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«The Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich (Web Novel) - Chapter 602 - Scheme

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Chapter 602: Scheme

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Translator: imperfectluck

Editor: Kurisu

“Light Which Illuminates Despair From the Brink, the Guardian Battle Hammer of Dawn Envoys!”

This was the original name of this God Equipment battle hammer.

During the long, dark night, the Holy Knights who brought hope to ordinary people had the most glorious title: Dawn Envoy. This was the origin of this battle hammer’s name as it slowly evolved to become a piece of God Equipment through receiving more and more inheritances.

Perhaps this God Equipment battle hammer filled with history no longer existed now. But, at the very least, I felt that my new holy sword should continue the inheritance of the Dawn Envoy name.

The previous generation’s Dawn Envoy was Estrada. As for this generation… since Estrada gave me the inheritance, I suppose that would make me the Dawn Envoy.

My short sword hilt was even simpler than I’d expected. This sword would never need any decorations. Its history and inheritance would be the greatest embellishment possible.

Of course, while the Dawn Envoy inheritance remained unbroken, its future inheritors would have to practice how to wield a sword instead of a battle hammer.

“…Why am I bothering with things so far in the future?”

I shook my head. I didn’t have a single Holy Knight disciple. It was still far too early to find a new inheritor, and neither was I on the verge of death… Should I find some useful seeds and give the inheritance whomever lived the longest? Oh, now I finally understood why Estrada gave me the battle hammer. All of his other disciples had probably died (haha).

“Dawn holy sword… it’s still incomplete.”

I placed the sword hilt at my waist. My holy sword still lacked a main resource related to the future of Holy Light, along with two core resources regarding the Concepts of gathering and condensing light. It was still like a machine that lacked several of its main parts. I would be reduced to tears if I used my sword to attack someone but it ended up breaking instead.

“…Even though it’s only the spear left behind by Karolan back in the day, my System actually charged me 150,000 Fate Points. Such a black-hearted merchant.”

If I had a choice, I would have preferred to only craft my sword after all the resources had been gathered. A half-finished product would remain unstable. It didn’t matter if its functions and attack power were incomplete, but it would be truly troublesome if the sword self-destructed due to its instability.

I had seen this spear available through my System’s shop long ago, and chosen it as one of my planned resources. I had also been saving up my points to purchase it. Now, I had spent all my points. If it wasn’t for the fact that defeating Lasnina had rewarded me with 20,000 Fate Points, along with me using her curse gem as a deposit, it likely would have taken me another six months at minimum to obtain enough Fate Points.

My System… Astrya had several other similar items available for purchasing. For instance, a crown belonging to some ancient Sea God, demonic sculptures from the great demons’ empire, and so on. While such items all sounded amazing and filled with history, the original owners had all been dead for countless years already. Besides, I didn’t know what these items’ functions were, and they were all ridiculously expensive.

Although I was able to take out a loan, the power of karma was something that wouldn’t accept anything being owed. It was most likely that Astrya was taking some kickbacks for herself.

Of course, she would never admit to such a thing. If it hadn’t been for the fact that the curse gem was so appealing to her, I wouldn’t have even been able to take out a loan.

“It would seem that I need to obtain more Fate Points…”

Previously, Astrya had constantly urged me to come down to the Chaos Abyss. She kept blabbering on about how “It’s not only Karwenz who can become stronger by fighting down in the Chaos Abyss.” Perhaps it was all for this current moment.

Astrya as Karolan’s System from back in the day wouldn’t have nearly been so powerful. Only I had the opportunity to obtain points and exchange for resources after killing my enemies, which would lead to me swiftly leveling up. This was all mostly because Karwenz and myself were the split-off twin souls of the Child of the Abyss.

I shook my head, and decided against pondering such a matter too deeply.

“Right, Astrya, I’m going to pay off my loan immediately with the points I just earned. Give that curse gem back to me.”

Although sealing away Lasnina had given me 20,000 Fate Points, killing Salor had rewarded me with 40,000 Fate Points just now. This wasn’t because Salor was stronger than Lasnina, or that he had stronger karmic connections. It was simply because Salor had died more completely.

Lasnina had been sealed away. Even though my Seal of the Four Elements was theoretically indestructible, she still hadn’t died. It would be impossible to completely kill high-level demons and devils except under special circumstances. Meanwhile, as for Salor… Salor was no longer alive at all.

Holy Light was forever the natural enemy of all undead, demons, devils, and other creatures of Chaos. Such creatures’ very existences were fundamentally the distorted power of Chaos. Meanwhile, Holy Light had cleansing properties that could remove all distortions and dispel Chaos. This would mean fundamentally erasing their very existence.

But, in most situations, Holy Light would at most be able to exile demons back down to the lower planes. This was because a tiny amount of water would be unable to put out a major fire.

To use an analogy about why Devil Lords and Demon Lords were so difficult to destroy, an ordinary Holy Light priest’s Holy Light would be like a bucket of water, while the Devil Lords and Demon Lords would be the equivalent of raging volcanoes. Not only would a single bucket of water be useless, even the Gods’ powers that were like torrential rainstorms in comparison would still be unable to put out the volcano. Apart from the amount of water that was still lacking, the most important reason was that the source of these volcanoes would be in the endless Chaos Abyss.

Meanwhile, my Dawn holy sword that I’d paid such a great price to obtain would be the equivalent of a weapon that could use earthquakes to dig through to the fundamental source of the volcano, directly attacking the source and cleansing it.

