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«The Great Genetic Era (Web Novel) - Chapter 796 Reciprocation—You Know (2)

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Chapter 796 Reciprocation—You Know (2)

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At this moment, everyone saw the silver flying sword circling back.

“Protect the Commander. Be careful!”

“Careful, raise your shield!”

The European Sector's battle team instantly became a little chaotic. Gerning and Maxis were also shocked. This action was f*cking ridiculous.

Wasn't he afraid of causing a chaotic battle?

Even though Clade was from the military, the flash of the flying sword still made his face turn pale. He already understood what Xu Tui meant.

“I'll be direct. Don't think that you can defeat us just because you have more people! You have more people, but before I die in battle, I can kill you at all costs! Commander Clade, don't doubt my strength! When I was fighting for the quantum beacon, my strength had already proven everything.” Xu Tui sneered.

Gerning and Maxis” expressions changed. In terms of attack power, that was true. However, they were not helpless.

Gerning signaled with his eyes, and a member of the special forces at the Genetic Evolution Realm slowly leaned toward Clade. This member was also a genetic nouveau riche. He had a life-saving treasure given to him by a quasi-planetary-level powerhouse. At the critical moment, he could protect Commander Clade.

It was only when the member of the special force reached his side that Clade's expression returned to normal.

At this point, everyone on both sides had entered combat mode. In any case, their defenses were activated in full.

The battle was about to begin!

Calming himself down, Clade rearranged his thoughts. “Alright, we'll pay 100 grams of Origin Crystals! However, not only do we have to enter the base, but we also have to take over a portion of the base's defense. At the same time, we have to obtain a portion of the ownership of all the facilities in the entire base! Including the profits from the Ore Refinement Center!”

“Commander Clade, your wife runs a motel. I got a room and slept with your wife. Do you think that's feasible?” Xu Tui sneered.

“My wife doesn't own a mo-” Halfway through his sentence, Clade reacted. His expression instantly turned ugly. In terms of understanding Huaxia, he was still half a beat slower.

“Commander Xu, there's no point in showing off.” Gerning, who had been watching from the side, spoke again. “The situation is very clear. Share a portion of the benefits. Both of us will win. At the same time, it could greatly reduce safety risks and even increase the mining volume.

“If you are unwilling to cooperate, I think that you will only lose more! I think that your Worldly Special Force doesn't have the ability to kill us all, right?”

Gerning smiled. “Therefore, if you take the initiative to attack us, the laws of the Blue Star Genetic Committee will not let you off after you return to the Moon. However…”

Gerning did not say what he wanted to say next, but the meaning was clear. Their current forces had the possibility of killing all of the members of the Worldly Special Force. Of course, he could only understand what he meant and could not say it directly.

“You know. Of course, even if we restrain ourselves, I'm afraid your lives won't be easy.” Gerning smiled.

As soon as he said that, not only Xu Tui, but the members of the Worldly Special Force behind him were also instantly furious. Originally, their mentality was very simple. If they were to evacuate, it was not a big deal to give the base away.

However, the words of the bandits in the European Sector made them furious!

You can't kill all of us because you will face legal punishment when you return to the moon. That's why you don't dare to attack us. However, there are not many of you. We are confident that we can kill all of you. Therefore, we dare to take the initiative to attack.

Look! Damn it, only the European Sector could make their robber actions sound so righteous!

He threatened to kill everyone!

Xu Tui suddenly smiled when he saw the confident look on Gerning's face. “Oh, cooperation. How do you plan to cooperate?”

Hearing this, the commander of the European Sector at the back, Clade, became interested. “You'll be at a disadvantage if you split the profits according to the number of people. Let's split it 1:9!” Clade looked like he was taking care of the Worldly Special Force.

“You're so generous. We'll take nine, and you'll take one?” Xu Tui asked even though he knew the answer.

“No, we'll take nine, and you'll take one. Commander Xu, you have to understand that we've taken care of you enough.” Clade looked extremely sincere.

Xu Tui sighed when he heard that. “Alright, there's something I have to tell you. There are too few people in the Worldly Special Force. We're a little worried that the alien invaders might counterattack. We're already prepared to leave this base.”

As soon as he said that, the members of the European Sector, including Clade, Gerning, and Maxis, were overjoyed. Wasn't that great?

If you guys retreat, we'll occupy it! If you had told them earlier, they would have saved 100 grams of Origin Crystals!

“However, we also remember the destructive policy that the Blue Star implemented when they fought against the alien invaders! Even if we have to retreat, we have to destroy all the important facilities and resource nodes! We have to cause trouble for the enemy at all costs and drag them down!” As he spoke, Xu Tui shouted, “Old Cui, cast the projection!”

Almost at the same time, Cui Xi and the others projected the projections of the ore refinement center, the mining cart, the monorail, and the various vital points of the energy reactor. The particle cluster explosives placed at key locations were very eye-catching at this moment.

It was even glaring!

As soon as this scene appeared, the expressions of the members of the European Sector changed drastically. Some of the members of the European Sector even quietly pushed back.

The energy reactor was safe now.

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