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«The Great Genetic Era (Web Novel) - Chapter 794 Courtesy Before Force

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Chapter 794 Courtesy Before Force

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On the fourth day of the space invasion, the Worldly Special Force were quite lucky. They found another fully-automatic engineering robot released by the Moon. In the afternoon, the resources that all the members were most concerned about were transferred and sealed. They also cleaned up the relevant traces.

They deposited a total of 942 metal ingots of various colors. The additional 200 ingots were the yield for the day and a half.

Xu Tui's previous estimated income was still high. Even the efficiency of the mechanical mining equipment was greatly reduced at night due to environmental factors. Other than that, there were also more than 300 Mechanical Spirit Alloy Ingots and the corpses of 10 humanoid creatures. They were all buried there in case anything went wrong.

Basically, the preparations for the evacuation were complete. However, Xu Tui had yet to give the order to evacuate.

“Commander, when are we leaving?” Cui Xi, who had already understood Xu Tui's intentions, asked.

“The day after tomorrow!”

Xu Tui set a time to evacuate. There was a reason for this evacuation time. Whether it was the information he had obtained from the adjutant or the information Ah Huang had obtained from the command center's database, they confirmed one thing.

There was a teleportation channel on this planet. This teleportation channel was at the main base of T-1. The distance between the main base and Base 14 was about 10,000 kilometers. The metal ingots refined by Base 14 were sent to the main base every ten days. The round trip required eight days.

Based on this speed, even if Lei Tian sent reinforcements from the forward operating base, it would still take three to four days for them to arrive at Base 14 after teleporting to the main base.

Even if it was just three to five Genetic Transmutation Realm experts traveling, it would probably take two days. If it was a small combat team, it would take about four days to travel.

This was a situation where everything was going smoothly. It had to be known that there were many human participants on the planet in front of them. There would definitely be trouble and conflict.

With this as a starting point, Xu Tui set the evacuation time to be on the sixth day of the space invasion.

If the temporary communication tower could be established on the fifth day, they would be able to obtain information about the other friendly forces participating in the battle. At that time, their judgment would be more accurate.

On the evening of the fourth day, Xu Tui discovered two colonies on Tri Ling Ding. They were both moving in the direction of Base 14.

There were several spots of light that represented intermediate colonies.

This night was still a night of cultivation.

On the fifth day, everything went on as usual. During the day, he buried some of the metal ingots again. The rest were left at Base 14. He planned to evacuate early in the morning on the sixth day.

Unfortunately, Xu Tui did not find any signal from the temporary signal tower on his communication device even in the evening. In other words, five days had passed, but the temporary signal towers that were under the responsibility of the various battle groups had yet to be completed.

However, this was normal.

The temporary signal was dismantled into hundreds of parts and carried in by the members of the various sectors. They could only form a temporary signal after all the members gathered.

If an unlucky person died in battle and lacked a component, the construction of the temporary signal tower would be delayed. Although there were backups, the time would definitely be delayed.

In the evening, Xu Tui noticed that there was a deviation in the direction of the movement of the two colony groups at Base 14.

One of them moved northwards of Base 14 and gradually got further and further away from it. However, the other colony group was moving toward Base 14. By the time the sky turned dark in the evening, they were only 100 kilometers away from Base 14.

This made Xu Tui's heart skip a beat.

Had they discovered Base 14, or were they moving in a fixed direction?

He just did not know which sector's participants or special forces it was. If it was from the Huaxia Sector or the Russian Federation, they might be able to cooperate.

The colony only stopped moving when the temperature in the wilderness dropped to minus 20 degrees. At this moment, they were only 80 kilometers away from Base 14. If they moved quickly, they would be able to arrive in less than half an hour.

However, in the harsh environment at night, even large-scale battle groups could not move.

That night, the Worldly Special Force increased their vigilance, but their cultivation did not stop.

Before dawn, Miao Huanshan's excited roar woke everyone up. “It's activated. I successfully activated it!”

“What successful activation? I was almost scared to death by you early in the morning. I thought it was an enemy attack!” Tao Guan scolded angrily.

“Mental perception! I should have activated a genetic base point of mental perception.” Miao Huanshan rushed in front of Xu Tui with a surprised expression. “Commander, in the past, I could only forcefully push out my mind power to sense the outside world. Now, my mind power can sense the outside world at a very small cost. It's very clear.

“This mental perception was too great. Those who had not activated it could not understand how powerful it was. Commander, my combat distance has increased by more than 20 meters. It has already exceeded 100 meters!”

Miao Huanshan was so surprised that he was almost incoherent.

After he was done being happy, Xu Tui asked, “How's the consumption?”

“I used a total of six grams of Origin Crystals. Including the energy concentration in this cultivation hall, I estimate that I used about 15 grams of Origin Crystals,” Miao Huanshan judged.

Xu Tui sighed softly when he heard that. This consumption was really large. It was quite expensive to use the stupidest method to develop a mental perception genetic base point with 15 grams of Origin Crystals.

It could not be popularized.

Ordinary people could not afford it. It should be said that most cultivators could not afford it. After all, he had only activated one genetic base point.

But then again, the beginning was always the hardest. After activating the first genetic base point of mental perception, the subsequent cultivation became relatively easier. The efficiency of the energy also increased.

