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«The Idol Group Pet Became a Final Boss! (Web Novel) - Chapter 554: Nothing At All

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Chapter 554: Nothing At All

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The netizens teased in the comments:

—— [Director Zheng! You’re rich, you’re rich now!]

—— [This is probably a godsend opportunity that fell into your lap. I’m so full of envy]

—— [Xiang Yi is really the princess that everyone pampers! Her family spoils her so much!]

-[Who doesn’t want to have a family that can be a safe haven? Xiang Yi’s family is her backbone while my family… Ah…]

Countless people in front of the screen all revealed their envy of Xiang Yi.

The feeling of having the support of your family regardless of what you do is really…


Perhaps it is this kind of family that can raise such a gentle and calm girl.

In a private hospital.

Zhuo Yi was waiting for the test results.

He asked his assistant to take a picture of it and posted it on Weibo to win the sympathy of the netizens.

[@ZhuoYi: The true colors of people will eventually show.]

The man in the photo was pale and drenched in cold sweat. Although his features were still handsome, he looked rather haggard.

After all, Zhuo Yi was a “Double Gold Best Actor” who had debuted many years ago so he had garnered a large fan base.

The fans arrived at the comment section immediately and were full of indignation.

—— [Didn’t Best Actor Zhuo go to the manor? How did he end up like this?!]

—— [Did Shi Sui do something to Zhuo Yi? Zhuo Yi hit him back then because of the film. It’s too distasteful of him to be taking revenge at this time!]

—— [Oh my God, Shi Sui is too toxic. Didn’t Teacher Zhuo just hit him a few times? Why musthe take revenge? I’m sure Mr. Zhuo didn’t mean to do it back then]

The fans had a thick filter that blinded them so they felt that Zhuo Yi hadn’t done anything wrong and scolded Shi Sui instead.

The Shi Sui sisters arrived after receiving the news. Once they saw that the comments’ section was in such a manner, they were displeased.

A huge argument broke out and the comment section became a battlefield.

The Shi Sui sisters were extremely aggressive and it didn’t take long for Zhuo Yi’s fans to fall in the comment section.

Zhuo Yi’s fans began to change the subject, saying that Shi Sui and his fans were being too overbearing by forgetting his senior after gaining fame; and that in terms of capabilities, seniority and acting skills, Zhuo Yi was definitely better.

However, they underestimated the netizens’ ability to scour the Internet.

Someone happened to locate the hospital where Zhuo Yi was admitted to. They happened to see a photo of a medical record that was photographed in a Weibo post belonging to a medical staff. After zooming in on the record, they discovered that the record happened to belong to Zhuo Yi.

The diagnosis was clearly written on it, and although most of the text was obscured, there happened to be a sentence that was vaguely recognizable after zooming in.

[The patient’s bones, joints and skin are completely normal…]

The netizens were dumbfounded.

In other words, he was totally unhurt!

‘What are you acting for then!?’

Zhuo Yi’s fans were also confused because they thought that Zhuo Yi had been “bullied” by Shi Sui but to they didn’t expect Zhuo Yi to be perfectly healthy.

The Shi Sui sisters started mocking them using that diagnosis.

—— [Wow~ Best Actor Zhuo is really wonderful]

—— [What is he pretending for? He was totally acting like he had been beaten up. What a joke]

—— [In terms of seniority, Shi Sui has indeed been in the industry for a few years lesser than Zhuo Yi but in terms of competency, Zhuo Yi is only a Double Gold movie star while Shi Sui is a Triple Gold movie star. In terms of acting skills, Shi Sui has played a variety of roles. Apart from martial arts dramas and films, has Zhuo Yi played other roles? No]

At this moment, the medical staff brought the medical records to the VIP lounge.

“What? There’s nothing wrong with me? How is this possible?!”

Zhuo Yi was in disbelief. He had clearly been tortured by Xiang Yi who dislocated his hand and then restored it. She had done it several times repeatedly and yet, he was now told that he had taken the beating for nothing!


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