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«The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 783: The End of the Nalan Mansion

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Chapter 783: The End of the Nalan Mansion

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Hexi didn’t go to see him again, but she just spoke to Qing Luan indifferently, “Ruin his face so that the person who buys him will not recognize him as Nalan Zhengze, then ask Chen Bai to send him to the slave market! ”

“Yes, miss!”

Qing Luan took care of Nalan Zhengze, then she handed the person to Chen Bai who was lurking in the mansion before returning to Hexi.

Hexi was sitting in An Lingyue’s courtyard at this time, staring at the depressed scenery in the garden in a daze.

Qing Luan reported in her ear, “…Chen Bai has asked people to disperse Nalan Mansion’s subordinates. When they heard that the master of Nalan Mansion was dead, they didn’t even stay for a moment; they all ran away without looking back.”

Hexi nodded and took a sip of the tea in her hand.

Qing Luan glanced at Mrs. Nalan, who was still in a coma in the corner of the room and said, “Miss, what about that person?”

Hexi glanced at her and said lightly, “Give her the antidote, throw her out of Nalan Mansion, and let her perish on her own.”

“Miss, you don’t kill her? I heard she bullied you too.”

Hexi laughed, “Murong Yaru and Nalan Feixue are nothing more than poor things sacrificed by the Nalan Family. Nalan Feixue thought that she can be arrogant and can trample Nalan Hexi under her feet, but in fact she doesn’t know she is just a pawn used by Nalan Zhengze to monitor and test Nalan Hexi. The same is true for Mrs. Nalan.”

“Now that these two chess pieces have lost their effect, they have been completely abandoned by the Nalan Family. Although I hate them for humiliating Nalan Hexi at the beginning, they have now received their due retribution. Being sold and abandoned by the people closest to them, and lost everything; such punishment is enough for them!”

Qing Luan nodded again and again. A smile appeared on his face, “Miss don’t worry, I understand!”

The two of them talked, and no one paid attention to Mrs. Nalan who was unconscious in the corner.

So they didn’t see that water stains flowed down from Mrs. Nalan’s bloody face, which made the messy face even hideous.


One night later, the people in Yanjing City were horrified to find that the Nalan Family, which was originally one of the four major families, was completely empty overnight.

Several houses inside collapsed; the front and rear yards were smashed into a mess; all valuable things were messed up and left on the ground.

The most frightening thing was that no one can be seen in the entire huge mansion.

The streets were full of people discussing this matter. Thinking of the extinctions of Murong Family and Ouyang Family that happened recently, now it was the Nalan Family’s turn. It made the martial artists feel uneasy.

“Why is Nalan Mansion destroyed? Isn’t Doctor Nalan’s reputation always very good? Who would have trouble with him?”

“I heard that many martial artists from sects and aristocratic families rushed into the Nalan Family yesterday. Everyone was fierce and vicious. It seemed like they went to reason with Doctor Nalan. I heard that the Jiuyin Lingshen Pill that Doctor Nalan sold is fake, it has no effect at all!”

“What? Jiuqu Lingshen Pill was promoted as a magical medicine. How much benefit did the Nalan Family get with this medicinal pill? How could it be fake?”

“If Jiuqu Lingshen Pill is really fake, then it makes sense for the Nalan Family to be eliminated! I think it must be done by those who were deceived by Doctor Nalan!”

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