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«The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray (Web Novel) - Chapter 1187 Absurd Reason

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Chapter 1187 Absurd Reason

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“What are you laughing about?” Peter frowned with displeasure and stared at Lucas with a gloomy gaze.

While fiddling with the light bank card, Lucas asked with a smile, “You're already married, but you want me to divorce Ashley? What are you trying to do? Do you want to find a chance to rekindle your relationship with her because you can't forget her?”

Peter sneered disdainfully. “Hah, a shameless woman like Ashley isn't worth my feelings. Rekindle my relationship with her? I just want her to be single and unwanted forever!”

The resentment in his tone surprised Lucas.

Lucas didn't expect Peter to bear so much hatred for Ashley. Even though he was already married to another woman, he didn't want her to marry another man and wanted her to stay single and alone forever.

There had to be a reason for his hatred!

Lucas frowned. “As far as I know, after you two graduated from college three years ago, you two were going to get engaged. But you backed out at the last minute and disappeared without a trace during the engagement party. You even spread fake news about your death to make sure Ashley heard it, right? Why do you hate her so much?”

Lucas was truly puzzled. According to Ashley, Peter was obviously the one who had let her down, so she should be the one hating him. But why did Peter hate her so much that he wanted to destroy her life and make her suffer?

“Because that woman is a liar!” Peter said through gritted teeth. “She's a liar through and through. She cheated me out of my feelings and caused me to treat her well for a few years for nothing. She almost ruined my life. Why shouldn't I hate her? As long as I'm alive, I'll make sure she doesn't live well!”

Lucas's frown deepened. Could there be some secret between Peter and Ashley?

Although Lucas hadn't interacted much with Ashley, he could tell that she wasn't a scumbag who liked to toy with other people's feelings. So he wondered if there was a misunderstanding between them.

Although Lucas didn't want to get involved in the affairs of Ashley and her ex-boyfriend, she was his subordinate now and would be expanding the company's business abroad soon. So Lucas hoped that he could resolve the matter between them so that she would no longer be affected.

“What's the point? I don't know what happened between you two, but you have both clearly moved on with your lives. Can't you just let go?” Lucas asked.

“No way, absolutely not! I've hated her for years. How can I let it go so easily?” Pete hollered at Lucas angrily. “Who do you think you are? Since you don't know sh*t, just shut up and do what I say!”

Lucas smiled helplessly. Clearly, Peter was full of hatred and didn't plan to let it go.

Lucas said, “Peter, you said that Ashley cheated you out of your feelings and wasted a few years of your life. Is there some misunderstanding behind this?

“As far as I know, Ashley was devastated after hearing about your death three years ago. She even suffered from severe depression and tried to take her own life a few times. Do you really think someone like her cheated you out of your feelings?”

After hearing what Lucas said, Peter became even more furious. “Haha, bullsh*t! Of course she cheated me out of my feelings. She told me that she was a direct descendant of the Steeles, one of the eight top families of DC, and that her brother and father had high statuses in the family. She even claimed that they might be the future helmsmen of the family, but what happened in the end?

“Her father died! And her brother doesn't have any recognition or power in the family at all. He has a low status in the family and will obviously never take over as helmsman!

“And now, she and her immediate family have been kicked out by the Steele family! Haha, this is her retribution for lying to me! Fortunately, I didn't get engaged to her and marry her back then. Otherwise, I would have been kicked out by the Steeles together with her. How could I accept that?!

“Besides, I treated her well with all my heart when we were dating in college, but the Steeles despised me and didn't want to let her marry me. Even when I visited them with gifts, they never took me seriously!

“That's why I stood Ashley up at the engagement party and left her there to embarrass her! This is what she and her family owe me!

“You're right. I faked my death and got the news to spread to Ashley because I wanted her to regret what she had done and put her through so much misery that her life would be a living hell!”

Hearing Peter's complaints, Lucas had a stunned expression.

He originally thought that there was a misunderstanding between Peter and Ashley or that there was something he didn't know. But it turned out that Peter's reason for hating Ashley was so… absurd!

He thought that Ashley had cheated him out of his feelings simply because he didn't feel that the Steels valued him and that his expectations of Ashley's father and brother becoming the helmsmen were ruined. So he wanted to take revenge on her and make her live in misery for the rest of her life.

Peter's way of thinking was completely detached from that of ordinary people.

After his greedy plan to gain power and wealth by marrying Ashley failed, he blamed her for cheating him out of his feelings. He was simply a scumbag among scumbags!

Seemingly hearing a name she didn't want to hear, Vanessa, Peter's wife, immediately urged impatiently from inside the car, “Honey, why do you bother wasting your breath with him? Aren't we going?”

After hearing Vanessa's voice, Peter finally calmed down and threatened Lucas, “Punk, one hundred grand is as much as you make in a few years. You'd better be content and divorce her tomorrow. Do you hear me?”

Lucas sneered, “One hundred grand is peanuts. Keep it for yourself!”

With that, he flicked the bank card back at Peter, took out his car key, and pressed the button.

Soon, the black Land Rover drove out of the parking spot nearby and stopped next to Lucas.

This scene left Peter so shocked that his eyeballs almost fell out!

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