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«The Idol Group Pet Became a Final Boss! (Web Novel) - Chapter 456: Backlash (2)

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Chapter 456: Backlash (2)

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The crisp sound made everyone’s heart jump.

Dong Mei cursed, “Will it kill you to hold it in for a while!?! You’re too old to be peeing in your pants. You’re so disgusting! You’re deliberately trying to embarrass me, aren’t you? Why did I give birth to a son like you…”

Her son turned pale as if he had done something terrible. He was in so much fear that his body began to tremble

The elderly lady barked furiously, “You’re such a terrible mother!”

The other passers-by were also indignant.

A young man nearby took a video recording of everything…

Dong Mei lashed out at all the passers-by around her who criticized her in front of the hospital before taking her son back inside to be put on the drip.

Her son was still wearing his damp, soiled pants and not daring to utter a single word or sit down, for fear that he would dirty the chairs in the hospital.

A nurse took pity on him and gave him a pair of hospital pants for him to change into.

“Thank you,” the little boy thanked obediently.

“You’re welcome.” The nurse smiled at him, raised her hand and rubbed his hair.

She returned to her shift and vaguely heard some patients discussing among themselves. “Ah, the video of this child getting beaten has become viral!”

“People like her don’t deserve to be parents! They’re not fit!”

There were many of such comments. After taking a look at it curiously, she discovered that the woman in the video was the mother of that poor little child!


The nurse clenched her fist in great pleasure!

On this day, countless people had their social media platform feed flooded with that video.

The way that Dong Mei had treated her child in the video was flabbergasting!

The last slap and the tears that were welling up in the boy’s eyes and about to fall had tugged at the heartstrings of countless people!

———[Students have to sit for exams to get promoted in school but why don’t parents have to take exams before they’re allowed to be parents?]

—— [She left her child alone and even hit him. Is she his biological mother at all!?!]

—— [After watching this video, I realized that not everyone in this world is worthy of being a parent!]

The outrage of the netizens was rather appalling.

Soon, someone found Dong Mei’s personal details and shared it on the Internet.

Her Weibo account didn’t escape the sharp eyes of the netizens.

When they saw that she had also posted something on Weibo to denigrate Xiang Yi, their anger doubled.

The backlash of public opinion was also phenomenal. Within just a few minutes, her Weibo account was in total disrepute!

Later on, Dong Mei’s former classmate who exposed her for lying about being asingle mother, also posted screenshots of the photos of Dong Mei on a vacation with her husband and son!

There was concrete evidence!

The netizens who found out that they had been deceived, were all enraged.

‘That woman is taking us for fools, huh!?!’

Dong Mei’s cell phone was flooded with countless calls and text messages. Even her husband’s superiors at work had found out that Dong Mei had beaten her child brutally in public and even created rumors. Thus, he may not be able to keep his job…

When she made her first post on Weibo, she totally didn’t expect that retribution would come so quickly!

The woman sat on the ground in the hospital, weeping incessantly in regret.

In the resting room.

Si Chuanbai strode in and discovered that the atmosphere in the room was different from before.

He pushed down his glasses and said calmly, “Are you two dating?”

Ah Nan followed behind him and was dumbfounded to hear his question.

‘No, how can Mr. Si see it at a glance?!’

Xiang Yi nodded.

Shi Sui smirked and said, “Yes, Xiang Yi is my girlfriend~~”

Ah Nan thought, ‘There’s actually such a childish side to Shi Sui!?!’

Si Chuanbai was indeed worthy of being an ace celebrity manager. His first reaction was to consider the steps to take from the perspective of their careers.

“So, are you guys planning to announce your relationship to the public?”

This time, Shi Sui nodded.

However, Xiang Yi said straightforwardly, “What if we break up?”

Shi Sui was speechless too.


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