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«The First Order (Web Novel) - Chapter 645: Standing up for Yang Xiaojin

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Chapter 645: Standing up for Yang Xiaojin

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Translator: Legge

The guy Yang Xiaojin likes?

The students in the lecture hall were completely dumbfounded. This was a topic that had been discussed several months ago at Qinghe University. At that time, someone had confessed to Yang Xiaojin and was mercilessly rejected by her. As a result, Yang Xiaojin seemed to have pitted herself against most of the university’s students.

When everyone discussed this topic in private, they would always say Yang Xiaojin was being too arrogant. How dare she look down on all the students of Qinghe University?

At that time, Yang Xiaojin said, “You think that the president of the Student Council is outstanding because you guys haven’t had a chance to see the outside world yet. The guy I like has never led a pampered life.”

Yang Xiaojin even seemed to look down on Xu Zhi.

But now, the guy Yang Xiaojin liked had finally appeared. He showed up in front of everyone in an ubermensch fashion and told them he was the mant they had been talking about and worshipping in recent times, that he was the guy Yang Xiaojin liked.

This scene made it seem like Ren Xiaosu was not here to save them. Instead, it was as though he had heard them mocking Yang Xiaojin behind her back and was here to stand up for her!

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have specifically emphasized he was the guy Yang Xiaojin liked!

So it turned out Yang Xiaojin was not lying, nor was she just being conceited. The guy she liked was someone from a totally different world than them.

In that case, this young man must also like Yang Xiaojin since he came all the way here just to stand up for her.

This also proved that Yang Xiaojin was not an ordinary person!

At this moment, many of the girls present started to envy Yang Xiaojin…

Gunshots continuously rang out outside the lecture hall, and it felt really intense and overpowering.

But from the beginning to the end, it was the people who fired their weapons that cried out in pain. The students could still hear the muffled sound of bones being smashed against the wall of the lecture hall. Every time it happened, they would tremble in shock.

They could even imagine the sight of the steel armor slamming the thugs against the wall and shattering their bones.

Outside the teaching block, the garrison troops who had surrounded it from a distance away suddenly heard a commotion coming from the building. First, it was the sound of walls shattering, followed by cries of surprise, and then gunshots.

Gradually, the gunshots lessened. They saw the façade of the teaching block suddenly crumble before a thug was thrown out from inside. The thug fell from a height of over several dozen meters down to the ground where he twitched twice before stilling.

From the exterior of that façade, the garrison troops were surprised to see steel armor shine past on the inside. Immediately after, more cries of the thugs could be heard again.

“Just what is going on?” The garrison troops’ commanding officer muttered, “We didn’t see that thing go in, so how did it suddenly appear in there?”

“Sir, do you remember what we were guessing earlier? We said the superhuman Officer Li was looking for might be inside the teaching block?” the deputy commander said.

All of a sudden, the garrison troops’ commanding officer figured out many things. It was no wonder Li Yingyun said the thugs were done for after he watched the video. Old Li must have noticed the superhuman was among the students in the recording!

That was why Old Li left and headed off elsewhere without any worries. He felt he was no longer needed here!

This armored being was not something unfamiliar to everyone. It had been a hot topic among the garrison troops for the past two days!

“Second Company, provide cover.” The commanding officer shouted, “We’re going to storm the MG nests. We should not keep troubling our friend by letting him do all the work. First and Third Company, follow my lead! We’re charging in to provide combat support!”

But as soon as he was done shouting, he saw the steel armor emerge from the hole in the wall.

“Hold on, what’s he up to now?” The commanding officer was stunned.

He saw the steel armor climb up the exterior wall without the need for any holds. The other party was just using its steel fingers to grab the façade wall and climb upwards. The cement wall was just like a piece of tofu that kept crumbling towards the ground as the armored being made its way up to the roof.

“How crude. Is he trying to save time by not taking the stairs?” A soldier muttered, “Battalion Commander, are we still charging in?”

“… I don’t think there’s a need anymore! ”

As he was speaking, the armored being climbed to the roof of the building. Ren Xiaosu used both hands to support himself on the ledge and leaped onto the rooftop. At this moment, the afternoon sun was still shining brightly in the sky. The garrison troops saw the armored being leaping up as it blocked their line of sight with the sun. This made the back of the armored being appear very dark like it was shrouded in shadow, while the sun’s rays dazzled the edges of its silhouette!

It was as though the armor was emitting a glow!

Subsequently, all the garrison troops heard the sound of machine gun fire coming from atop the building. Then more than a dozen thugs on the roof were thrown down until the gunfire stopped!

The armored being slowly walked to the edge of the roof and looked down quietly at the garrison troops below.

Blood was still flowing down the exterior of the armor. The dark crimson blood gave the metallic armor an even greater aesthetic of violence. The young man was waving at the garrison troops in his steel armor, indicating that it was safe for them to enter the building to rescue the hostages.

“Go, go, go! Let’s quickly clear the battlefield and see if there’s any casualties among the students.” The commanding officer took the lead and rushed forward. They knew there were probably no survivors among the thugs inside the building.

Ren Xiaosu jumped down from the roof of the teaching block in his armor, his landing cracking the ground. He looked at the garrison troops who had rushed over and said, “I’ve left one of them alive for you. He looked like he might be the leader of the thugs, so he should know a lot of things. If you get any useful info from him after the interrogation, have Qin Sheng update me ASAP.”

The garrison troops’ commanding officer hurriedly nodded. “Yes, we’ll definitely interrogate them as soon as possible.”

This officer’s humble attitude made him seem like a fanboy standing in front of his idol.

The students inside were led out of the building. Everyone had complicated expressions as they glanced at the armored being. Their faces looked exceedingly awkward.

After Ren Xiaosu was done handing over the situation to the garrison troops, he turned around and left in his armor. Then the voice of one of the garrison troops rang out from the perimeter, “Ma’am, you can’t go in there. This is a restricted zone!”

“Out of my way! My master is in there!” Zhou Yingxue roared.

How could an average soldier possibly stop Zhou Yingxue? She pushed the soldier aside and ran towards Ren Xiaosu. “Master, are you alright? I heard something happened at the university, so I immediately rushed here from home!”

When the students saw this scene from afar, they were so dumbfounded they stopped thinking. Master? A maid? This young man was actually the person who saved Xu Zhi?

So they were actually praising the same person all this while?

As a matter of fact, many students at Qinghe University were jealous of the young man who had a maidservant!

Earlier, it was the girls who were envious of Yang Xiaojin. But now, it was the boys who were envious of Ren Xiaosu. Never mind that he had such a beautiful girlfriend like Yang Xiaojin, he even had a pretty maid with such a good figure too.

Zhou Yingxue’s looks could only be considered above average, but with that figure of hers, it would also make her more attractive.

But some of the girls started wondering if Yang Xiaojin knew the guy she liked had a maid who served him.

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