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«The Legend of Futian (Web Novel) - Chapter 2092 - Seven Divine Techniques

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Chapter 2092: Seven Divine Techniques

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The outsiders were also filled with curiosity about the young people in Four Corner Village.

They might possess extraordinary talents themselves, but so did the young men in Four Corner Village who could cultivate. The number of cultivators who came from Four Corner Village in the Shangqing Domain was relatively small, but all of them had gained considerable fame.

Among the countless cultivators, one in ten million might come to be a Renhuang. The chance of becoming a prominent cultivator in the Shangqing Domain was infinitesimal. Nevertheless, such a small village had produced several distinguished Renhuangs who were well known in the Shangqing Domain. This was definitely a land of miracles.

There were plenty of rumors circling about this village. The top forces in the Shangqing Domain all had some connections with Four Corner Village. They had been keeping a close eye on the situation inside the village. Of course, they would like to see what these young men were capable of.

Muyun Shu, in particular, was from the Muyun family of Four Corner Village. He had an older brother who was a powerful figure in the Outer Realms.

Outsiders had shown up in all directions on the street. They were all enjoying the exciting sight with an ambiguous smile. After all, it was only a group of teenagers.

“I can do it,” Tie Tou turned around and said to Ye Futian, Beigong Ao, and others. Ye Futian recognized the determination in Tie Tou’s eyes and nodded to him. Beigong Ao also pulled back.

Ye Futian raised his head and scanned the crowd gathered around them. He immediately noticed that none of them was common folks. These people acted like commoners in the village without raising any attention or suspicion. They didn’t reveal their abilities here, while in fact, they were all renowned cultivators outside.

Nevertheless, the villagers were not interested in them or impressed by their reputation. Since these people were living in Four Corner Village, they had to follow the rules of the village.

Muyun Shu himself wasn’t eager to fight. Instead, the two people by his side walked toward Tie Tou. Infuriated, Tie Tou stood in place like a fierce beast. As young as he was, he had formidable energy surging on his body which gave an idea of his strength.


The two young men launched the first attack. They rushed toward Tie Tou with all haste like two bolts of lightning. One of them was flashing with silver light, and the other sounded like the howling wind. They reached Tie Tou from both directions at the same time. One person pushed his hand forward while the other made a chopping motion as though he was using his hand as a blade. As they released their power, a faint and grating sound echoed in the air. Their attacks fell upon Tie Tou simultaneously.

Bang. At this moment, Tie Tou emitted brilliant golden light from his body. As his burly figure became golden and shone brightly, it seemed like the divine light of the Great Path was glowing on him. The attacks from the two young men hit him but only made a crisp sound. He took a few steps back.

Tie Tou opened his arms and then stamped forward abruptly. Even the stone tiles on the ground cracked. A terrifying golden storm formed around them. With his arms open, Tie Tou rushed forward and smashed the two young men in their chests. The two boys were pushed back immediately and fell hard on the ground. Blood streamed down from the corner of their mouths.


Tie Tou stamped his foot again. Countless golden rings of light began to wrap around his body from the top and encased him like a shell. The onlookers narrowed their eyes and watched the golden divine light descending from the void above.

It was the energy of the Great Path.

He was only a teenager who hadn’t comprehended the power of the Great Path, nor did he understand how to utilize it. Nonetheless, he was born with the energy of the Great Path. Even the cultivators from the top forces felt jealous of his gifts.

“Wonderful,” someone said in a low voice. They had become immensely interested in a brawl between some teenagers. Four Corner Village surely deserved its reputation.

They started to understand why the cultivators who came from Four Corner Village could advance so fast.

The villagers were blessed by the Great Path yet were also cursed by it. Few of them truly reached the pinnacle in the end.

“Come on!” Tie Tou glared at Muyun Shu in front of him and shouted.

Muyun Shu stood still and stared at Tie Tou, his eyes filled with impudence and arrogance. Then, he walked over to Tie Tou, step by step. Looking at the golden rings of light coming from the void above, he thought to himself, “I really underestimated Tie Tou. He has made quite some progress indeed. No wonder the teacher praised him.”


Muyun Shu also gave off a brilliant golden light. The more frightening thing was that a magnificent pattern appeared behind Muyun Shu and started to display scary spectacles.

It was a Golden-Winged Giant Peng Bird. Each of its feathers looked like a dazzling divine sword. The Golden-Winged Giant Peng Bird spread its wings as though it was hovering and soaring in the pattern. There were other big demon beasts as well — Kylin, Taotie, demonic dragon, and phoenix. But all the big demon beasts were slaughtered and annihilated wherever the Golden-Winged Giant Peng Bird flew by as though it was the king of all the demonic beasts.

“It’s the Picture of the Domineering Golden Peng Bird.” Everyone’s eyes were glued to the scene. The Muyun family had the Life Spirit of the Golden-Winged Giant Peng Bird and could form the horrifying Picture of the Domineering Golden Peng Bird by birth. The cultivator from the Muyun family living in the Outer Realms had killed many of his peers on the strength of that.

