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«The Legend of Futian (Web Novel) - Chapter 1927 - Joining In

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Chapter 1927: Joining In

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The 27 chess pieces seemed like they had merged into one. Golden divine light radiated from the chess pieces, and an unparalleled illusion emerged. The chess pieces moved forward, and it felt as if a huge pagoda had arrived, crushing the enemy.

Bang, bang… The other chess pieces used to attack the young man were crushed into nothingness. The young man waved his finger, and the 27 chess pieces flew and dashed all over the place in a frenzy. Sounds of chess pieces cracking and breaking filled the air. All the Great Path chess pieces of the other eight cultivators had been turned into dust.

The unparalleled illusion towered over everyone with a tinge of condescension. This competition of the Great Paths ended without a hint of suspense. The young man achieved an overwhelming victory and crushed his opponents. Furthermore, of the 27 chess pieces he used for the attack, none were destroyed.

Among the 36 chess pieces, 35 remained.

“Congratulations!” After the battle, the Eastern Deity Island host deity congratulated the young man. She then continued, “You can wait on the side, and we will enter the Eastern Deity Gate later together.”

“Okay.” The young man nodded. With a flash, his body disappeared. He moved swiftly to the side of the Eastern Deity Gate. There was an empty penthouse over there. So, the young man went there. After that, he crossed his legs and sat down before continuing with his cultivation.

Invincible, thought many practitioners standing in front of the chessboard. No one could even threaten the young man. The result was splendid. He only lost one chess piece. They wondered if someone else had been able to do this before.

At that time, the Eastern Deity Island’s deity host spoke again. “Who else?” As soon as she finished asking, someone immediately strode forward towards the chessboard. He landed one of the six locations on the chessboard. The next moment, 36 Great Path chess pieces appeared and hovered around his body.

“It is the young city lord of Wushang City,” said someone with a surprised expression. Wushang City was one of the main cities on the Penglai Continent. Wushang City’s city lord was powerful. This young city lord’s cultivation level was already at a frightening level. He was at least on the sixth plane, his combat ability was remarkable, and his talent was extraordinary.

He chose to be the first to enter the stage, probably because he wanted to silence and stun the others, to make other powerful cultivators avoid him. To not compete with him.

“The young city lord of one of the strongest factions on the Penglai Continent, Wushang City’s young city lord Liu Qing,” Shangguan Qiuye explained to Ye Futian. She continued, “It is very well-known all across the Penglai Continent. He is a lot more exceptional compared to Jun Qiuyan. Of course, the same goes for me. He is the heir of Wushang City. There is no doubt about it. The reason why Liu Qing chose to be the first one to enter is to pronounce that the second seat belonged to him.”

“That means that you would also lose if you went up there?” Asked Ye Futian.

“That’s the most likely case,” replied Shangguan Qiuye. “If you’re not in a hurry, avoiding him is a good option. While you are probably stronger than him, I am afraid that there may be other powerful characters in the later round. Once you expose your strength, you may become the target of the larger group and be surrounded. There might be some pressure.”

From Shangguan Qiuye’s point of view, the overwhelming power that Ye Futian displayed was sufficient to defeat even Liu Qing. However, Liu Qing was still a strong opponent who might be able to pressure Ye Futian.

“It looks like the young city lord of Wushang City has sealed the victory of this first round of battle,” said someone. For a time, no one actually got on the board.

“The young city lord of Wushang City, eh?” An elegant looking young man flashed and appeared on the large chessboard. The man had a very handsome face and pure white skin. He was refined and elegant like a woman, a rare pretty boy.

“Beiyuan Continent. Bai Gu,” said the young man gently with a feminine yet dreary voice, sending chills down several peoples’ spines.

Named continents were never weak. Beiyuan Continent was a continent of similar strength compared to Penglai Continent. However, most people had never been to a place so far away before, so, in comparison, the name of Beiyuan Continent was unfamiliar to most.

However, some of those in major and powerful factions knew what the Bai family name of Beiyuan Continent meant.

The Bai family name of Beiyuan Continent conquered the entire Beiyuan Continent. Unlike the Penglai Continent, they were the absolute conqueror.

Even Liu Qing stopped to look at Bai Gu. He looked at Bai Gu with a rather solemn expression; however, he did not seem too bothered by it. If he did not encounter him here, he would still have to face him in a later battle. It did not matter that much to him.

“I knew that practitioners who came to cultivate and train in Eastern Deity Island this time would be strong. Wushang City dominates part of the Penglai Continent while the royal Bai family conquers the Beiyuan Continent. This old man is nameless, but I would like to join in the fun.” Another man stepped up. He was elderly, but his aura was domineering. He was a high order Renhuang.

“This elder defeated many people who competed against him elsewhere when encountering a Great Path Opportunity. He is mighty.” The expressions on some were solemn, and most were at least a little shocked. From the conversations and comments, they began to understand Bai Gu’s weight.