“I feel that I'll be able to activate it soon. I'll be done after cultivating for another night,” Li Zhen said.

“Me too,” Yan Xuejin added.

“The increase in my mind power today is only 1%. The total amount of increment after four times has already exceeded 10%.

“However, the progress of my overflowing method of mental perception is a little lacking. It will take two to three days,” Mu Xingluan said.

“Commander's Major Heavenly Cycle Genetic Base Point Expansion Technique is clearly effective! The time I spent cultivating my energy field has increased to 27 minutes. Moreover, the accumulation effect of one cultivation session has increased by about 5% compared to the beginning. I feel that I still have a period of rapid improvement,” Tao Guan said.

“Mine too. It improved slightly less than Tao Guan,” Yan Lie said.

“My enhancement effect should be around 6%. My cultivation time has increased by more than two minutes compared to before. The enhancement is very obvious,” Cui Xi said.


Yang Huai was about to say something when Xu Tui stopped him.

“Stop. It's early in the morning. We won't have such a cultivation report! Since it's effective, remember it in your heart and persevere. Now, we are going to retreat from Base 14 as planned,” Xu Tui said.

“Alright, we'll act now. However, Commander, can we stay for a few more days? This place is quite good!” Cui Xi was the first to respond, but he also had some ideas.

“I want to stay too, but there might be unpredictable danger if we continue to stay. We have to evacuate. Breakfast, settle your personal problems, and everyone will evacuate in 20 minutes. Hailong, go and transform the two fully automatic engineering robots and assemble the transport aircraft,” Xu Tui ordered.


Everyone started to move. Although they were reluctant, no one dared to disobey the regiment commander's orders. Xu Tui's prestige as the regiment commander had been established.

Suddenly, Xu Tui frowned. A portion of the battle group that had been resting 70 kilometers away last night was quickly moving in this direction. “Hurry up and prepare for battle!”

Before the temporary communication tower was established, even their own people had to be careful. In just ten minutes, more than a dozen figures appeared in front of Base 14. They were scouting from afar. They were constantly approaching.

Xu Tui and the others also gathered.

“They're from the European Sector. Judging from the logo, they're from the Apollo and Titan Special Forces. There's also a large number of people approaching from further away. It looks like they're from the European Sector,” Yan Lie, who had activated his Eagle Eye, said.

“Commander, they are approaching. They are preparing to explore. What should we do?” Yan Lie asked for instructions.

“Send a signal to identify yourself!”

Five seconds later, the red signal flare with the Huaxia Sector's logo and the small sword logo of the Worldly Special Force rose into the air at the same time. It did not dissipate for a long time.

Gerning, the commander of the Apollo Special Force, and Maxis, the commander of the Titan Special Force, who were about to order their men to infiltrate the building to investigate, were stunned. “Someone has occupied it. Is it from the Huaxia Sector's Worldly Special Force?”

Almost at the same time, the team members who had been sent to scout in all directions returned. “Reporting to Commander, we have discovered the mining area of the alien invaders. It is still operating. A single track leads to this building. According to the structure, this might be the base of an alien invader. It had been breached. The energy protection shield is missing, but the ore refinery is still in operation.”

“Are the extraterrestrial mining facilities still functioning?” Gerning repeated the question.

“Yes, Commander. I just saw an alien mining cart filled with ores running.”

Gerning and Maxis looked at each other. Gerning immediately ordered, “Go, inform Commander Clade of the situation here immediately and pass on my suggestion. I think that this breached alien base, as well as the continuous operation of the extraterrestrial mining and refinement equipment, is very valuable and will benefit greatly in the future.

“Moreover, there were buildings that were very suitable for garrisoning and resting. We think that the European Sector's special force and our two special forces should settle down here and think of a way to cooperate with the Worldly Special Force who have already occupied this place!”

“That's right, cooperation!” The commander of the Titan Special Force laughed. “I remember that there are only 11 people in the Worldly Special Force, right?”

After the group members left, Gerning also laughed. “That's right. There are only 11 of them, but they are not weak! However, the 11 of them could not occupy such a large area. There are hundreds of us. I think they should accept us. They shouldn't refuse!”

“I don't think they can refuse!” Maxis, the commander of the Titan Special Force, smiled explicitly. “Anyway, the temporary communication tower hasn't been built yet. Even if it's built now, we'll still be here.”

Gerning shrugged. “Let's go. Let's contact them first. Before Captain Clade comes, we'll get to know each other amicably. There's a saying in the Huaxia Sector that I like very much—use courtesy before force!”

“Courtesy before force!” Maxis laughed out loud.

This discovery and benefit were too f*cking timely. As long as he obtained control of this alien base, his gains would be simply…

A minute later, Clade, the commander of the European Sector's battle team regiment, was stunned on the spot! It was no different from discovering an Origin Crystal mine in a base where there was no energy protection shield but the mining area and ore refinement equipment were operating normally.

Under normal circumstances, even if they managed to mine ores, they could only deal with the original ores briefly and transport them back to the Blue Star.

If he controlled this place, he would be able to obtain refined metal ingots. The efficiency and gains would be more than ten times! It could also save a massive amount of teleportation consumption!

“Pass the order. Everyone, move forward at full speed!” Clade gave the order the moment he received the news.

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