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«The Earth Is My Dantian (Web Novel) - Chapter 895: Killing Agu Rio Tinto

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Chapter 895: Killing Agu Rio Tinto

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Ye Sheng looked at his grieving daughter, sighed, and turned around.

Beauty Zhou was immediately put into the Pantheon Elixir Furnace by Ye Sheng, and then Ye Sheng punched out.


A black hole appeared, connecting to the real world.

This was the current Ye Sheng.

He could freely enter and exit the seventh world, unlike before, when he had been searching hard but still could not find his way. If it were not for Miss Ah Qing, he would not have been able to enter.

The power of the ten elites of the dao college was so terrifying that it was hard to imagine.

“Ye Sheng, take care,”the blue-robed senior said solemnly. Of course, she knew where Ye Sheng was going.

Ye Yun ‘er cried out, “Father, you must come back safely.”

Ye Sheng smiled and nodded. He did not say anything. He carried the celestial eradication sword formation and walked into the black hole.

The black hole slowly shrank, and Ye Sheng disappeared as well.

The green-robed senior sister’s expression was inexplicable. No one knew what she was thinking.

Ye Yun ‘er was extremely sad. She secretly swore that she would work hard in her cultivation.

Inside the stone city, Chu Xiangyu said faintly, “The curtain has opened. A good show is about to begin. It’s time to counterattack.”

In the Dead Sea of the seventh realm, amidst the pile of bones, a huge dragon’s roar suddenly reverberated in the sky. A yellow dragon flew out and disappeared.

The old Titan and the old turtle also brought the captured great heavenly venerate of the primal chaos tribe out of the seventh world.

Ye Sheng brought Beauty Zhou and broke the boundary between the seventh world and the real universe. With a boom, they arrived in the real universe.

“Where is the chaotic sea?”Ye Sheng swept his soul and a star field was instantly enveloped. Sensing that the primal Chaos Tribe wasn’t here, he didn’t hesitate and walked away.

With one step, he would arrive at a star area.

This was something that Ye Sheng dared to imagine in the past. But now, it was as easy as walking on flat ground.

Although Ye Sheng didn’t have the monarch realm, he had inherited the law comprehension of the ten greats. It was very easy for him to do this.

One star area after another.

Ye Sheng’s steps were light. He crossed the Sea of stars and looked for the chaotic clan’s Sea of chaos.

This time, Ye Sheng wanted to openly enter the Sea of chaos and slaughter everyone.

If there was no chance of survival, there would be no chance of survival.

Ye Sheng easily crossed the galaxy and walked for a total of 99 steps before he saw the Sea of chaos.

Above the Sea of Chaos, a huge palace appeared. Many warriors of the chaos clan were entering and leaving.

The chaos clan did not plan to hide it. The ancient three major forces and the new three major forces were all fake. Only the chaos clan was eternal.

This time, the chaos clansmen didn’t hide their ambitions.

No one could stop them.

Along the way, Ye Sheng had seen too many broken walls, too many families, and too many planets destroyed.

That was why when he saw the chaos clansmen making such a big fuss, Ye Sheng didn’t hesitate. He pulled out the immortal slaying sword, pointed it at the sky, and slashed down.


A resplendent sword qi descended from the sky above the chaos sea. It exploded with a huge light, shocking the surroundings. An invisible aura spread out, instantly annihilating hundreds of thousands of chaos clansmen.

The current Ye Sheng was already so powerful.

Of course, this wasn’t his own power. He was just borrowing it to use.

“Who, who dares to act atrociously in My Chaos Race?”A Stern shout sounded, followed by a terrifying aura erupting.


A god-like creature rushed out from the Sea of chaos. It had a set of dense golden hair and a pair of dragon horns on its head.

It was vigorous and vigorous. Other than the pair of dragon horns, it was no different from a human. It was very terrifying and made people tremble. Its gaze was like a torch as it fiercely swept across the starry sky and then found Ye Sheng.