Being able to do this was far beyond the evolution of a Concept. This was using an enemy’s very existence as a clue to surpass all limitations and attack their fundamental origin, cleansing all distortions.

This would have been absolutely impossible to accomplish without the Concept of Time. However, the two major Concepts of Time and Holy Light had already been combined into one at Hell, which was how this holy sword of mine could theoretically be born.

In theory, in front of the complete version of this sword, not even a Devil Lord or Karwenz would be able to boast indestructible, eternal bodies.

Correct, I had crafted this sword especially to deal with the most powerful demon and undead enemies. As for the final boss I expected to deal with? That was probably obvious.

In this sword’s design, it didn’t even have a sharp blade capable of hurting ordinary people. Basically, this sword would have nothing more than some blinding light abilities against enemies that weren’t creatures of Chaos. But, if my enemy was a creature of Chaos… Salor had been the best experimental subject. I was lucky that he was only a devil general. If I had been facing a Devil Lord or a Demon Earl, I wouldn’t have dared to bring out a half-completed product. I would’ve regretted it endlessly if my holy sword had broken by itself.

Now, in front of this holy sword that was the natural counter to all creatures of Chaos, Salor the Berserk Slaughterer directly became the first cleansed target of this newly born sword. No matter how many techniques he had prepared beforehand to revive himself, they would all become useless because his very fundamental “source” had been cleansed.

If I could gather the remaining resources to complete my sword, giving my sword its complete powers and functions… I felt like I could change my title to something like “Dust Envoy”, for all undead and demons would become nothing but dust before me.

I put away my holy sword. Fallen angel Aivla and inferno centaur Casio had yet to recover, so I had their teammates take care of them while I focused on the other battle raging on not far away.

The gigantic War God was so familiar. Even the giants’ buildings weren’t tall enough for him, as he broke through the ceilings. Donatis had given us plenty of trouble in the several years that he stayed in Hell, but we had had plenty of Main God existences with thousands or tens of thousands of years of experience to keep him in check back then. Right now, all the combat strength we had were some SemiGods with only a few hundred or few thousand years of experience. How to take him down would truly be a problem.

The sword hilt at my waist gave off a faint glow that aimed straight towards the Chaos War God. It was as if my sword was inviting me to take it into battle again right after being born. Even though the holy sword was still incomplete, true Myth-ranked weapons would have their own will and pride. Yet, I unhesitatingly restrained my sword.

“Stop joking around. It would be suicidal to have you fight against such an unsuitable opponent. You weren’t created as a counter to him…”

Donatis’s species was Chaos Evil God rather than demon. That was the truly troublesome part.

To ordinary people, perhaps a Demon Main God would seem no different from a demon. However, the truth was that the so-called Chaos Evil Gods were no fundamentally different from the Order True Gods. Their Concepts were their personal Divine Concepts and right to be Gods… It was likely that some perceptive readers among you might be able to tell already that Chaos Evil Gods were actually a type of order creature to begin with. It was just that the Chaos Abyss had granted them the powers of Chaos. Many of the Chaos Evil Gods had formerly been Order True Gods to begin with.

Would Gods of darkness, filled with negativity, also be Order Gods? Just think about it. Weren’t darkness, violence, revenge, and assassination also Concepts among Order? Any discipline that went overboard would become tyranny. Judgement meted out in the name of justice would only be separated from bloody revenge by the thinnest of lines. If you distorted those so-called Divine Concepts just slightly and gave them different names, that would be the truth of the Chaos Evil Gods.

Winds on the sea could help boats travel swifter. However, stronger windstorms would only sink boats to the bottom of the sea. The Queen of Storms, whom countless fishermen and sailors feared, had previously been a Guardian God who protected the peace of the sea. Anslo, the Elf Main God, had just recently fallen and joined the Chaos Abyss. Now, he had already begun taking over all administrative rights over fallen elves. His new fallen elf priests were incredibly active now.

My Dawn holy sword had the power to cleanse distortion and Chaos. But while the Chaos Evil Gods possessed the power to distort Order, the Gods themselves were fundamentally still Concepts of Order. In order to defeat Donatis, I would require another sword, my magic sword capable of destroying all Order. But that sword… If my Dawn holy sword only had its sword hilt, then, well, that sword’s design blueprint was still incomplete.

“Such a headache. Meeting a final boss level opponent right away? How am I supposed to play such a terrible game?”

I could only helplessly clutch my head. I thought about every single ace I possessed, but not a single one would be able to deal with Donatis. If he’d had any weaknesses we knew about, he would have died back at Hell already.

Besides, the previous fight against him at Hell had also exposed many of my aces. He had personally seen all of my new four major elements of Hell. As an experienced veteran warrior, he would naturally analyze those elements completely. He also knew the traits of my new Cycle of Reincarnation. It would be basically impossible to take him by surprise.

As for negotiating peace…

“…When mentioning Hell, I remember how he summoned all his heroic spirits to the battlefield. According to the dimensional laws of Hell, not a single one of his heroic spirits would be able to leave. The heroic spirits he’d accumulated over countless millennia were all ruined as so many of his devout worshippers and God Envoys either died or were stuck in Hell. No wonder he would hate me so much, always declaring that he would kill me. There’s probably no choice except to fight seriously against him now.”

What should I do? As long as I was around, negotiation would be impossible…

However, a scheme suddenly popped into my mind when I looked at the adventuring team that was the cause of all this mess. Perhaps I could think outside the box with some new tricks.

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