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«The Idol Group Pet Became a Final Boss! (Web Novel) - Chapter 576: Kitty Fan (5)

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Chapter 576: Kitty Fan (5)

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Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

Not only were the fans watching Ah Dai’s livestream confused, Ah Dai was dumbfounded too!

They felt that Xiang Yi shouldn’t squander her money like this even though she was rich!

A cat is only a beast after all, how can it eat better food than a human?!

“Hah, Xiang Yi is really generous…” Ah Dai ruffled her hair, giving off a fragrant scent. “But I think we should set a limit for everything. Too much of a good thing may be bad…”

Xiang Yi said indifferently, “I wasn’t the one who bought it but my uncle. He dotes on Xiao Naofu very much. I usually make Xiao Naofu’s food on my own.”

Ah Dai was speechless.

Everyone knew that Xiang Feng was a domineering CEO so he would of course, buy whatever he wanted.

He didn’t need anyone to make comments about his spending habits.

Ah Dai was furious and sour. In fact, she even imagined how wonderful life would be if she was Xiang Feng’s niece.

The director, however, became interested. “Xiang Yi, what kind of food do you usually make yourself? Is it troublesome to do it yourself?”

Xiang Yi shared her recipes with him.

“Just some poached salmon, chicken breast, prawns and so on. I occasionally cook some other meat. Kittens are better off eating meat as a staple food.”

“I do mix some steamed pumpkin, carrots, and sweet potatoes and feed them a little. These foods are rich in fibre.”

“If possible, you can also feed your cat some cabbage and lettuce and so on, which will provide additional vitamins and minerals. However, these vegetables have to be cooked.”

“That’s so elaborate.” The director lamented. Feeling that he could not leave Ah Dai out, he asked, “Ah Dai you must be very knowledgeable too after raising cats for such a long time, right?”

Ah Dai said pitifully, “Xiang Yi is really great, but I’m usually too busy to cook, so I usually feed Pudding cat food and canned cat food. I’m so envious of Xiang Yi for being able to take care of Xiao Naofu so well!”

The director was quite smart too and he could vaguely tell the hidden meaning behind Ah Dai’s compliment. He laughed and said tactfully, “Great,great! Okay then, let’s all get ready to start shooting!”

The set had been set up in advance. It was in a warm and pleasant living room with clear windows. There was also warm orange light to create the right amount of warmth for the atmosphere.

Xiang Yi changed into a clean outfit comprising of a purple knit shirt and a long white skirt. She looked extremely gentle.

Having been bribed with the dried fish, Pudding was now very friendly to Xiang Yi and it would even take the initiative to rub itself against Xiang Yi coquettishly.


When the staff brought out the cooked vermicelli, the rich aroma somehow stimulated Pudding, and it started scratching Xiang Yi!


The sleeve of the knitted shirt that Xiang Yi had just changed into was torn by Pudding’s claws, which even hooked onto the thread!

The director repeatedly reminded Ah Dai to switch off the livestream, but Ah Dai pretended not to hear, and cheekily continued the stream.

Seeing this scene, Ah Dai exclaimed, “Xiang Yi, don’t scare Pudding!”

Xiang Yi was confused.

‘Since when did I scare it?’

Pudding’s fans, however, did not care about this and began cursing at Xiang Yi.

-[What’s wrong with this woman? Why is she scaring Pudding?!]

-[Xiang Yi, do you think Pudding is your tacky cat? It’s very delicate and it’s not a cat you can treat with negligence!]

——[Pudding obviously hates Xiang Yi. Can’t they just replace Xiang Yi with someone else? Otherwise, I’m not going to watch this ad! And I will never order this brand’s vermicelli either!]

Ah Dai blinked and started behaving as pretentiously as she could.

“Sorry, sorry, sorry, it’s Pudding’s fault. Why don’t we replace Pudding…”

The director pondered for a moment before exclaiming, “Sure!”

Ah Dai was stunned. “Huh?”

The director happily made up his mind. He declared, “Let’s replace Pudding with Xiao Naofu!”

Ah Dai: ????????


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