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«The Earth Is My Dantian (Web Novel) - Chapter 897: The powerful immortal vanquishing sword formation

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Chapter 897: The powerful immortal vanquishing sword formation

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The moment the sword formation appeared, the sky became round and the Earth became round. The aura of chaos filled the air, and the mist was endless. The sky-connecting lotus leaf was boundless jade.

This was the aura of chaos. The future of the world was chaotic, and everything was in a primitive state. The immortal vanquishing sword formation had the ability to turn everything in the world into chaos.

Anyone who entered would die.


A huge array diagram covered more than half of the primal chaos ancestral land. The array diagram covered the earth and covered the sky. Killing intent was hidden within, and an invisible killing intent erupted. It was extremely terrifying.

Ye Sheng’s figure disappeared. These primal chaos experts who came to kill him were all trapped within the immortal slaying sword array.


Four huge doors rose in all directions. Four treasured swords hung on the doors, emitting a bone-deep killing intent.

Four Swords of Immortal Punisher!

Ye Sheng was standing in front of one of the doors. The huge door behind him was ye Sheng’s confidence.

“Isn’t the Immortal Punisher Sword Array destroyed?”

“How is this possible! ! ! !”

“The Immortal Punisher Sword Array is the number one killing weapon. In the hands of the more powerful people, the more powerful it is. However, it was destroyed by US Primal Chaos race millions of years ago.”

“I can prove this point. I saw the immortal-slaying sword array destroyed with my own eyes.”

The mouths of the primal chaos experts were dry. Everyone present had witnessed the scene of the Immortal King’s disciple using the immortal-slaying sword array to slaughter everyone in the primal chaos ancestral land.

The memory was deep.

The immortal-slaying sword array was a killing machine. It didn’t have any defensive power and didn’t pursue any defense. It was an ultimate attack.


To slaughter everything, it was the immortal vanquishing sword formation.

Ye Sheng held the immortal vanquishing sword in his hand, his eyes indifferent. After he received the immortal vanquishing sword formation, he thought of this day.

After entering the weapon burial valley, in order to make the immortal vanquishing sword formation reappear in the human world, the sword formation’s boss erased his own consciousness and gave Ye Sheng a complete and flawless sword diagram.

A sword diagram with consciousness was a new life and could not be associated with the celestial eradication sword formation.

Therefore, the sword formation wiped out his own consciousness willingly.

Ye Sheng had not expected to arrive so quickly. He had thought that he would only sacrifice himself to enter the ancestral land of the chaos race when the universe was on the brink of destruction.

However, the ten heroes of the Dao College had given ye Sheng this opportunity. He had to complete what he had promised.

Ye Sheng would definitely complete what he had agreed to while standing!

If he raised his sword and killed the enemy, he would die without regrets.

However, it was a pity for Beauty Zhou who was following him.

“Hubby, Kill!”Beauty Zhou only had one sentence in the Pantheon Furnace, which gave Ye Sheng full confidence.

Beauty Zhou had always supported Ye Sheng, and up until now, she had no regrets.

Ye Sheng smiled. He raised his sword, took a step forward, and sang a hymn, or perhaps a song of death. All of his strength erupted, and endless blood appeared in his eyes.


Kill! Kill!

Kill! Kill! Kill!

Ye Sheng was completely bewitched. There was only one thought in his mind: Kill.

The celestial eradication sword swept across the sky. The first strike was to kill the holder of the stone saber.

The descendant of a transcendent, who was also an emperor, was very powerful.


With the sword in his hand, Ye Sheng was like a god and a devil. He swept across the celestial eradication sword formation and rushed over.

“Kill him.”

“Everyone, work together. No matter how powerful the immortal-slaying sword formation is, he’s only one person.”

“Work together. We Can’t give him a chance to survive.”

The surrounding Chaos Monarchs roared. The forbidden spells were like streams of divine rivers, surging in the sky. Light shot out in all directions, splitting the heaven and earth. The Sun, Moon, and stars all lost their color.

