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«The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray (Web Novel) - Chapter 1185 Getting To the Bottom of the Truth

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Chapter 1185 Getting To the Bottom of the Truth

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Lucas had always dressed low-profile and rarely wore designer apparel. But the quality of his clothes was not inferior to that of luxury brands. Only those with truly good taste and knowledge would be able to tell.

Clearly, these mercenary and superficial snobs weren't knowledgeable enough to discern the quality of Lucas's clothes. Instead, they simply thought that they were from cheap brands.

Thus, they self-righteously assumed that Lucas was low-class and penniless.

Ashley was displeased. She could turn a blind eye to them making sarcastic remarks about her, but she couldn't tolerate hearing them mocking Lucas.

She glanced at Allie, who had just spoken, and said coldly, “My husband is a great guy, and he's not poor. You guys don't have to worry about it!”

Carrie covered her mouth and laughed. “Ashley, there's no need to say that. We were college classmates, and we only asked you out of concern. If we weren't classmates, it would have nothing to do with us who you married. We wouldn't have been bothered to ask!

“Besides, now that you've been kicked out by the Steeles, you're not a wealthy heiress anymore, and you don't have to continue pretending in front of us. Your man does look very poor. I'm not slandering him!

“Ah, you used to be the school belle, and you came from a wealthy family. You had so many suitors. Even though you've been kicked out by your family, you didn't have to marry such a loser.

“With your looks, you can easily find a good man. I advise you to get a divorce as soon as possible. I can introduce you to wealthy businessmen who are much better than this pauper you married!”

What Carrie said made Ashley extremely sullen.

Back in college, Carrie had sucked up to her in all ways and had never dared to speak to her with this tone. But now that Ashley had been expelled by her family, she wanted to kick her when she was down.

Moreover, she even said that she would introduce her to wealthy businessmen like a pimp. What did she take her for?!

Carrie even despised Lucas and called him a pauper, making Ashley feel extremely uncomfortable.

Even if Lucas was really penniless, she didn't want to hear them insulting him. Besides, he was the chairman of the Stardust Corporation, whom these people didn't even have the right to speak to usually!

Just as Ashley was about to lose her temper, a girl named Zoey hurriedly said, “Hey, Carrie, what are you saying?! You don't need to introduce Ashley to anyone. We have a good candidate right here!”

Zoey looked at a male in their group. “Silas is a mid-level manager at a big company, and he has a six-figure income. Why don't we just matchmake the two of them?”

Zoey said with a smile, “Silas, do you remember how much you adored Ashley back then? Surely you won't mind if she remarries.”

Silas was a chubby man who was less than 1.7 meters tall. Although he was only about 25 years old, he had a huge beer belly and looked quite old.

He glanced at Ashley and licked his lips, making his not-so-handsome face look lecherous.

“Haha, why would I mind? She was a campus belle back in college! As long as she divorces this poor man, I'll marry her immediately!” Silas said.

Hearing this, a few male classmates chimed in teasingly. “I'm single too! Ashley, you can consider me as well!”

“Haha, forget it. Are you as rich as Silas? You make less than 50k a year. Don't bother competing with Silas!”

“Hey, so what if I'm poor? I'm inferior to Silas, but at least I'm much better than this pauper. Since Ashley was willing to marry him, why can't I marry her?”

“Hahaha, you have a great plan in mind!”

For some time, everyone was talking and laughing without any regard for Ashley's intentions and her ‘husband”, Lucas.

Even Allie, who had spoken up for Ashley, laughed along with them before saying to Ashley, “Ashley, you heard them. Although what they're saying may not be appropriate, it's all for your own good! You're such a pretty girl. Even without your family's support, you can still marry a good man! Why do you have to be with someone like him? You'd better divorce him quickly and find another man!”

They all claimed to be giving her advice out of goodwill, but the contempt and humiliation in their tone were obvious. Ashley wasn't a fool, so she obviously sensed it.

Looking at her former classmates laughing and mocking them, Ashley finally lost her temper and snapped, “That's enough! Yes, I'm no longer an heiress of the Steeles, but you guys are in no place to mock me! I have my husband, and I don't need you to introduce me to other men!

“Since you look down on my husband and me so much, I don't see a need for us to stay here and tolerate it!

“Honey, let's go!”

Ashely held Lucas's arm and planned to storm away furiously.

“Hey! Wait! Ashley, don't be angry!” Allie panicked and quickly rushed forward to grab Ashley's arm.

“We're all classmates. What's the point of doing this? I doubt they meant it. If it upsets you, we'll stop, okay?

“It's not easy for us to meet up. Don't be such a killjoy and spoil the mood!”

Allie persuaded repeatedly, not wanting Ashley to leave.

Right from the start until now, Ashley's ex-boyfriend, Peter, had stood silent at the side. He didn't join in the mockery nor stop Ashley from leaving.

Watching all of this coldly, Lucas suddenly said, “Ashley, since your classmates have said so, let's stay.”

Of course, Lucas didn't actually intend to get close to Ashley's snobbish former college classmates.

He decided to stay behind because he wanted to know the truth about Peter.

If Ashley didn't get a clear idea of what had happened, she would probably never get over it.

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