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«The Great Genetic Era (Web Novel) - Chapter 795 Reciprocation—You Know (1)

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Chapter 795 Reciprocation—You Know (1)

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“Gerning from the Apollo Special Force of the European Sector?”

Some of the images from the moon appeared in Xu Tui's mind when he heard the shouts of the dozen or so people opposite him.

While they were fighting for the quantum beacon, Gerning and the others, who had already obtained the secondary quantum beacon, suddenly launched a backstabbing attack on the Haotian Special Force, who were fighting for the main quantum beacon with the India Sector.

To be honest, Xu Tui did not like Ruan Da from the Haotian Special Force for personal reasons. He wanted to stay far away from him. However, he hated the special forces of the European Sector who had suddenly launched a surprise attack on the Haotian Special Force.

“Yes, Commander. This should be their lead reconnaissance team. According to the streams of light that we saw, a large number of lights are pouncing in our direction from afar. In a tactical semi-encirclement state!” Yan Lie added.

“Commander, it's not too late to retreat now,” Zhao Hailong said.

“Did you have many internal conflicts during the last space invasion?” Xu Tui suddenly asked.

“Not much, but after the battle, there were indeed elites who disappeared for no reason!” Zhao Hailong said. “There shouldn't be a conflict if we retreat now. If we stay here, the probability of a conflict is too high. I'm not afraid of battle. The key is that we have too few people.”

“Do you think they will chase after us if we turn around and retreat like this?” Xu Tui suddenly asked.

“That's very likely!” Cui Xi said.

“If we really leave and they come over to take it, I have nothing to say. But now, it's definitely impossible to give it to them. Moreover, giving it to them would only bring us trouble. After all, according to normal thinking, if you're not full, can you spit out the meat in your mouth?”

At this point, Xu Tui's expression turned serious. “Since they are charging over in a semi-surround formation, I'll play a big game with them next. Everyone, enter battle mode!

“Zhao Hailong, Yan Lie, Tao Guan, the three of you will guard the completed engineering transport aircraft. Be prepared to support the various parties and evacuate at any time.

“Luo Murong, Li Zheng, Yan Xuejin, and Miao Huanshan, install explosive mines at the ore refinement center immediately. Then, guard the upper level of the base reactor. Anyone who dares to approach will be killed,” Xu Tui ordered.


Everyone immediately left to carry out the orders.

“Xing”zi, augment everyone with the vine Thousand Vines Armor one after another. Also, accelerate the growth of vigilant plants around the base reactor.”


“Old Cui, Yang Huai, you two Vajra, one on the left and one on the right. Braveen me. I'll talk to them properly!” Xu Tui joked with the last order.

Although it was a joke, it did not matter when he carried out orders.

Xu Tui and Cui Xi immediately activated the Vajra Barrier. Yang Huai also activated his Energy Tower Shield and protected Xu Tui's side. Miao Huanshan, who was behind him, had already created earth walls to create a deep defense.

Xu Tui's flying sword instantly circled up.

Everything indicated that the Worldly Special Force had entered combat mode.

200 meters away, Gerning and Maxis looked at each other. Their eyes narrowed. The reaction of the Worldly Special Force was more direct than they had imagined.

“Stop! This base was broken through and occupied by the Huaxia Sector's Worldly Special Force. No one is allowed to enter. Otherwise, you will be treated as an enemy!” Xu Tui shouted. His voice spread far and wide through the vibrations of the energy field.

“Commander Xu, can you tell us how you broke into this base? The energy protection shield of this alien base is very strong,” Gerning asked with a smile.

“If you want to know, you can invite us to a battle-sharing meeting after we return to the Moon. The fare for your appearance can be waived as appropriate!”

The tall and muscular Gerning was not angry at all. Instead, he continued his words. “Then it's settled! However, Commander Xu, look, there are quite a lot of rooms in this base.”

These words immediately exposed Gerning's thoughts. Xu Tui's expression turned cold. “What does it have to do with you?”

“Haha!” Gerning did not respond, but Maxis said, “Commander Xu, such a building is the safest shelter on a foreign planet. There are only 12 people in the Worldly Special Force. At most, you would only be able to occupy one building. How about giving us two buildings? After all, we are all humans of the Blue Star. The honor and disgrace of the Blue Star humans are one.”

“Hah!” This time, Xu Tui let out a cold laugh.

“Commander Xu, I suggest that you don't refuse our suggestion. This will benefit both of us!” Gerning spoke again.

“I can give you the two empty buildings, but one building costs 50 grams of Origin Crystals!” Xu Tui immediately offered a price.

It was also at this moment that a large number of people from the European Sector's battle team and special forces rushed over and surrounded Base 14. If Xu Tui and the others had not taken an attacking stance, they would have been surrounded.

“Xu Tui, commander of the Worldly Special Force, I hope that you can see the situation clearly. It will benefit both sides. Work with us. Don't cause unnecessary conflict!”


The moment the tough voice sounded, silver light instantly flashed and exclamations sounded.

Clade, the commander of the European Sector's battle team, who had just rushed over and spoke forcefully, only felt a piercing whistle in his ears. Half of the high-powered command console stuck in his left shoulder had disappeared.

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