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«The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray (Web Novel) - Chapter 1285 Getting Flustered

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Chapter 1285 Getting Flustered

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“What do the Parkers mean by this? They invited us here, and now that we've all arrived, none of the Parkers are here!” Norman Holmes, the helmsman of the Holmes, slapped the table hard furiously.

“That's right! Not only have the Parkers not appeared, but they've only sent a butler to receive us. Isn't this a little too neglectful?”

“The Parkers are going overboard! They're deliberately making us wait here. I bet they don't intend to cooperate with us, but rather, they want to offend us!”

“Where are the Parkers? Hurry up and get your helmsman to come out to receive us! Otherwise, don't blame us for tearing this place down! Do you hear me?”

The helmsmen of the seven families expressed their displeasure with the poor treatment.

But no matter what they said, there were only a few servants of the Parkers standing in the corner, and the three people with the highest status in the Parker family never showed up.

As time passed minute after minute, the emotions of the people in the living room turned from frustration and anger to bewilderment and anxiety.

Logically speaking, the Parkers had taken the initiative to invite them over, so they shouldn't be offending them.

Although these families” individual strength might be inferior to the Parkers”, there were seven families in total!

The seven families had already discussed it before coming to the Parkers” manor. They had decided to join forces and attack the Parkers after the banquet ended.

At that time, the Parkers would definitely be unable to deal with their joint attack, and their assets would only end up becoming the battle spoils to be divided up by the seven families.

But the delayed appearance of the Parkers” helmsman made them feel uneasy. They started wavering about their initial plans and began making all sorts of guesses.

“Why do I feel that something is wrong?” said one of the helmsmen with a frown. “The Parkers” helmsman hasn't shown up even now, and I feel uneasy about it. Are the Parkers hiding a big move and waiting to deal with us? Don't forget the rumors that the Parkers are not the formidable ones but the mysterious person behind them. Could it be the mysterious big shot who asked us to come here?”

His words served as a reminder to the other helmsmen present, and they immediately developed terrible thoughts.

“Mr. Stone, now that you've mentioned it, I remember these rumors too! Also, have you noticed that the Parkers only invited the seven of us? And our families are all in the alliance against the Parkers. This means that the Parkers deliberately invited us here!”

Another helmsman felt that something was amiss too, and the more he thought about it, the more terrifying he found the situation. “Oh no! The Parkers must have discovered our plan long ago, and maybe this banquet today is just a ploy with malicious intentions!”

“You're right! There are usually hidden motives behind such banquets! Maybe the Parkers are already prepared to deal with us. That's why they invited us here so that they can wipe us all out in one fell swoop!” another helmsman said nervously.

Fear and negative emotions were easily contagious. Once someone felt fear and suspected that there was an ulterior motive behind the banquet, the rest would feel affected and become fearful and uneasy too.

The several helmsmen looked out of the window, worried that a large group of people might charge in at any time to annihilate them.

“Mr. Holmes, I think we'd better leave now!”

The helmsmen all wanted to retreat and subconsciously looked at Norman.

Since they had already decided to join forces and deal with the Parkers after tonight's banquet, the seven families had arranged their experts in various places and didn't bring many people with them to the Parkers”. Each helmsman only had one or two bodyguards, and there were only around twenty people in total.

Moreover, they were now on the Parkers” turf. If the Parkers really attacked them, they would definitely be dead meat, and not a single one would be able to escape!

At this moment, Norman looked extremely gloomy too.

He had thought that after gathering seven families to form a strong alliance, he would definitely be able to destroy the Parkers easily and divide up all their assets. Then the Holmes could replace the Parkers as the strongest family next to the eight top families.

But what was happening now?

They had been left waiting in the Parkers” manor for half an hour, yet the helmsmen of the alliance were all flustered before even meeting any Parker. They even began developing scruples and fear toward the Parkers.

This was definitely not what he wanted!

“What are you afraid of?” Norman rebuked with displeasure. “The Parkers are just playing tricks. I don't believe that they will dare to make us wait an entire night after inviting us here!

“Also, don't forget why we formed our alliance. If you're so afraid and want to leave over such a trivial matter, you might as well leave the alliance as soon as possible! But you have to think about it carefully. Once you withdraw, you will never get a share of the benefits our alliance gets in the future!”

After hearing this, the other helmsmen looked at each other with dismay and lowered their heads ashamedly.

The Holmes were the leader of the alliance and the strongest family among them, so Norman's opinions mattered greatly to them.

Since they were about to deal with the Parkers soon, who would be willing to leave the alliance at this juncture and let others enjoy the benefits while they became traitors? Not only would they not obtain any benefits, but the others would likely alienate them and retaliate against them?

As soon as they thought of this, the helmsmen who were anxious and wanted to leave the Parker residence immediately regained their courage and stopped mentioning anything about leaving. They just wanted to wait for the Parkers to come out quickly.

However, after waiting nearly another hour, the Parkers still hadn't appeared.

This wasn't all. Because the Parkers had invited them over under the pretext of discussing cooperation over dinner, these helmsmen had all come without having dinner.

It was already past eight o”clock, and apart from some drinks, the Parkers” servants didn't serve them any food. The host hadn't even shown up, so how could the banquet commence?

Thus, the seven helmsmen, who had been living in the lap of luxury, as well as their bodyguards, were all starving. Their stomachs were growling, and all they had had was water, so they were obviously in a bad mood.

Even Norman couldn't tolerate it anymore.

“What do the Parkers mean by this? If they intend on messing with us, we don't have to entertain them!” Normal suddenly smashed the cup in his hand on the floor and stood up furiously to leave.

“Yes! Since the Parkers are so insincere and don't respect us at all, we don't have to continue staying here and tolerating their nonsense!”

The other helmsmen chimed in and rose to stand behind Norman.

“Hey, are you leaving?”

At this moment, a teasing voice came from the door of the living room. Then an elderly man with a white beard and white hair strolled into the living room leisurely while looking at the unhappy crowd with a smile.

This elderly man was none other than Damon, the former helmsman of the Parkers whom they had been waiting for for a long time!

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