Rumor had it that there were seven Supreme Divine Techniques hidden in the Divine Relic in Four Corner Village. One of them owned the Muyun family. Three were each owned by three different families. One was lost outside and taken by a top force in the Outer Realms. And the last two were still unknown to the world so far.

It was also why cultivators from all around the Shangqing Domain came to Four Corner Village ceaselessly over the years. On top of that, the visitors were all remarkable geniuses from top forces. Ordinary folks didn’t even have a chance to come here.

A young man like Muyun Shu could already summon such an extraordinary phenomenon. It was indeed a natural gift that made people envy.

Buzz! A whirlwind abruptly swept this area. Two feathered wings became visible behind Muyun Shu as though he had transformed into a young Golden-Winged Peng Bird. Flapping his wings, Muyun Shu vanished into thin air.

Tie Tou had a serious look on his face. He certainly knew how powerful Muyun Shu was. Muyun Shu was one of the best students of the teacher. Moreover, the Muyun family enjoyed a much higher status in Four Corner Village than his. That was why Muyun Shu was so haughty and insolent.

Bang! Tie Tou stamped the ground and smashed the stone tiles. He charged forward and raised his arm to throw a punch. However, a flash of golden divine light appeared, and the young Golden-Winged Peng Bird popped up in the sky above. Muyun Shu’s body hovered in midair. He lowered his head and looked down at Tie Tou’s figure below, said, “You’re too slow.”


Before his voice away, he dove down, drawing a golden arc with his body. Tie Tou looked up and threw another forceful punch at him. Nevertheless, he felt like he only hit the void. The next moment, Muyun Shu’s golden wings slashed at Tie Tou. With a scraping sound, Tie Tou felt a sharp pain and was flung away.

He fell on the ground, and the rings of golden light wrapped around his body were torn apart. He had a bad gash on his back that kept bleeding. Clenching his teeth, Tie Tou bore the pain and didn’t say a word.

“Tie Tou!” Little Ling rushed over to him and helped him up. Tie Tou’s bloodshot eyes were fixed on Muyun Shu, who was still hovering in midair. Muyun Shu spread his wings open like a young, arrogant war god.

Ye Futian didn’t intercede and had been watching them quietly. He witnessed what Muyun Shu was capable of and began to understand why he was so conceited. The young man certainly had his reason to feel good about himself. Judging by Muyun Shu’s performance just now, he was definitely one of the best cultivators of his age in the entire Divine Prefecture, let alone the small Four Corner Village. The top forces would fight hard for a genius like him.

Even so, Ye Futian detested Muyun Shu’s character. The young man didn’t even show any mercy to his homeboy. Ye Futian had no doubt that Muyun Shu would use lethal force if allowed.

“You know the result now. That’s enough,” said Ye Futian.

Muyun Shu turned his head and darted a disdainful look at Ye Futian. Then he turned back to Tie Tou and spoke, “You have to ask him. Tie Tou. I will let you off if you make way for me whenever you see me in the future.”

“In your dream!” Tie Tou stood up, his eyes blazing. Ye Futian stepped forward, but someone said, “It’s none of your business. You should stay out of Four Corner Village’s affairs.”

Ye Futian glanced at the man speaking. He was obviously an outsider as well.

Ye Futian didn’t care and kept going forward. He went to Tie Tou’s side and said to Muyun Shu, “You’re schoolmates with each other. A sparring session is enough.”

“F*ck off!” Muyun Shu scoffed at Ye Futian in a contemptuous tone.

“Mind your own business,” someone else warned Ye Futian. Chen Yi surveyed the crowd and found this place more and more interesting.

“Uncle Ye, I can still fight.” Tie Tou’s eyes were tinged with blood. He stepped forward and glared at Muyun Shu. “Don’t think too highly of yourself.”

Then, he unleashed even more intense energy from his body. Beams of frightening golden divine light shone brilliantly.

“Tie Tou.”

At this moment, a voice interrupted him. A blind man walked over to them from afar. It was Blind Tie, the owner of the blacksmith shop.

“Dad.” Tie Tou looked in the direction of the voice.

“Come back with me,” said Blind Tie. Tie Tou shot a look at Muyun Shu, unwilling to give up. However, he had no choice since his father was standing next to him. He lowered his head and said to Little Ling, “Little Ling, I’m going back now.”

“Okay.” Little Ling nodded. Tie Tou walked toward his father.

Blind Tie turned around and left while Tie Tou quietly followed behind. Muyun Shu looked at them and said, “It’s not over yet.”

Blind Tie stopped and turned around to face Muyun Shu. Muyun Shu had a strange feeling that he was being stared at by a fierce beast, even though it was a blind man that couldn’t actually see. To his surprise, he was ill at ease as fear rose in him.

“Let’s go.” Blind Tie turned back and left with Tie Tou. Muyun Shu didn’t stop them this time. He just stared at their receding figures with his frosty eyes.

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