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«The Great Thief (Web Novel) - Chapter 1814: Self-Respect

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Chapter 1814: Self-Respect

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“What is it?” Water Fairy knew Lu Li very well. After seeing this suspiciously stingy behaviour, she knew that something valuable must have been dropped.

Lu Li couldn’t hide it from Water Fairy. As soon he heard that Water Fairy wanted to see it, he immediately showed it to her.

“Damn, what a shameless guy. What about we re-elect another boss, someone who is more reasonable? Someone like me…”

There was only one person other than Wandering who was brave enough to openly declare that they wanted the throne; this was probably Azure Sea Breeze speaking.

“This… can be used in Stronghold Wars?” Water Fairy asked, instantly realizing how the Fel Reaver blueprint worked.

It was only in a Stronghold War that the Fel Reaver could show its true potential. Even if an ordinary player had it, they wouldn’t be able to use it. After all, the Fel Reaver was expensive to construct and needed to consume a Strengthening Stone as a power source during the start of a battle.

“More precisely, it is for defending Strongholds. It is too slow to attack one,” Lu Li explained, then said proudly, “I will find someone to make it in a few days and I can give you one or two. A blueprint can theoretically craft ten copies of an item, but it would already be a success if we could craft somewhere between three to five of these.”

With Lu Li’s current Engineering level, he wouldn’t have a high probability of success, even though he had reached level 60. For a blueprint that was so hard to craft, he needed to find a true master of engineering, the kind of player that practiced nothing but Engineering. These kinds of players were probably engineers in real life too.

After seeing Lu Li’s strong ambition, Water Fairy couldn’t help but give him a kiss. It wasn’t just a kiss on the cheek either, but on his lips. Lu Li felt himself going crazy and in his delusion, deducted another 5 DKP from Azure Sea Breeze.

There were also two pieces of Gold equipment and one piece of Dark Gold equipment. These were all level 62 equips.

“Too bad these aren’t Epic,” Lu Li sighed. “Dreamy, here you go. This is all the gold I have in my bag.”

“Seven… seventeen…” Remnant Dream almost fainted.

“Hey, I only had 15, but the Boss gave me 2 more. Dreamy, I did what I said I would do. I didn’t lie to you,” Lu Li laughed.

“You’ve already gained something, but you’re still bullying Dreamy. I might just kill you. Dreamy, how about you join Drizzle Court? We wouldn’t treat you like this,” Water Fairy scolded Lu Li before turning to Remnant Dream.

In fact, there was no difference even if she did change guilds. The three guilds did all their First Clears together. Drizzle Court and Peerless City would often get Remnant Dream to loot the Wild Bosses that they defeated anyway. Remnant Dream was always happy to do a task like that.

“Lu Li, you’ll regret this!” Remnant Dream yelled angrily.

Lu Li felt like there was nothing to regret; he took pride in having tricked this little girl.

“Place your bids, place your bids! Level 62 Shoulderpads for Thieves! It’s an Epic equip with two special effects. One of the effects lowers the level requirement by 5%. This can be worn by a level 60 player. What are you waiting for? Starting bid is 200. Everyone can bid except Lu Li. I will take a 20% commission to mend my broken heart, and the rest will be divided equally among everyone else,” Remnant Dream said as she waved an equip around in her hand, which dumbfounded Lu Li.

Why was there another equip, and one that was Epic too? If you counted the number of things that Razorsaw dropped, it was definitely too much.

The other players didn’t mind the way Remnant Dream wanted to distribute the item, as they would all receive some money, even if it wasn’t much.

The fact that this level 62 equipment could be worn at level 60 without fear of a penalty immediately made it attractive for all the Thieves.

The level penalty was now becoming a little too much. Lu Li was at level 61, but his strength was actually worse than when he was at level 60. This was because he had acquired no new equipment, and the debuff was not proportionate to the benefits of levelling up. Of course, the greater the level difference, the more exaggerated the penalties would be.

This level 62 Epic equipment didn’t have great attributes, but it meant that they didn’t have to worry about level penalties until level 64.

Nowadays, the market for level 60 equipment had undergone earth-shaking changes. Equipment that was originally worth 5000 gold coins was now selling for 500. The players who didn’t listen to the game officials were now in tears and many players had the exciting opportunity of experiencing Epic equipment.

With level 70 equipment now available, why would anyone purchase level 60 equipment?

“Dreamy, I made a mistake,” Lu Li pleaded.

In fact, as the commander of the party, he had the power to assign the equipment and could even cancel Remnant Dream’s distribution rights. Unfortunately, he couldn’t just do that - it was just as important for a commander to play along and let everyone have their fun.

Besides, when it came to money, who else could compare with Water Fairy? In the end, Water Fairy naturally bought the item for more than 6000 gold coins. The current exchange rate for gold was about 1:15, so the price for this equipment was already rather exorbitant.

“You girls just banded together,” Shameless Lu sighed sadly. Although the money being spent wasn’t his, that was just a matter of time.

After clearing out the battlefield, everyone journeyed to Honor Hold. They also farmed all the herbs and ores that they came across on the way there. There were so many players in the group, that as long as they didn’t run into a Boss, there wouldn’t be any issues.

Lu Li didn’t leave right away. He directed several players to lift Razorsaw and intended to carry him back to the Honor Hold to received a reward. There wasn’t a dropped item like a head or tail or some fur. As such, he just decided to haul the whole corpse back to the NPCs.

As a low Charisma player, he had no intention of trying to convince the NPCs himself. As such, he had already arranged for Hachi Chan to get to Honor Hold ahead of time.

Hachi Chan was still flying in as a butterfly. She had a dragon that could fly her, but she still hadn’t learnt to ride and was often crashing into things. She only did it when she had no other chance, so now she was fluttering her own wings.

Perhaps she would eventually learn to ride. Those NPCs that she completed quests for might just casually hand her a skill book for that at some point.

After learning that lesson from Remnant Dream, Lu Li controlled his envy and happily handed over the Razorsaw corpse to Hachi Chan.

Hachi Chan struggled to move it as she pulled on one of its legs. The others helped her carry it and they eventually dropped it before Danath Trollbane.

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