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«The Great Thief (Web Novel) - Chapter 1580: Half a Cigarette

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Chapter 1580: Half a Cigarette

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“Alright. It’s already been set that only people without rare mounts can bid in this auction. Don’t blame me for being hostile if you decide to disobey.”

Lu Li hoped that everyone would be more reserved. Truthfully speaking, the drop rate for the Armored Razzashi Raptor was actually not too bad. If they grinded this dungeon every week, then it was bound to drop.


The ones who had a rare mount began to frown and felt saddened.

As for the definition of a rare mount, any mount besides the default race mount would count. Even the Wolf mount you could earn for placing in the top 3 in Arena counted as a rare mount.

Lu Li, Water Fairy, Remnant Dream, Hachi Chan, Azure Sea Breeze, Wandering, Lonesome Flower, March Rain, Sakura Memories, Star Baby and Deadly Green Orange all had true rare mounts. Some were dropped from Bosses, while some were obtained from completing quests.

As for Moonlight, Deadly Gold Underpants, Green Flag Wine, Bearded Zaza and many others, they had the Wolf mount instead.

After eligibility was confirmed, there was only one person who didn’t have a rare mount.

“This is too unfair!” Azure Sea Breeze whined.

“There’s no fairness or unfairness here. Would you be happy on your second rare mount while your teammate is still riding their own default mount?” Lu Li asked.

“Ugh. Fine. I give up,” Azure Sea Breeze weakly sighed.

Lu Li knew that this wasn’t the best way of distribution, but his aim was to allow the members of this team to be more aware and caring towards their allied teammates. After everyone had received a rare mount, they were free to collect mounts.

In the end, it was Half A Cigarette, a Mage from Peerless City who received the mount.

He didn’t have any other mounts besides the default mount. He had previously tried to earn the Wolf mount, but in the weeks where he tried to boost his points, he always encountered powerful opponents.

“Thank you. Thank you everyone. I’ll buy you all a meal one day.”

Half A Cigarette was extremely moved.

This was his first time joining the team properly on an instance dungeon run. Previously, at Blackwing’s Lair, he was standing outside the whole time, waiting for his orders. In the end, he wasn’t even used in that Instance Dungeon run, but at least he received some guild points for his patience.

He joined this time because Lu Li needed four Mages.

No one thought that his first item would be a mount. As a pro player, he has seen his fair share of good items, but he was a little taken aback this time.

“Let’s keep going. There’s still a mount later. Now that everyone has a rare mount, you are all free to bid on the next one.”

Using his siren-like voice to tempt them once again, the disappointed players immediately perked up.

“Hold on a second. There are still Epic items. Are you trying to hide them from us?” Azure Sea Breeze reminded, pulling Lu Li back.

“Oh! I forgot about those!” Lu Li cried out, then slapped his own head. He had actually forgotten about them.

“Hehe…if we hadn’t realised, then you would’ve gotten away with it! I can’t believe that you’re this type of person! As a leader, you tried to hide equipment from us? See you on the forums,” Azure Sea Breeze chided. Clearly, he was taking advantage of the current situation and tried to paint Lu Li in a negative light.

“Bloodlord’s Defender…eh? It’s a one-handed sword for Main Tanks. Haha! Breezy, Lady Luck is smiling upon you!” Lu Li said, in a surprised tone.

“The hell? What do you mean?” Azure Sea Breeze didn’t understand.

“Since it’s a one-handed sword and a weapon for Main Tanks, it’s naturally yours,” Lu Li chuckled, then said, “Only you can hold something so exquisite.”

“Hold on a second. How is this an exquisite item? Have you seen my current weapon? Wait…Lu Li…” Azure Sea Breeze already started to deeply regret his actions once again. It seemed that every time, he was the one getting screwed over.

“This is something so incredible! If it’s put up for auction, it would go for at least 100 guild points,” Lu Li continued to say.

“You’re too much! Too much!” Azure Sea Breeze was on the verge of tears. Holding Lu Li’s arm, he cried out, “Leader! I was wrong! I’ll never do that again. I am blind! You’re such a good team leader; I must have been demon possessed to say those things!”

“Are you satisfied? Can we keep going now?” Wandering couldn’t stand it any longer.

Azure Sea Breeze liked to be dramatic, but since when was Lu Li aiming for an Oscar? He was a gaming prodigy, a strategic commander and someone who had planned to conquer the whole of Dawn.

“Primal Hakkari Kossack and Primal Hakkari Bracers…”

These two set items were also distributed at a low price. These drops were just about everything from the Boss. As for the Bloodlord’s Defender, it obviously wouldn’t be given to Azure Sea Breeze at 100 guild points. Otherwise, that would be a little unfair.

Just because Azure Sea Breeze didn’t want it didn’t mean that the Main Tanks from the elite squads also wouldn’t be interested. Therefore, Lu Li planned to put it into the guild storage.

Although Bloodlord Mandokir only took two attempts before clearing, everyone was much more mentally drained than before. Rest was a necessity, so Lu Li gave everyone two hours. The tired ones could log out and sleep, while the hungry could go and eat.

The next area was nicknamed the Fierce Tigers Area.

Just as the name suggested, this area was overrun with tigers. High Priest Thekal, the Bloodscalp Trolls’ representative, brought along with him Bloodscalp Troll warriors and tigers and stood guard in this region.

The Bloodscalp name wasn’t that prominent, but their numbers were significant.

Different branches of the forest-based Trolls held territory in a major part of Stranglethorn Vale. These different Troll clans resided in the ruins of previous Troll cities. Although these clans were all quite close in proximity with other clans, they usually didn’t mingle with each other unless it was on the battlefield.

At least one quarter of the Trolls that players saw in Stranglethorn Vale were Bloodscalp Trolls. They were a branch of the forest-based Trolls that had grown to love the weather in the Vale after dwelling in the area for a long time.

It was best to avoid confrontations with the Bloodscalp Trolls. This was because they had a tendency to eat their captured invaders. This was especially true for Alliance members. As for Horde invaders, no one knew why they didn’t eat them. Perhaps it was because there was a branch of the Trolls working in the Horde. The man-eating aspect of the Bloodscalp Trolls was quite disgusting. If the Bloodscalp Trolls were especially hungry, they would even eat their own kind.

If it wasn’t for a unified stand against this type of evildoing and a shared ideal of a primal lifestyle, residents of the Stranglethorn Vale would not have interactions with each other.

As they had entered Zul’Gurub uninvited this time, the High Priest Thekal did not take to them kindly. He was ready to explode on a rampage at any time.

There were two major races that dominated the area. One was the tigers and the other was the Bloodscalp Trolls.

The Bloodscalp Troll warriors were similar to the Troll warriors that Lu Li had seen previously. They also used a skill similar to Whirlwind, so Lu Li just decided to bring four Mages to deal with them. Hex was the answer to killing them easily.

As for the tigers, the main solution was just to prevent them from escaping and gathering reinforcements.

If this happened, then players would need to fight against more than one type of monster.

Although they had killed all the monsters in their first attempt, these monsters still dealt significant damage to the party. This definitely lowered the morale they had gained from defeating Bloodlord Mandokir.

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