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«The Legend of Futian (Web Novel) - Chapter 2215 - Take It That We Don’t Know Each Other

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Chapter 2215: Take It That We Don’t Know Each Other

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The entire place fell silent. All the Renhuangs were standing in different spots, but they were all staring intently at Ye Futian.

None of the people here were simple or ordinary.

But even so, Ye Futian remained as audacious as ever. Then again, it seemed like he did have the right to be.

A Level-six Perfect Great Path Renhuang had completely defeated an extremely powerful level-seven one. Everyone could feel that the sword cultivator’s attack earlier had been really aggressive, and any other Level-six Perfect Great Path Renhuang would probably have been killed by those divine swords. After all, the difference between each level was extremely great, especially since the sword cultivator was already a high-level Renhuang at Level-seven.

But Ye Futian had become the attack itself and ran right past the swords from the other party, forcing the other party to use his Divine Wheel of the Great Path to block the attack, which caused cracks to appear in his Divine Wheel.

Besides Ye Futian, Blind Tie’s fighting abilities were extremely powerful as well. He was now engaged in a huge battle with the Level-eight cultivator in black from the Dark World, and their fight had gone deep into the galaxy, which was a terrifying sight to behold. There was also Fang Gai, who was protecting Ye Wuchen. This combination of people made for a seriously strong team.

Just then, Ye Wuchen emanated countless beams of sword light from his body, which shot into the starry skies. An astonishing sword qi completely covered his body as a galaxy of sword will entered his body. He broke through to the next level and reached Level-five Renhuang.


The aggressive sword light burst into the sky, and Ye Wuchen opened his eyes. His entire body was glowing like an actual sword of the Great Path. He looked around him.

Ye Futian looked down towards Ye Wuchen to see Ye Wuchen looking at him too. He nodded slightly and didn’t say any words of thanks. Given their relationship, there was no need for all this formality. They didn’t need to say anything for the other person to understand.

“He has already inherited the path, and it has been fully absorbed into his path, so it is really meaningless for all of you to continue fighting. Why waste time on this?” said Ye Futian in a loud voice. The other cultivators glanced at Ye Wuchen, then some immediately turned and left.

It was true that this vast space was where Ziwei the Great had cultivated, but since Ye Wuchen had already swallowed the nebula, fully absorbed it, and broke through to the next level, there was no point in staying here.

One after another, they left and gave up on continuing to fight. Even the sword cultivator who had been forced to retreat after attacking Ye Futian earlier had left.

After the shocking sound of a collision was heard, Blind Tie was forced backward, while the other party had been sent flying to somewhere even higher. He threw a glance down at Blind Tie as his black robe flapped wildly and his black hair danced madly.

“If there’s a chance, I’ll fight you again,” he declared loudly before turning to walk away. Blind Tie couldn’t see him, but he knew that the other man had walked away. He kept away his aggressive aura and said, “That man is mighty.”

Ye Futian had come over as well. He knew how powerful Blind Tie was since he had been able to fight Muyun Lan. Since that man in black had fought Blind Tie without obviously losing, he was certainly a very powerful fighter himself.

“The Divine Prefecture itself is already huge, and there are more worlds than that. Half of the best cultivators have appeared here, so it’s not surprising that such powerful characters are here too. There might even be some who are even more powerful around,” replied Ye Futian. Blind Tie nodded. He understood that too.

This place had gathered the top fighters of the entire world, not just the best of one domain.

Ye Futian looked towards Ye Wuchen again and asked, “How are you feeling?”

Ye Wuchen had swallowed the entire nebula, but Ye Futian didn’t know how much he had gained out of doing that.

“The bit of sword will that Ziwei the Great left behind contains a sort of swordsmanship.” Ye Wuchen looked at Ye Futian with a gleam in his eyes. He was rather excited inside as well. He had gained way more than a breakthrough in level this time.

Ye Futian smiled and nodded. This had indeed been a wonderful opportunity. After all, not everyone had attained the powers of Great Emperors more than once like himself.

The swordsmanship of the sword will that had been left behind from Ziwei the Great’s cultivation was extremely valuable to a sword cultivator.

“Come on, let’s go to other places to have a look,” said Ye Futian, and they all left the place. Since the nebula had already been swallowed up, this area no longer had anything of value, so nobody stuck around.

