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«The Great Genetic Era (Web Novel) - Chapter 639 Another Chip (1)

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Chapter 639 Another Chip (1)

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A sky aircraft stopped low in the air in front of Xu Tui after he sent another signal. The main tools to pick up the elite students who had returned from Mars this time were the sky transport aircraft, the aerospace combat jet, and the sky aircraft.

The sky transport aircraft was the main force. They gathered the elite students in an area and transported them back to the Moon base in batches.

The aerospace combat jet would only be used in emergencies. For example, if a student encountered an accident, they would send an aerospace combat jet for emergency rescue.

The sky aircraft was used to pick up students who were not lucky. The landing point was relatively remote and there were fewer people nearby.

The Planck Moon Valley that Xu Tui was currently in was not far from the Moon base. In theory, it was more likely that he would be transported by a sky transport plane. However, it was normal to enjoy a single VIP.

Perhaps Xu Tui was lucky. Or was it because of the special care of the Huaxia Sector? Immediately, Xu Tui's personal communication device connected to a communication channel.

“Student below, project your personal information and verify your boarding.” A voice sounded in the communication channel. A Huaxia Sector's pilot stuck out of the sky aircraft and waved at Xu Tui.

Xu Tui immediately projected his personal information. After some verification, the pilot of the sky aircraft, numbered YHE076, waved at Xu Tui again. He opened the cabin and lowered the rope ladder.

Xu Tui borrowed the force from the rope ladder and agilely entered the back cabin of the sky aircraft. After a while, the various instruments worked. The back cabin of the sky aircraft closed and the pilot's voice sounded.

“Alright, our hero is home.” It was full of praise.

Xu Tui smiled in embarrassment. Although Xu Tui had contributed greatly to the actual combat on Mars this time, he felt that he was still far from being a hero.

“Sit tight. I still need to go to another remote landing point and pick up another student before returning to the base.” The middle-aged pilot instructed Xu Tui, “If you're tired, you can close your eyes and rest for a while. Or you can look at the moon scenery.”

Xu Tui nodded happily. He was a little tired. His penetrating perception of the quantum portal was split into two. His mind power was instantly exhausted, and it caused considerable damage to his mind.

Although a portion of his mind power had been recovered, such mental damage could only be recovered through rest. Not to mention that Xu Tui had just gone through an extremely dangerous high-intensity battle.

Xu Tui instinctively wanted to rest. However, resting on the sky aircraft was not a good idea. This was especially so for Xu Tui, who had just been ambushed. What if a crazy enemy attacked Xu Tui with firearms?

Was there such a possibility? Yes! But if he's careful, and it's not high-yield weapons, long-range firearms would not be able to kill Xu Tui with his current strength.

It was also because of these thoughts that Xu Tui did not sleep. Actually, this was also the experience that Xu Tui had summarized over the past year. It was best to remain vigilant before obtaining a safer environment.

It was nice to see the scenery of the Moon. Although the moon without vegetation was not good-looking, and it could even be said to be ugly, looking down from a high altitude, it still had a different kind of beauty.

“Uncle, how many years have you been on the Moon base?” Xu Tui suddenly became interested in chatting.

“It's been nine years.” The middle-aged pilot smiled.

“You've been on duty on the Moon for nine years. Have you returned to the Blue Star?”

“Yes. There's a month of family visitation leave every year. Travel tickets are free. I go back every year.”

“Where are you from in Huaxia? My hometown is Jincheng Prefecture.” Xu Tui smiled and started to joke around.

“My hometown… is Yunzhou.”

“Yunzhou is a good place. Uncle, looking at your age, your child is not young anymore, right? He has to be older than me, right?”

“My son… is older than you.”

Xu Tui suddenly noticed something unusual in his mental perception. At the mention of his son, the pilot's mood suddenly became gloomy. This emotional fluctuation was very obvious to Xu Tui, who had cultivated Spiritual Resonance and Spiritual Concealment.

“Uncle, what kind of work is your son doing?” Xu Tui continued to ask.

“He…” The middle-aged pilot paused and said softly, “He's also driving.”

“What kind of car did he drive? Driving is a little tough, but the income is high.”

“We'll talk about him later. I need to confirm the location of the other student.” The middle-aged pilot took the initiative to interrupt his conversation with Xu Tui.

Xu Tui, who was sitting in the back pilot cabin, shifted his gaze slightly. That was not normal. At this moment, he wondered if he was being too suspicious. How could there be something wrong with the pilot sent by the Huaxia Sector to pick him up?

However, to anyone, their hometown or their son was the most familiar information. There was no need to consider when answering those questions. But this pilot had to think when asked about his son and hometown. Moreover, the answer ‘He's also driving” was obviously perfunctory.

Xu Tui would rather he was worrying for nothing. However, he could not be careless with his safety. “Ah Huang, can you access this sky aircraft?”

“Are you referring to taking over control of this sky aircraft, cutting into its internal and external network, or just checking the electronic information of this sky aircraft?”

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