At this moment, the chaos in the immortal-slaying sword formation was split apart, and the Sun and Moon appeared again. Terrifying divine abilities, strange curses, and invincible laws all bombarded over.

Ye Sheng only had one sword.

No matter how many changes you made, no matter how many divine abilities you made, I was only one sword.

This sword seemed to split the sky, cut out the earth, and dig out the chaos. Everything in the world withered under this sword.

More than ten emperors roared in unison, and the laws, divine abilities, and curses they unleashed were all shattered at this moment.

Unrivalled, unrivalled, and unimaginably powerful.


Ye Sheng was injured. A large hole had been punched into his body, and it was on the verge of collapse. Cracks spread throughout his body. As mentioned before, the immortal slaying sword array was an ultimate killing move that did not include defense.

Therefore, these curses, laws, divine abilities, and immortal li dao all endured it.

Even if some of the immortal slaying sword was shattered, he still endured quite a bit.

The blood-stained heaven and earth and the cracked body were so sonorous and powerful. Ye Sheng suddenly laughed out loud.


In front of him, the immortal vanquishing sword array swayed in unison. With a rumble, it unleashed its might, drowning over a dozen primal chaos experts.

This sword attack of Ye Sheng’s directly killed over a dozen primal chaos experts. All of them died, and not a single one survived.

This was how the immortal vanquishing sword array was. It was an extreme massacre.


The Heaven and earth had fallen. The immortal vanquishing sword was in Ye Sheng’s hand. He threw it out as well, stabbing into the descendant of an emperor and piercing through the other party.

However, this action caused Ye Sheng to be even more injured. Fresh blood flowed down like a river.

“Go to Hell. I want to drag you down with me.”An emperor who was on the verge of death rushed over. His body was enormous and he knew that he would die for sure. He wanted to drag ye Sheng along with him.

However, the instant he got close to Ye Sheng, a ray of sword light shot over from afar.

The immortal slaying sword transformed into sword qi and killed this emperor.

Ye Sheng coughed violently. The Big Hole in his body was in his lungs. This was a divine ability, law, and curse of an emperor. It could not be restored.

“I will save the immortal king even if I have to die,”Ye Sheng said coldly.

His goal was very firm and pure.

I promised to save the immortal king, so I must save him.

Ye Sheng fell onto a big rock. His body frantically circulated the recovery techniques of the ten elites of the DAO College, but it was useless against his injuries.

He was not an emperor himself and did not have strong resistance. But it did not matter. Ye Sheng could still hold on.

“Kill!”Ye Sheng growled and waved his hand. The four celestial eradication swords returned to his side. The four swords flew across the sky and the formation diagram flew over, wrapping up Ye Sheng’s wounds.

His body was incomplete, but the formation diagram made up for it.

At this moment, Ye Sheng and the celestial eradication sword formation were really smooth and flawless.

Just like the Pantheon Pill Furnace, the difference was that the Pantheon pill furnace was Ye Sheng’s Natal Magic Treasure, the immortal vanquishing four swords, which was the continuation of Ye Sheng’s life.

Looking at the corpses of the emperors on the ground, rays of divine light would soon form here. With more than ten emperors dead, Ye Sheng walked step by step towards the primal chaos ancestral land.

Ye Sheng could still continue to fight.

With a determined gaze, the four swords floated around Ye Sheng’s body, and the formation diagram repaired his injuries.

He looked towards a stone city in the primal chaos ancestral land.

The Immortal King was suppressed within this stone city.

This Stone City belonged to a primal chaos ancestor named Yuan.

As early as six eras ago, Yuan had transcended. His transcended stone city had become a supreme treasure that suppressed the immortal king.

This was a terrifying monster. Ye Sheng came before the stone city and looked at it calmly.

Regardless of whether he could win or not, he was here to face one of the primal chaos ancestors, Yuan.

He was the one suppressing the immortal king and also the one refining the immortal king.

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