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«The Great Thief (Web Novel) - Chapter 1942: Two Hearts Beating as One

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Chapter 1942: Two Hearts Beating as One

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Wasn’t it just a Mount drop? Why would the System make a global announcement because of it?

“Wow, it has 310 movement speed… That’s 30 faster than mine.”

Remnant Dream did some quick arithmetic to find that her 280 movement speed mount was comparatively slower.

Currently and for the next few patches, this was the fastest Mount available.

From that perspective, it was no wonder that the System made an announcement.

“Good job Dreamy!”

Everyone was elated. Although they didn’t get the First Clear, they had done something that couldn’t be done even with a First Clear.

There wasn’t any indication that Glory Capital had acquired the Phoenix Mount.

“Dreamy, you can take this mount like we agreed.”

Lu Li had promised long ago that she could take anything that was pet-related as their resident lucky looter.

“Eh, maybe not this time. Let’s all roll for it.”

Remnant Dream also heard the System Announcement and knew the value of this Mount. She felt like she couldn’t just take it.

Rolling for it was undoubtedly the best way to resolve this issue, as anyone had the chance to take it.

Bidding with DKP was not great because it was likely that the person with the most DKP would just take it. Lu Li didn’t want someone important to the First Clearing team to spend all their DKP to get this mount.

Lu Li was the first person to roll, as he simultaneously announced the start of the contest for the Phoenix Mount.


He only got 13 points!

This was a very unlucky number because Jesus, the Son of God, had 12 apostles. However, one of them, Judas, betrayed Jesus for 30 silver, causing him to be tortured and crucified.

“Hahaha, if you win it with that number, I’ll livestream myself naked,” Azure Sea Breeze gloated.

“I will too,” Wandering said to further taunt him.

“Me too,” Fat Monkey chimed in to play along.

Lu Li really didn’t want to get the mount now, otherwise, Ruling Sword would become a guild of exhibitionists.

Fortunately, all the players that rolled after him got better rolls. Three players actually managed to roll 100.

“I think we should all roll again, and the ones who rolled 100 are out,” Fat Monkey suggested after only rolling 60.

“The three of us should roll again,” Kitty Likes Meat said, ignoring him.

The three players that rolled 100s were Kitty Likes Meat, Mu Qiu and Crippled Black Ant. As such, the three of them rolled again.

Lu Li didn’t have much to say. He would have wanted everyone to roll again, but as the Boss, he had to show some responsibility.

In the end, Mu Qiu won the first Phoenix Mount in Dawn with a roll of 89.

After summoning it, they could see that it really looked like the first boss of the Instance Dungeon. When they sat on it, they fit quite comfortably. In Mu Qiu’s words, his whole body was warm and cosy.

The Quest items were then taken by whoever needed them. Water Fairy also got her own quest items.

She had long since completed the previous quests, and now all that was left was Prince Kael’thas’ quest items. After receiving and studying them, she would be able to transform into a Phoenix.

Suddenly, someone pointed out that Water Fairy had disappeared and had been replaced by a miniature version of the Phoenix mount. It was very cute and could made a soft squawking sound.

Lu Li smiled and used his Raven Transformation Skill.

They were now a Transformation Couple.

“Wow, how romantic! They are flying together!” Kitty Likes Meat gushed.

“Having a Phoenix paired with a Crow is such a poor match,” Azure Sea Breeze said, looking disgusted. The others didn’t really know what to feel. One of them was black and ugly while the other was red and cute. They were completely different styles.

“You guys are all jealous!” Lu Li said to comfort himself. He didn’t care what the others said and happily flew out of the Instance Dungeon with Water Fairy.

Unfortunately, Water Fairy couldn’t stay with him.

In the afternoon, Drizzle Court had a match against Purple Lunar Paradise. This was the battle that decided whether they could make it into the top 16. Lu Li gave all of his good equipment to Water Fairy.

But really, he didn’t have much.

All the professional players were currently carrying a mix between T4 and T5 Epic equipment.

Lu Li didn’t watch the game; he had complete faith in his girlfriend.

Instead, he went to his mentor, Garona, whom he hadn’t seen in a long time.

“Is there anything I can help with? The organisation must have some quests, right?”

Ever since he had become Garona’s disciple, she stopped giving him her own quests.

This meant that the only connection left between Lu Li and Ravenholdt Manor was Garona.

“I thought you didn’t have any time left to work for the organisation,” Garona said, remaining in her lazy posture while throwing out some scrolls.

“These are some quests that haven’t been given out today. You can pick from them.”

He had gotten what he wanted so suddenly that Lu Li was a little dumbfounded.

However, he was concerned that he had given the impression that he didn’t want to do these quests. He desperately needed better equipment…

Otherwise, if he and Sorrowless were to meet in battle, he would definitely be crushed.

“Return Darkness to me!!! You will do as I say!!!” Sorrowless would demand as he pressed Lu Li’s face into the ground.

The thought of that gave Lu Li shivers.

Sure enough, these were all pending quests.

Having a high-level mentor was cool, but he didn’t find any quests that he wanted from the pile.

“Teacher, is there any kind of quest that will give me Enhanced Skill Books or Legendary equipment?”

“Haha, how arrogant. You’re still my student - what are you going to do? Kill Illidan?” Garona sneered.

“That, I can’t do!”

Everything in an Instance Dungeon could be defeated, but the real Illidan was able to crush him with one finger. For some reason this game had made their NPCs incredibly strong.

The monsters in Instance Dungeons were just projections, even if they did take several days to defeat.

If fighting these projections was already this hard, they had no chance against the real thing.

“Maybe you could rescue Malfurion from the Emerald Dream?” Garona suggested again.

“Teacher, please don’t be like this,” Lu Li pleaded speechlessly. Were these actual quests that people could do? As far as he knew, even Tyrande couldn’t get Malfurion out of Emerald Dream. Only Malfurion could save himself as he had saved the world in the Emerald Dream.

“Or maybe, you could find clues to Varian’s abnormality?”

Garona probably wanted to be absolutely clear to her disciple.

“Wait… I could do this one.”

Lu Li had thought that Varian had already regenerated to his original form. He didn’t expect that he was still in his weakened state. Couldn’t he use his rebirth knowledge to provide the clues?

“Are you sure?” Garona couldn’t believe it.

“What would the quest reward be?” Lu Li asked eagerly. Since this quest had been mentioned after the first two, the rewards wouldn’t just be an Epic equipment, even if it was a little worse.

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