It was only the first battle. Were all the powerful cultivators rushing into the chess battle?

“Since that is the case, I will also join in the fun,” said another voice. This time, it was a woman Renhuang. She wore a long red robe and had an air of elegance and glamour as if she were a queen whom one should never offend.

“Blood Empress,” Shangguan Qiuye said softly. Every practitioner from Penglai Continent seemed to tremble after seeing her. What was going on?

One after another, powerful characters had entered the stage. Were they rushing in to prove themselves in the chess battle?

Could they not wait until the next round?

Each of these practitioners who joined in was a powerful cultivator. They were proud. The mysterious young man from before was too powerful and caused many to avoid him intentionally. That in and of itself had already violated their principles.

Now, the mysterious young man had already won. He would no longer take part in the battle. Would they avoid the battle again?

Moreover, in this battle to pass through the gate, thousands of practitioners from various continents remained. It was truly a situation where powerful cultivators were as common as clouds in the sky. Who knew what kinds of opponents would appear in the next round?

Every battle would have someone powerful.

Particularly after the battle where the nine victors had to battle again. So, it was inevitable.

They did not want to keep waiting to continue avoiding others. As such, the current situation was created.

Since many powerful characters were already like that, there was nothing for the others to avoid. One after another, people began to step onto the chessboard.

Not many could step into the core area of Eastern Deity Island in the first place. Most people knew their limits, they were only there for the experience. Since that was the case, why be picky? There was nothing to be afraid of.

Moreover, if they were there to train, the higher the number of powerful characters, the better.

Seeing the scene before them, many knew that this round of battle belonged to the few strong people. The rest were just there to participate.

“A few of them are very strong. Let’s avoid this?” Shangguan Qiuye said. However, just as she ended her sentence, Ye Futian strode forward and said, “Help me keep an eye on him.

Leaving Jun Qiuyan behind, Ye Futian walked forward and moved onto the chessboard, leaving Shangguan Qiuye with a wide-eyed stare.

“This guy…”

However, she knew just how powerful Ye Futian was. In a one versus one situation, whether it was Liu Qing or Bai Gu, none of those on the board would defeat Ye Futian.

However, she worried that if Ye Futian showed his true strength, he would be targeted, and in that situation, who knew what could happen.

“This guy also went up there.” Many Penglai Continent’s Renhuang also noticed Ye Futian. He was wringing Jun Qiuyan all over the place, so it was natural that people paid attention to him. In addition to that, practitioners at the Cliff Face Relic earlier had amused expressions on their faces.

So, he is moving, they thought.

Earlier, several extraordinary characters entered the stage, and most people thought that the winner would be one of them. However, when Ye Futian emerged, they knew that the ultimate victor would be Ye Futian.

Among them, one person said with confidence, “It looks like the victor of this battle is decided.”

“The victor is decided? Liu Qing, the Blood Empress, Bai Qu, these are all powerful people. I would assume it is still very much up in the air, no?” someone replied.

“They will not win,” answered the guy who spoke earlier. He glanced at the other person with a profound smile.

“Huh?” The person seemed perplexed and asked, “Then, who do you think will be the victor?”

“Him.” The guy pointed at Ye Futian, which led to a lot of people looking at him.

Ye Futian, with his white hair, wore a white outfit. His aura and demeanor were definitely extraordinary. Devilishly handsome, Ye Futian’s face could be regarded as handsome as Bai Gu, if not even more so. For a short time, he definitely attracted the gazes of many people.

However, to claim that he could defeat all the strong characters on the board? It was still a questionable remark, to say the least.

Of course, since someone did make that claim, it meant that he was definitely quite exceptional in some areas. So, who was this person?

On the chessboard, Ye Futian landed in a location. Instantly, 36 chess pieces appeared and hovered around his body. It was as if they were created from a spell of the matrix, it was quite incredible.

Ye Futian injected his divine consciousness and Power of the Great Path into the chess pieces. Then, the next moment, the chess pieces began buzzing and emitting whooshing noises. The will of the Great Path began to emanate from the chess pieces; it seemed very natural.

Then, Ye Futian frowned. He felt as if someone had fixed their eyes on him.

He raised his head. On the chessboard, someone on his side decided to start his attack. Nine chess pieces rushed over towards. The chess pieces contained an extreme Power of the Thunder. They transformed into the nine beams of the Light of Thunder and flew straight toward Ye Futian.

The nine beams of Light of the Great Path of Thunder shot at Ye Futian. Ye Futian raised and waved his arms. Immediately after, a chess piece flew out and drew a perfect and beautiful curve that transformed into a Sword Will.

The Sword Will directly pierced through the opponent’s nine chess pieces, destroying every single one in an instant.

The nine chess pieces fell. The practitioner looked at Ye Futian. In front of Ye Futian, the only thing left was the frightening aura flowing from that chess piece.

He only used one piece to defeat his nine pieces.

On the chessboard, several others turned their eyes toward Ye Futian. This guy also seemed very strong!

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