This terrifying creature immediately stared at Ye Sheng. Its pupils contracted and without any hesitation, it directly attacked.

Supreme Divine Ability!

This was the law attack of this terrifying creature that was suspected to be an emperor. It turned into a chain of order. With a cracking sound, it wanted to tie Ye Sheng up and judge him to death.

One could clearly see that within the universe, the chains of order tore through the air and shattered the calm. A terrifying aura swept out.

This was an extremely terrifying attack. If it was the previous Ye Sheng, he would have collapsed instantly and his head would have been separated.

However, the current ye Sheng would not be like this. He only watched coldly. Then, with a casual attack, the immortal slaying sword tore through the air. The void was instantly annihilated. With a single sword attack, it caused a great collapse.


The Void was slashed out of chaos and turned into an altar. It was going to sacrifice this dragon-shaped creature alive.


As expected, the order chain was no match for the immortal slaying sword. After it got close, it was killed by the immortal slaying sword. This dragon-shaped creature was also very shocked and wanted to escape quickly.

But would ye Sheng let it escape?


A sword was unsheathed, and a cold light flashed.

A human head fell to the ground. It was so fast, simple, and direct, and even rough.

Ye Sheng killed people. It was so terrifying that it made people tremble, and it also made people tremble in fear.

This dragon-shaped creature had already touched the threshold of an emperor. It even stepped in with one foot, only missing the last foot.

But it was still cut off by Ye Sheng’s simple sword.

Moreover, because of the immortal slaying sword’s terrifying killing intent, the other party didn’t even have the chance to revive.

This was the most terrifying thing.

After Ye Sheng killed the other party, he didn’t hesitate and directly rushed into the Sea of chaos.

Under the Sea of chaos, there was the ancestral land of the chaos race. That was Ye Sheng’s goal.

After rushing into the Sea of chaos, Ye Sheng’s longsword opened a path. Anything that blocked in front of him was a sword.

“No matter how you change, I only have one sword.”.

However, this sword qi was 30,000 miles long.

This was Ye Sheng. It was so terrifying that it made people tremble.


When Ye Sheng’s sword reached the ancestral land of the Chaos clan, a furious roar sounded.

“You’re bullying the chaos clan to have no one! ! !”

The person who came was an old acquaintance.

Agu Rio Tinto!

He was a true emperor. His terrifying aura made people astonished. His blood and Qi surged like a sea of blood. It filled the sky and made people tremble. They did not dare to speak.

“Long time no see. I almost forgot about you. I didn’t expect you to be here.”Ye Sheng was like an old friend reminiscing about the past, relaxed and carefree. However, in the next second, his sudden attack did not have the slightest feeling of an old friend reuniting.

The celestial eradication sword fell from the sky, and the sharp attack turned into a fatal blow.

“Universe Sword!”This was a sword technique that one of the ten geniuses of the DAO College had comprehended, and it was extremely powerful.

When the sword fell, it was like a universe crashing down with a loud bang. It could overturn everything.

The gang qi condensed from the Qi and blood in Agulita’s body exploded and burned like a raging flame, he rushed over and said with a hideous smile, “Ye Sheng, you are really a loach. We have been looking for you. You are someone that the chaos race must kill. Today, I will send you to the Netherworld.”

Ye Sheng looked at him coldly. Although Agulita was not an emperor, in his eyes, he was still not powerful.

The immortal vanquishing sword burst out with blazing divine light, cutting through the sky and breaking through Agu Rio Tinto’s monstrous gang qi. As it fell down, blood immediately splattered everywhere.

Half of Agu Rio Tinto’s body was cut off. He looked at Ye Sheng in disbelief. How could it be so terrifying?

Ye Sheng ignored him. Those who died under the immortal vanquishing sword could not be resurrected. This was an eternal truth.

This was also why the Sword of extermination was called the number one killing treasure.

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