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«The Idol Group Pet Became a Final Boss! (Web Novel) - Chapter 575: Kitty Fan (4)

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Chapter 575: Kitty Fan (4)

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The fans felt that Xiang Yi’s manager was deliberated shedding attention on Xiang Yi. Otherwise, why would he have uploaded a photo of Xiang Yi petting her cat?

They felt that she was out to make her tacky cat replace Pudding!

—— [Hey, didn’t Xiang Yi try to set a pet-whisperer persona for herself previously? Now that has fallen through, huh?]

-[Yeah, yeah, I still remember when the photos of her feeding the deer were released and everyone called her a forest fairy. That was hilarious]

—— [If a well-behaved cat like Pudding doesn’t like Xiang Yi, shouldn’t she reflect on herself? Animals are spiritual and know who are genuinely nice to them!]

The fans thought that they were speaking out in the name of righteousness, completely unaware that they had been used.

Pudding clung to Ah Dai for a long time, but the director eventually couldn’t stand it any longer and thus, gave her a reminder. Ah Dai then started apologizing profusely before putting Pudding down onto the ground.

Pudding circled around her feet and stopped only when the scent of catnip faded after a while.

Xiang Yi squatted down and gently rubbed the back of Pudding’s neck and jaw. She then fed it some dried small fish, which was Xiao Naofu’s favorite snack.

She brought a small packet of it, which contained about five or six dried fishes.

Pudding first sniffed it before widening its round pupils. It then began eating happily.

Xiao Naofu scurried over when it smelled the snack, after which it took two from Xiang Yi and nestled next to Pudding to eat.

The contrast between the two cats was just too stark.

Pudding’s tail was thicker than Xiao Naofu’s head.

Ah Dai’s livestream was still on and she wanted to take advantage of the valuable opportunity today to attract attention and drive up traffic.

To his surprise, a fan raised a question.

——[It feels like the size of this tacky cat is rather normal. When Pudding was its age, it seemed to be several times its size. Is it really appropriate for it to be so fat…]

Ah Dai hurriedly found a way to change the subject. She blinked innocently and asked, “Xiang Yi, what brand of dried small fish are you feeding it? The packaging is such a minimalist style! I’ve never seen it before!”

She was very tactful with her words, making everyone’s imagination run wild.

‘Minimalist… Doesn’t hat just mean that the packaging is simple?’

—— [How can the cat be fed junk food? The tacky cat can be fed casually, but Pudding is a pure breed!]

——[She’s already a celebrity, must she be so stingy? If she wants to buy some cat snacks, she should buy those manufactured by big brands!]

-[Even Ah Dai has never seen that brand before… Oh my God, what is this woman feeding Pudding!?]

Just as the fans were making the situation seem even more dramatic, the director came over to join in the fun and threw a small dried fish at Pudding.

He was also a cat lover and usually had a stern look on his face but whenever he saw cats, he would grin gleefully to the point that he would squint.

“Xiang Yi, this little dried fish of yours is from LP, right? Tsk, how luxurious!”

Ah Dai giggled in her heart and laughed awkwardly. “LP? Is it very expensive?”

The director exclaimed, “It’s a luxury brand in the world of cat snacks! Previously, it was the exclusive brand used by the royal families of Russia and Switzerland but now, a limited number is available to the public. One small packet of dried fish coasts as much as dozens of kilograms of jerky manufactured by D brand!”

D brand was a relatively popular local cat food brand, which sold extremely expensive dried cat food, jerky, and canned cat food!

Ah Dai was confused.

And so were the fans.

‘What the hell?!’

‘This is such an ordinary dried fish but it turns out to be from a luxurious brand!?!’

Some people refused to believe it and thus went to check the price, only to slip into a trance immediately.

‘What kind of family does Xiang Yi come from? They can actually… afford such an expensive dried fish?!’


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