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«The Great Genetic Era (Web Novel) - Chapter 797 Reciprocation—You Know (3)

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Chapter 797 Reciprocation—You Know (3)

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But who could predict what would happen once it was exploded by super-strong energy?

This method was extremely fierce! It might even be catastrophic!

“Here, you should have seen it. I'm not too sure if this energy reactor can be detonated. However, the control center of the energy reactor would definitely explode. As long as this thing exploded, even if the aliens returned, they would not be able to restart the energy reactor in a short period of time. Without energy, the ore refinement center can't operate!”

At this point, Xu Tui chuckled. He bared his white teeth at Gerning, Clade, and the others. “What do you think of my destructive strategy?”

The expressions of Clade, Gerning, Maxis, and the others could not be any worse. Xu Tui's preparations could completely ruin their plans if they were destroyed.

It was possible to repair it. However, with their current technology and manpower on this planet, even if they gathered the six major sectors, they would not be able to repair the destroyed energy reactor and ore refinement center.

“This… Commander Xu, aren't we coming now? If you leave, we can take over. There's no need to be in a hurry to destroy it…” Gerning laughed dryly.

“You know…” Xu Tui returned those words to Gerning. It was rather ironic.

“Commander Xu Tui, you're not leaving any way out.”

“You guys aren't leaving one, so why should we?” Xu Tui interrupted Maxis, the commander of the Titan Special Force. “If you have the guts, attack. We'll detonate the energy reactor and see how many people we can take away.”

“Commander Xu Tui, we are all from the Blue Star after all…”

“Why didn't you mention this when you said ‘you know” just now!”

Gerning and Maxis fell silent. They suddenly felt like they had shot themselves in the foot.

“Tell me what your conditions are!” Clade, the commander of the European Sector's battle team, said in a low voice.

“I won't ask for too much. I want half of the profits. We've already calculated that the ore refinement center in this base can produce more than 200 metal ingots a day. They are all standard 100 kilograms.

“Excluding those that had to be handed over, the daily income is at least 200 grams of Origin Crystals. We won't take much. Just 200 grams. In the remaining 54 days, there will be a total of 10,800 grams of Origin Crystals.

“We want 5,400 grams of profit in the future. How about this? We'll be more generous. Just give us 5,000 grams of Origin Crystals. We'll leave now. We'll also send you a guide to the ore refinement center.

“This was found in the database of the command center of this base. Don't doubt its value.” Xu Tui made a condition.

As soon as he said that, Gerning, Maxis, and Clade raised their eyebrows. Wasn't this asking for too much? They did not know if there would be so much profit in the future. How could they earn money if they took half of it?

“This is too much! If anything happens during the process, we will lose everything.” Clade thought for a moment and extended five fingers. “It's a deal of 500 grams of Origin Crystals. I guarantee that you will leave safely!”

“Are you trying to dismiss a beggar? 500 grams? There are at least 200 grams of Origin Crystals a day. Alright, the negotiation has failed! Then we'll leave. We will set a one-minute countdown to detonate this particle cluster high explosive.

“If you have the ability, dismantle the bombs!” Xu Tui snapped his fingers as he spoke. “Old Cui, get ready!”

“Wait a moment!” Clade quickly shouted for them to stop.

A one-minute countdown was too f*cking sinister! Who would dare to chase in a straight line? God knew how powerful the explosion of the energy reactor after it was detonated was. If it exploded, what would they talk about?

“1,000 grams of Origin Crystals. I can't have any more.”

“Old Cui!”

“I'll set it up immediately!”

“Xu Tui, you have to understand one thing. We are here to participate in the battle, so we did not bring many Origin Crystals. We can't give you all of the Origin Crystals. 1,200 grams of Origin Crystals is enough. It's also the limit of our price!” Clade said sincerely.

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