They all continued walking around the galaxy to look for where the others had gone. Just then, they noticed that a fight had broken out in front.

Ye Futian looked in the direction of the fight, and his brows immediately furrowed slightly.

“Oh no!” Blind Tie exclaimed before suddenly breaking out into a run at breakneck speed.

The rest of them also quickly headed to that area. Ye Futian flew through the sky and arrived at that area in just a few moments, while Blind Tie and Fang Gai had already gone over first. They immediately got into a fight and clashed fiercely with them, causing the entire galaxy to shake violently.

Ye Futian increased his speed and came to where Fang Huan and Zi Feng were. The aura around Zi Feng trembled violently and seemed to be injured. But her entire body was covered in Divine Fire so that she could recover very quickly.

Above him, Shi Kui and Gu Huai were standing in different places, but they were both facing powerful opponents. But of course, the one who had the most powerful cultivators surrounding him was Chen Yi.

Several cultivators were standing around him, and they all possessed a terrifying aura. Some of them were even Level-eight cultivators. The way they stood in this huge space had formed a tight circle around Chen Yi as if they were afraid that Chen Yi would escape again.

Before this, Chen Yi had escaped, so they started attacking his companions to force him to return.

When he saw this scene, Ye Futian knew that Chen Yi must have been the one who got into real trouble. Otherwise, the majority of the cultivators wouldn’t be surrounding him now.

“Take this.” Ye Futian walked over to Zi Feng and passed her an elixir. Zi Feng shook her head and said, “I don’t need it.”

She was a divine phoenix, so her self-healing ability was powerful. But her nasty and icy gaze was staring straight at the cultivators before her now. It was as if she was furious with them.

She was someone who was rarely bullied. Back at the Eastern Deity Island, she bullied others and never the other way round. It was true that none of these people were from ordinary backgrounds, but neither was she. Her father was Lord Phoenix, and he dominated that region with the Supreme Deity Donglai.

Ye Futian didn’t try to persuade her further. He looked up at Chen Yi and asked, “What did he do?”

“He snatched a treasure from the nebula,” replied Zi Feng. “Furthermore, it was when the others had helped to open the way in. They were about to get to the treasure when he dashed in and grabbed it instead.”

Ye Futian felt his heart twitch slightly. This fellow was a really vicious one. No wonder so many people had surrounded him.

“But he did an excellent job,” Zi Feng complimented him. The divine light in her eyes glinted as she stared at the others and said, “Also, he could have just run off with the treasure but got implicated by us. These fellows actually turned around to attack us to force Chen Yi to come back.”


Ye Futian looked at Zi Feng in shock. This obstinate phoenix was also someone unafraid of trouble.

Earlier on, Ye Wuchen’s situation wasn’t so bad. Everyone was here to cultivate, and you owned whatever comprehension you gained from the cultivation. Most importantly, once he had swallowed the nebula, it belonged to him, and nobody else could take it away from him. But treasures were different. As long as you had your hands on it, you were constantly in danger. Once others found out you had a treasure, they would naturally want to snatch it from you.

“If you hand it over now, we can let you off,” one of the powerful cultivators surrounding Chen Yi spoke up. They didn’t dare to let their guard down. Chen Yi had other treasures on him, and he moved at the speed of light.

That was how Chen Yi managed to get that treasure earlier. They had opened up the way only to end up benefitting Chen Yi and allowing him to take the treasure away. There was no way they were letting this fellow off easily.

“The treasure was left behind in the galaxy, so it belongs to whoever manages to get their hands on it. Since all of you helped open the way, I can only thank everyone from the bottom of my heart. There are many other treasures in the galaxy too. You can look around. Several others have already made their way there. Why insist on targeting me?” responded Chen Yi with a smile. His body was bathing in divine light as if he was ready to run any minute.

He looked down and glanced over at Ye Futian. He transmitted his voice over, “Are you going to help me or not?”

Ye Futian looked up at him. This fellow actually knew how to ask for help?

“How do you expect me to help you in such a situation?” replied Ye Futian via transmission. “I’ll take care of the folks below. You can save yourself and run if you can. Just take it that we don’t know each other!”

“…” Chen Yi stared down at Ye Futian in shock. He couldn’t believe such a heartless person existed!

Just take it that they didn’t know each other?!

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