightening divine light burst from within Ye Futian’s body. In an instant, blindingly bright divine light burst forth, and those giant divine fists were completely blown to bits. Before long, they were all swept away, and nothing was left.

Meanwhile, Ye Futian’s figure still floated in the sky. His pitch-black pupils scanned the cultivators as if he was an indestructible person. It was as if he could not be killed or destroyed.

Under the raging winds that tore through space, the Peacock Demon God flapped its wings. Ye Futian directly headed towards the Empty Mountain practitioner in the sky. He also wanted to pay him back for earlier.

The Empty Mountain practitioner’s eyes shrunk. He took a step in the sky. Then, behind him, a giant golden God of War illusion appeared. Then, he extended both his hands at the same time. Countless divine fists filled the sky, and each of the fists flew towards Ye Futian as if they were a stream of golden fist will. The sun and sky were completely blocked out.

Vuong! A golden Space Divine Wing appeared above Ye Futian. Then, a frightening image appeared above the sky. It was actually a picture of a golden roc heaven slayer. It looked as if a giant ancient roc with golden wings had appeared. Ye Futian’s body had transformed into the giant golden-winged roc. He flew across the sky and plowed through the flurry of golden fists, destroying them into bits and pieces all the way until he reached his opponent.

The Empty Mountain practitioner was actually still calm even though Ye Futian had easily arrived in front of him. The golden divine giant behind him covered his body; its arms moved forward. Two fists flew out and broke through the sky. Nobody knew just how powerful they were. One punch could have destroyed thousands or tens of thousands of miles of space.

Roar… Then, a shocking roar rang in the air. Ye Futian’s body had transformed into a Starry War Ape. Its body was humongous, and it also swung both its fists forward. The flung fists were like two stars that had been shot forward.

Rumble! A devastating sound of collision filled the air. Countless stars flew forward and made the golden body of the enemy tremble.

Whether it was the Golden Roc Heaven Slayer or the Starry War Ape, they were among the seven great divine techniques that he learned from Four Corner Village. Ye Futian had cultivated at the village for many years. He had reached a level where he could use them at any time. His understanding of the divine techniques was very profound.

As the two collided together, a shadowy figure appeared above them. It was as if a Dark Ancient God had appeared above them. Countless gray streams of air swirled and flowed toward Ye Futian’s body. In an instant, everything around him had been devoured. The gray streams of air were like dark chains that had tied him up and flowed into his body, which made Ye Futian feel the strength drain from his body. His spiritual soul was shaken.

“Soul Chain!” Ye Futian raised his head and glanced above. He saw a dark pair of eyes. This was one of the strongest practitioners of the Dark World. The dark streams of air being drawn towards him were Soul Chains.

Bang! Both his arms vibrated. He sent the Empty Mountain practitioner flying away. Ye Futian’s shifted his gaze toward the cultivator with an intense and cold stare. Soul Chain. He wanted to take his spiritual soul and keep it locked up.

In this battle, he faced powerful practitioners from the three Major Realms—the Divine Prefecture, Empty Mountain, and the Dark World—all at the same time.

Naturally, after seeing this scene, the other practitioners could not help but slightly shrink their eyes and stare at the frightening image up above. A God of Ghost illusion seemed to have appeared above Ye Futian. It had a pair of dark eyes. The Soul Chain that originated from above the God of Ghost’s illusion surrounded Ye Futian as if it wanted to extract Ye Futian’s soul. On Ye Futian’s body, an illusory figure of a person had already begun to appear. His spiritual soul wanted to leave the body.

The person did not come for the treasure. He came for Ye Futian. Indeed, Ye Futian’s value was higher than the treasure. That was why the cultivator from the Dark World suddenly intervened.

A battle. A battle against the practitioners of the three Major Realms. This battle was enough to help Ye Futian be famous!

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